HubSpot Landing Page Builder Review

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Our Verdict

The HubSpot Landing Page Builder is an all-in-one suite of marketing tools that uses data-driven action in a user-friendly dashboard.

Check out some key advantages and downsides of HubSpot’s software:


  • Actionable data that tracks and tests what's working and what’s not.
  • Social media integration that merges your social media feeds with your contacts and makes it easy to batch posts.
  • Live tech support, award-winning customer service reps, and access to a free community to ask questions and find answers.
  • User-friendly page editor, personalized SEO advice, and webinars and workshops to take your knowledge of marketing to the next level.


  • Still a lot of restrictions that make the page editor a bit clunky.
  • Expensive.

Do you feel overwhelmed fumbling through countless marketing tools?

Do you feel like you're wasting hours on social media, only to produce only a few leads?

If you said yes, then the HubSpot Landing Page Builder may be the tool your business needs.

In this HubSpot Landing Page Builder review, we'll tell you why you need a landing page, and what a HubSpot's suite of tools can do for your business.

We'll go over all the details you need to know about the HubSpot Landing Page Builder, so you can decide whether this marketing tool is right for you.

What is HubSpot Landing Page Builder?

Hubspot Landing Page Builder Review

Hubspot Landing Page Builder is a tool for creating landing pages, standalone web pages designed to market a specific goal or offer.

The HubSpot Landing Page Builder also features a dashboard of SEO and analytics tools that assist in optimizing your content for search.

If you're new to marketing strategy, you may be asking: What can a landing page do my business?

Software like the HubSpot Landing Page Builder can act as a funnel builder, turning leads into more sales and engagement.

HubSpot Landing Page Builder Features

As we’ll show you in this Hubspot Landing Page Builder review, HubSpot’s software has multiple tools that you can customize to fit your inbound marketing strategy.

Plus, its analytics and SEO features help your campaigns thrive.

Mobile-Optimized Templates

You don't need professional web developers to launch professional-looking landing pages.

HubSpot Landing Page Builder has an entire library of mobile-optimized templates.

The drag-and-drop page editor makes it easy to create and customize your page's content, layout, and forms.

Customization for Visitors

The HubSpot Landing Page Builder allows you to tailor the content on your landing page to cater to each visitor.

With this tool, you're able to display different content based on your visitor's location, device, lifecycle stage, or any other detail stored in your CRM system.

SEO & Analytics Tools

The HubSpot Landing Page Builder includes tools that will optimize your content and elevate your authority in searches.

It gives you personalized SEO suggestions and also tracks visits, contacts, and customers on every page.

You can even test variations of a page and have HubSpot choose the most successful.

Whether it be headlines, images, forms, or calls-to-actions, HubSpot will test them all, giving you confidence that your content is generating leads.

Full Spectrum of Inbound Marketing Software

In addition to SEO and Analytics tools, The HubSpot Landing Page Builder includes email, blogging, marketing automation, lead management technology, social media scheduling, Salesforce integration, and more.

Pricing Plans

HubSpot offers several tiers of payment and packages that you can customize to your needs. Here are the pricing options:


It is possible to take advantage of the HubSpot software for completely free.

The free version includes email marketing, forms, contact management, contact insights and activity, live chat, social media ads, and traffic and conversion analytics.

However, if you want to use the Landing Page Builder itself, you'll have to purchase their Marketing Hub Starter, which costs $50 a month

From there, you can add hubs, such as sales or service, depending on your needs. HubSpot also offers bundles.


The professional version of the marketing hub, however, packs a hefty price.

Starting at $800 a month, you can take even more advantage of HubSpot's all-in-one inbound marketing campaign software.

This version includes premium versions of all free tools, marketing automation, SEO tools, social media tools, blog and content creation tools, analytic dashboards, plus many more additional features.


For $3,200 a month, you get everything in the professional version, plus even more tools, such as adaptive testing and YouTube integration. 

Plus, you're able to do everything bigger: more social media accounts, more ad spending, more contacts, and more currencies available to you.

Who Should Use This Tool?

HubSpot markets its software as a powerful tool for a business of any size. After all, they do offer an affordable version of their Landing Page Builder.

However, the professional version's high starting price tells me that this tool is targeted towards large enterprises.


Below you will find answers to some of the most frequently asked questions concerning Hubspot Page Builder.

Is The HubSpot Landing Page Builder Legit?

The short answer is, yes! HubSpot's Page Builder is a robust tool for managing your inbound marketing made with growth in mind.

With data-driven action at the forefront of its design, you are sure to see results.

Do You Need Your Own Website To Build A Landing Page?

No, you don't need a website to build a landing page. It is a standalone page.

Final Verdict

As you’ve learned in this HubSpot Landing Page Builder review, HubSpot’s software is a comprehensive inbound marketing dashboard that uses extensive data-driven actions to bring you sales and engagement.

It is built to be easy to use and customize, and it provides plenty of resources to up your marketing game.

Hubspot even offers a 14-day free trial for its professional and enterprise versions. 

Try it today and see how easy marketing can be when the right data, support, and integration tools are available to you all on one dashboard.

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Easily create pages that convert visitors into leads with HubSpot's Landing Page Builder. Personalize content for every visitor.

Hubspot Landing Page Builder vs. Alternatives


Groovefunnels Icon
  • Unlimited products and funnels
  • Hosting and custom domains
  • Behavioral tagging in emails


Unbounce Icon
  • Easy drag-and-drop builder
  • High converting templates
  • WordPress integration


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  • Affordable funnel builder
  • Easy to use
  • Ideal for small business owners

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Hubspot Landing Page Builder
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The HubSpot Landing Page Builder is an all-in-one suite of marketing tools that uses data-driven action in a user-friendly dashboard.

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