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Kiss My Keto Collagen Review 2021

Our Verdict

A unique protein powder with collagen peptides. This product supports your body’s collagen repair and recovery.


  • Numerous health benefits.
  • Tastes great.
  • The balance of Ingredients is spot on.
  • Two flavors from which to choose.


  • Some reviewers stated it was hard to mix or gritty.
  • Can be pricey.

Do you feel like you need an extra burst of energy at the start of your day?

Kiss My Keto Collagen is a protein powder that helps keep you in ketosis while providing you power. This protein powder will aid in improving muscle mass and preventing bone loss.  

It also promotes weight loss while improving hydration, healing, and skin elasticity. Now that you know the very basics of Kiss My Keto Collagen, let's dive a little deeper into the details of this low-carb supplement. 

What is Kiss My Keto Collagen?

Kiss My Keto Collagen review

Kiss My Keto Collagen is a supplement protein powder that contains collagen. Unlike other protein powders, Kiss My Keto Collage is keto-friendly and comes in two delicious flavors.  

Ingredients & Nutrition Facts

Ketosis is a state where most of your body is using ketones rather than carbohydrates as fuel.  

As a result, ketosis creates a shift in metabolism. A Keto diet emphasizes fats while you minimize your carb intake. 

Kiss My Keto Collagen aids in keeping you in ketosis. This product is excellent for those who are active, as this protein powder can be an after-workout supplement to provide energy for your body and brain. How?  

Kiss My Keto Collagen contains three main ingredients Hydrolyzed Collagen Peptides, MCT Powder, and Stevia. Why are these three ingredients so essential?

Hydrolyzed Collagen Peptides are essentially collagen that has been broken down into peptides or amino acids. As stated above, collagen aids in hydration, healing, and skin elasticity. Also, it promotes nail growth, and there are no adverse reactions to collagen.  

MCT's (medium-chain triglycerides) have numerous benefits. A partially man-made form of fat has been proven to be easier to digest, promote weight loss, support your gut, and help you stay in ketosis. 

Stevia is naturally carbohydrate and calorie-free. It comes from the leaves of Stevia rebaudiana and is all-natural. It is a sugar substitute that will not elevate your blood sugar.  

The two delicious flavors mentioned above are chocolate and birthday cake. In addition to the supplements above, the additional ingredients for each are listed below. 

The chocolate powder contains Gum Acacia, Cocoa Powder, Sea Salt, Stevia, and Sodium Chloride. The birthday cake flavor also includes Gum Acacia, Natural Flavors, Stevia, and Sodium Chloride.  

Finding a protein powder that is keto-friendly is tough. Kiss My Keto Collagen protein powders only contain one gram of net carbs per serving. Other powders will kick you out of ketosis because they have carbs that increase your blood sugar level.

Nutrition Facts

Per serving (scoop), Kiss My Keto Collagen contains:

  • Calories: 70
  • Total Fat: 4g
  • Total Carbs: 2g
  • Protein: 10g
  • Vitamin A: .5mg
  • Magnesium: 24mg
  • Chloride: 150mg
  • Sodium: 130mg
  • Potassium: 95mg
Kiss My Keto Collagen Supplement Facts

How Much Does it Cost?

While you can shop around for Kiss My Keto Collagen, the prices are essentially the same, give or take a few dollars. It is probably most beneficial to order directly from their site, as you can avoid third-party vendors.

The site also offers free shipping on orders over $60.  

A 12-ounce container is on sale, reduced from $49.99 to $38.99 right now. You have the option to make 4 interest-free payments of $9.75 as well. Each container will yield 20 servings, so the cost per serving is $1.94.  

You may want to consider the subscribe and save option, as that will save you an additional 12.5% resulting in a total of $34.12 for one container.

If you subscribe to Kiss My Keto's VIP email, you can receive different customer promotions.  

What Does Kiss My Keto Collagen Taste Like?

In terms of the actual taste, the reviews are mainly positive. Most reviews were for the chocolate flavor, but the birthday cake did do well too. The reviews mentioned that either product works well in water, coffee, or smoothies, among other uses.  

The MCT is easy to tolerate, as some reviewers have had stomach issues in the past with other products. Overall, both products are great tasting and do the job of satisfying customers' sweet tooth and hunger.

While some reviewers had trouble mixing it well, there was no weird aftertaste like some other products.  

A great majority of reviews for both flavors were great. While the chocolate had more reviews, some reported that the powder made their drink or smoothie taste like chocolate milk or a milkshake.

The birthday cake reviews come in saying it tastes like a cake mix, vanilla, or creamy white chocolate.  


As with any other product, customers have frequently asked questions. Let's see if we can address some of these.  

Does Kiss My Keto Collagen work?

The short answer is yes, as the three main ingredients have been proven to do their job. The collagen will address hydration, healing, and skin elasticity.

In terms of the MCT oil, Kiss My Keto Collagen does not upset the stomach while also providing the benefit of aiding with ketosis. Therefore, you will get a bonus of added energy while promoting weight loss.  

Because Stevia is a naturally occurring sweetener, you can avoid the calories while enjoying a sugar-like flavor. This Stevia option comes in handy for those who want to satisfy their sweet tooth.

Will collagen knock you out of ketosis?

No, it will not—both options of Kiss My Keto minimal carbohydrates. As stated above, when you follow a keto diet, you want to limit your carbohydrates. Kiss My Keto Collagen has minimal carbs, especially compared to other protein powders.  

When is the best time to take Kiss My Keto Collagen?

There are three optimal times to take this product. The first is early in the morning to energize and focus you for the day ahead.

Another great time to use Kiss My Keto Collagen is at snack time or when you are hungry in between meals. Got a sweet tooth? This option is also a great way to satisfy your sugar craving.  

Lastly, it is highly beneficial to take Kiss My Keto Collagen after a challenging workout. As stated above, it will help your muscles and joints to recover after strenuous exercise. 

Does Kiss My Keto offer a money-back guarantee?

While their site does not directly address the money-back portion of the guarantee, they urge customers to contact support for order discrepancies, damages, or lost shipments.  

Final Thoughts

Overall, if you are looking for a protein powder that won't add extra calories or carbohydrates, Kiss My Keto Collagen is the right choice for you. They seem to have the best flavor and ingredient combinations for those on the Keto diet.  

The added benefit of collagen is a nice bonus. While a little pricey, the Kiss My Keto Collagen is the best option for those who want the benefits of, yes, the collagen, but also MCT and Stevia. In addition to Kiss My Keto Collagen, the company offers other Keto-friendly products too.  

Check out their site today and get on the road to better health with Kiss My Keto Collagen.  

Kiss My Keto Collagen Powder

A unique protein powder with collagen peptides. This product supports your body’s collagen repair and recovery.

Kiss My Keto Collagen vs. Competitors

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Kiss My Keto Collagen
Kiss My Keto Collagen

A unique protein powder with collagen peptides. This product supports your body’s collagen repair and recovery.

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