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A very good way to promote your blog across the Internet it to leave comments over other blogs that cover a similar topic or niche. Most of the times, however, you will notice that every comment will attract one or two visitors, if you are lucky.

One of the things I noticed over the time is that whenever I made a funny comment it increased the number of visitors clicking on the link above the comment. The logic is quite simple, if you make people laugh they will want to check out who you are or what you write about. So the next time you leave a comment somewhere try add a bit of humor to it.

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13 Responses to “Make your comments funny”

  • Vidyut

    I found this while researching for a post I wrote on commenting effectively. Great idea!

    Now, I just need to figure out how to be funny 😀

  • Smackitta

    The Smile and the Laught is the best key for people’s heart !! thanks for the tip !

  • Daily Good Tips

    be the joker ???

  • solarismania

    Nice suggestion. I’ll try.

  • just announcing

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  • Bang Kritikus

    Funny and seriously depended the topics

  • Tweakwindows

    Nice tip. I have also experienced the same.

  • fan

    i think it is first time i have heared it
    i will try it
    thx for your suggestion!

  • botouy


  • Robin

    once i tried to sniff some coke, but an icecube got stuck in my nose.. was that funny enough for you to visit my blog? ;D

  • jasmine kiara

    Yeah, i agree, sometimes makes people laugh is nice

  • Daniel

    yeah I agree, people sometimes get to serious about light matters

  • Bes

    Good tip. Many times I’ve seen authors leave really serious responses to comments they get, and in turn it kind of implies that the authors are not affected at all by the responses they’re receiving.

    I’m going to try it more now. 🙂

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