Invest in a SSD When You Can


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Some weeks ago I wrote a post mentioning two things I believe are worth investing in for your office or home office: a big monitor and a good chair.

Now I have a third item to add to that list: a SSD.

SSD stands for Solid-state drive. It’s basically a hard-drive with no moving mechanical parts. It uses integrated circuits to store data, much like a USB flash drive.

Last week my main hard-drive started to fail, and that’s when I started looking for a substitute. Initially I was considering a standard 500GB disk, but I figured two things:

1. I never use even half of the capacity of those drives
2. I am always looking for ways to speed up my computer

That’s when I decided that going with a SSD was a good idea. I purchased one with 120GB, which is enough for my needs. I loaded a fresh Linux install on it and within 30 minutes I was up and running again.

The boot time of my computer was reduced from 12 seconds or so to around 4 seconds. Not only that, programs launch faster, saving and deleting files is a lot faster and so on.

Overall it was a very nice improvement and a small investment, and that is why I wanted to recommend it. Whenever you have the chance make sure to switch to a SSD for your computer, it’s well worth it.

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4 Responses to “Invest in a SSD When You Can”

  • UPC Lookup

    You are absolutely right. From my desktop computer with the 7200 rpm hard drive I switched to a laptop with 5,400 rpm hdd and indeed my laptop (i7 quad core) is totally useless without a ssd hard drive. I bought the Samsung 840 evo 120 gb, installed Windows 8 and goes fantastically well. And so I went from habitude to have more space to have more quality. Three quarters of the space occupies pictures and filming with my little daughter … but at least my hard drive it’s faster and my data safer.

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  • Hamza

    its a good idea to buy a ssd drive.Btw, i have a usb flash which i use for storing backups of my blogs.

  • Craig Murphy

    Similar thing happened to me, when my laptop died instead of repairing it i made the decision to change back to a desktop, building it myself i ended up using a 120gb solid state drive for the operating system, windows 7 64x and then using a secondary 500gb sata drive to store all of my photos/movies/music (it’s almost full) which has allowed me to keep all of my media & still have a fast SSD

  • Sebastian

    Same here Daniel. I replaced my 2 TB HDD with two 128 GB SSD. That was a real good decision. The space is enough. Until now, I use only half of the 256 GB and I run Windows 7 as OS.

    I like the silence, too. No more click-clacks, when a HDD gets accessed. Now my home-built silent PC is a real silent PC.

    A SSD is worth every penny.

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