How Much Do Shipt Shoppers Make with Shipt? A Step by Step Guide

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Do you want to know? How much does Shipt pay?

The average Shipt hourly wage ranges from roughly $17.32 per hour for an Independent Consumer to $25.00 per hour for a Shipping Driver. Moreover, Shipt’s brand recognition in the United States is 50%.

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So, want to make a little extra cash?

Shipt is one of the finest and easiest methods for generating extra cash, especially if you enjoy grocery shopping. This Shipt opportunity should be viewed as a side hustle rather than full-time employment.

So, for those interested in exploring other ways to earn independently, scroll down to learn everything you want about Shipt Pay and find out whether this opportunity suits you.

What is a Shipt Shopper?

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Shipt is an on-demand grocery delivery service that allows individuals to earn money as a side hustle by becoming an independent contractor. Those who become a Shipt shopper are responsible for picking up grocery orders from stores like Target and delivering them to customers, making it a flexible option for those looking to work for Shipt.

Shipt was founded in 2014 as a membership-based marketplace where members could order food and household items for delivery on the same day. The role of a Shipt shopper involves not just shopping but also ensuring timely delivery, which emphasizes the Shipt pay model that typically compensates per order.

When considering the financial benefits, many ask, “How much do Shipt shoppers make?” The Shipt shopper pay often includes a base pay plus tips, and while earnings can vary, active shoppers benefit from a dynamic pay model. The acquisition by Target Corporation in December 2017 significantly boosted its capability and Shipt’s worth in the competitive grocery delivery market.

To become a Shipt shopper, applicants must navigate through the Shipt app, which offers a comprehensive setup process, from registration to the first delivery. This role is designed to be flexible, allowing shoppers to choose orders based on their schedules, which is why Shipt shoppers get satisfaction from the job, balancing personal time and potential earnings efficiently.

How Does Shipt Shopping Typically Work?

Shoppers fulfill customer orders by shopping at Target or other grocery stores, making necessary substitutions, communicating with customers, and using a Shipt prepaid card for purchases, all while earning extra money through customer tips and hourly pay provided by the delivery service.

This feature, which Shipt offers, is relatively new and focuses solely on the delivery aspect, removing the shopping component for the shopper, thereby potentially increasing the hourly earnings as the shopper can earn more by focusing on multiple quick deliveries.

A typical shopper might complete close to 100 shops, with many of these being at Target due to its ownership of Shipt, and they benefit from the streamlined process and extra money made from customer tips and a reliable hourly payment structure.

The process involves receiving order notes and a shopping list from the customer, selecting items, and checking out with a prepaid card provided by Shipt, enhancing the efficiency of this delivery service under the Shipt membership program.

Step-by-Step Guide to Make Money with Shipt

Shipt shoppers can earn up to $22 an hour, which is a solid earning rate for many. However, it’s possible to significantly increase this income, with some shoppers making more than $40 an hour by optimizing their strategies and techniques.

Below, we explore 12 effective methods to maximize your earnings while working with Shipt:

1. Understanding Shipt’s Model

Shipt capitalizes on convenience, ideal for someone like me, a parent of three, who’d rather pay someone else to handle grocery shopping. The platform allows customers to place an order online for store pickup or home delivery.

It also offers flexible earning potential, especially attractive for those driving for Shipt; you are typically paid per delivery, and income can significantly increase with tips and peak day incentives, like $5 per order on busy days.

Additionally, payments are calculated weekly, with the opportunity to make substantial amounts depending on how many orders you make with Shipt; these income are deposited every Friday for the previous week’s deliveries.

The convenience and efficiency that Shipt provides help streamline the weekly grocery needs of busy individuals and families, making it a practical choice for those looking to simplify their chores and save time.

2. Roles Available

As a Shipt worker, you can choose to be:

  1. An In-Store Shopper

You shop for orders within the store and hand them off to a driver, which is essential under the Shipt shopper requirements for those not able to or interested in driving.

  • In-Store Shoppers Get Paid: Shipt shoppers are paid through a structure that compensates them for each order completed, which can significantly increase the income for those dedicated to the role.
  • Pay Structure: The structure of pay for Shipt workers includes a base payment per order plus promo pay, which can increase income, especially during peak times or through meetings.
  • Promo Pay: Under the new pay model, promo pay plays a critical role, incentivizing Shipt workers to accept more orders and potentially make extra cash, aligning with competitive Shipt shopper requirements.
  1. Full-Service Shopper and Driver

As a Shipt worker, you can choose to be a Full-Service Shopper and Driver. You shop for and deliver orders directly to the customer’s doorstep. This role typically offers higher income, which we’ll focus on.

  • Full-Service Shoppers Get Paid: Full-Service Shoppers earn by shopping and delivering groceries, with estimated pay generally higher due to the dual responsibilities involved.
  • Pay Structure: Many Shipt Full-Service Shoppers earn competitive wages, reflecting the comprehensive nature of the role that combines both shopping and delivery duties.
  • Benefits: The cons of becoming a Shipt include free membership, flexibility, and anticipated remuneration for combining shopping and delivery jobs.

3. The Hiring Process

The hiring process involves the following steps:

Step 1: Accessing the Platform

Download the Shipt Shopper app and enter your basic personal details if you’re looking to sign up as a Shipt full-service shopper and driver. This is the first step to making some extra cash while managing your own schedule.

Step 2: Confirming Eligibility for High-Income

Confirm your eligibility, which includes being 18+ years old, as Shipt advertises that Shipt shoppers receive potentially higher pay compared to industry standards. This step ensures that new shoppers are legally and professionally qualified to earn as a Shipt shopper.

Step 3: Vehicle and Insurance Verification

Verify you have a reliable vehicle, a valid driver’s license, and appropriate auto insurance (additional costs may apply depending on your policy) to safely pay for the order. Shipt says many Shipt shoppers find that covering these costs is manageable and justified by the order plus $15 per delivery earning potential.

Step 4: Health and Safety Compliance

Non-smokers only; you must agree not to smoke during work hours, aligning with Shipt’s health policies. Completing the signup by agreeing to a background check and signing the necessary paperwork will fully integrate you into the Shipt platform, as working as a Shipt shopper offers a viable way to make some income.

4. Presentation Matters

New shoppers should remember that shoppers are paid to present themselves well; therefore, Shipt doesn’t tolerate poor personal appearance.

When you’re looking to make some extra money, consider how a professional appearance can significantly enhance customer perceptions and increase tips.

Moreover, investing in a professional wardrobe from your local Thrift Store is essential, especially if you want to make a positive impression right from your first delivery.

The shoppers often underestimate the impact of good presentation, but remember, Shipt doesn’t; every interaction counts towards building a reliable reputation.

5. Check Quantity & Promo Orders

When considering whether Shipt is worth it, remember that you get paid more to shop at Target due to the higher pricing of orders.

Shoppers receive higher compensation for selecting higher-priced orders, which underscores the potential for higher pay through careful job selection.

Moreover, you need to be cautious of “promo” orders when using the Shipt shopper app, as these are often placed by first-time users testing the service who may not leave tips.

Shipt advertises that targeting these higher-priced orders can significantly increase your income, aligning with the strategic goal of accepting lucrative offers.

6. Manage Time

Shipt Says, “Manage time. Remember, you are getting paid by the hour. Master your time management skills to deliver more orders per hour.”

When shopping for Shipt, always plan your route well. Utilizing your card to pay efficiently can help speed up transactions and save precious minutes.

Additionally, pay for orders swiftly to minimize downtime between deliveries, thus increasing your chance to double the delivery load each hour, which also doubles your income and tips.

The cons of being a Shipt shopper are few but notable; however, quick service and professional communication enhance customer satisfaction significantly, ensuring they will order and tip generously. With improved efficiency, 15 per delivery can become a norm.

7. Brand Yourself

Brand yourself by creating a personalized logo using Canva; become “Suzy the Mom Shopper” or “Chris the College Kid” to attract Shipt customers.

Also, add unique value-added services to lead to higher tips and enhance customer relationships, making Shipt members feel special.

Moreover, always review the order thoroughly to ensure accuracy and personalization, helping shoppers keep 100% of their tips.

Then, set a competitive pay range for experienced shoppers, encouraging Shipt members to rely on your dedicated service.

8. Promote Other Services

If you specialize in plumbing or electrical work, print business cards that detail your skills and hand them out as you Shipt orders to customers, which could enhance your take-home pay.

While making deliveries, subtly mention how combining Shipt income with income from your specialized services can increase overall driver pay.

Also, utilize every opportunity Shipt provides to shoppers to deliver your business cards, which succinctly include all services you offer. This will broaden your customer base and include pay enhancements from various skills.

Moreover, every interaction is a chance to discuss the added value of your diverse abilities, which Shipt could leverage to build a solid customer base for your additional skills, optimizing both customer satisfaction and financial gains.

9. Avoid Small Orders

Recently, Shipt has changed its pay system, which primarily calculates income based on a percentage of the order total; thus, personal shoppers should avoid small orders to maximize their income.

According to this platform, it’s crucial for shoppers to monitor which customers traditionally tip, as tips significantly supplement income, particularly when the pay formula favors larger orders.

Shoppers have reported earning lower payouts from smaller orders, so it is advisable to select tasks judiciously, especially considering whether becoming a Shipt shopper is viable without consistent tips.

To effectively learn how much Shipt pays, shoppers must track both their tips and the size of the orders they accept since lower pay from non-tippers can render small orders not worth the effort.

10. Achieve Goals And Get A Bonus

Using the Shipt platform, shoppers have enhanced their income with Shipt by meeting specific delivery targets, such as receiving a $100 bonus for completing 50-100 deliveries in a single month.

In March 2020, Shipt service proved lucrative, as delivering 100+ orders facilitated a $200 reward, motivating many to strive for higher delivery counts.

Moreover, for those who aimed to maximize their Shipt delivery income, setting a daily goal of 3-4 orders could comfortably position them above the 100 delivery threshold, taking full advantage of the bonus tiers.

As Shipt is a grocery delivery service, many utilized the Shipt debit card for transactions, which, coupled with the company’s initiative that recently changed their pay method, significantly boosted shopper incentives.

11. Get Equipped

Many drivers miss orders due to failed smartphones and vehicles, reducing the chance of high income with Shipt.

The missing orders diminish the opportunity to maximize income with Shipt, which has recently changed its pay method to reward timely deliveries better.

You must charge your smartphone to its full capacity before starting work for delivery services and carry a power backup to avoid disruptions.

Lastly, ensure your vehicle has enough gas and is reliable for efficiently consuming the Shipt platform, promoting a smoother Shipt delivery experience.

12. Use Apartment Parking

When delivering, use apartment parking and opt to pay per hour; it’s a practical solution for short stops.

According to Shipt, taking advantage of the empty parking slots at the apartment complexes you deliver to can greatly simplify the process.

Remember, these slots should ideally be used once only; this minimizes disruptions and maintains accessibility for residents.

Typically, occupying a space for 5 minutes or less won’t create any issues, ensuring you can complete your deliveries efficiently and courteously.

Essential Tips to Know

How Much Do Shipt Shoppers Make With Shipt? A Step By Step Guide Photo

Here are four tips to greatly enhance your revenue on Shipt.

1. Write a thank you note to each consumer

You can significantly increase income with shipt if you consider the value of writing a thank you note to every customer, acknowledging that you wouldn’t have the opportunity to earn money without them.

I’ve noticed that a small act of kindness, such as including a thank you note with the orders, positively influences customer habits of tips.

2. Deliver with enthusiasm and energy

Earn as a Shipt shopper by being lively and energetic; this approach makes a good first impression and showcases the proactive service provided by Shipt.

By working as a Shipt shopper, remember that every cheerful and kind interaction helps solidify Shipt as a good choice for those looking to pay for the order and increase their earnings.

3. Offer to carry their groceries in

This one focuses on going above and beyond for the customer. Again, not everyone will tip you, and that’s okay. The wonderful thing about Shipt is that you don’t have to rely on tips to earn money. It’s simply an added benefit.

So, offer to carry their groceries inside because anything you can do to go above and beyond, including where shoppers get paid to enhance customer satisfaction, will always be worth it.

4. Appreciate promotional offers

Accepting promo offers is a lucrative aspect of Shipt work where shoppers get paid an additional $15 for each promo order; this consistent opportunity to make extra cash is especially prevalent during peak hours when Shipt is available with numerous orders.

Moreover, completing 35 orders in 30 days as part of a monthly promo allows shoppers to earn an extra $350, showcasing how Shipt work can significantly boost earnings, and Shipt shoppers get paid well for their dedication and efficiency.

Wrapping Up

Shipt is a good opportunity to boost your income if you need some extra cash. Additionally, employing these strategic tips can elevate your role as a Shipt Shopper and significantly enhance your income.

Lastly, incorporating efficient shopping habits and effective communication can take your Shipt performance to the next level. By focusing on customer satisfaction and timely deliveries, you will increase your earnings and secure a more stable, lucrative engagement with Shipt.



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