Free Report with 500 Internet Marketing Strategies


winning-wayMy friend Gyutae Park emailed me to let me know that he just released an ebook titled The Winning Way. The ebook is free, and you will just need to subscribe to his email newsletter to be able to download it.

It has 118 pages and it covers 500 different Internet marketing strategies and tips. Those are obviously short tips, but there are many interesting ideas among them, ranging from ecommerce to blogging and linkbuilding.

In fact here is what Gyutae wrote on the ebook page:

I’m so confident that this resource will help you as an Internet marketer that I’ll make you a deal. Download the checklist and read through it. If you don’t find at least 3 new ideas that help you to promote your website and drive traffic, I’ll send you $50 via Paypal for your time.

Smart idea huh?

Anyway the ebook was a promotional effort to help on the launch of his membership site, called Winners Circle. It is basically an Internet marketing community where members will get an exclusive case study each week and an exclusive interview every two weeks. Worth a look if you want to learn Internet marketing from real examples.

If you are wondering, those are not affiliate links, so I won’t earn anything whether you download the ebook or signup for his membership site. I am plugging the ebook because Gyutae is a friend of mine and because I do think it has useful information for bloggers and online marketers. It is also free, which never hurts!

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16 Responses to “Free Report with 500 Internet Marketing Strategies”

  • Kor

    Tks for this freebie! Fresh & New Ideas…will sure use it for my business..

  • Daniel Scocco

    @Darren, just google “ebook design” or similar.


    I’ve just written an ebook and am going to use aweber to distribute it to readers.

    QUESTION: how did you get the image of the ebook created? I’ve seen many ads online, but really like the one you’ve shown?

    Anyone have any suggestions?


  • teratips

    nice offer, but still struggling to achieve it

  • Small Business Web Site Development

    Looks like this will be a decent ebook on Internet marketing. One of the biggest issues I see every day with this topic is there is allot of ways to do this and your results may not be what you would like.

    Hopefully you can pick a few here and give them a try. The best thing you can is track your results for each type marketing tactic. Good Luck!

  • Daniel Scocco

    @Mr I, yeah to find 500 strategies I guess he needed to add some general stuff, but there are many interesting ideas inside.

  • Harson

    bravo. thanks for this. i am going to subscribe and see what’s inside.

  • Vicente

    Interesting but the pdf has a lot of broken links.

  • Mr. I

    Another Free report with same old stuff! Nothing is wrong with it but I deleted it as soon as I read the first page!
    After all, who would call “Find Good Hosting”(and much more stuff like that!) an internet marketing strategy!

  • GoBusiness101

    Thanks for this wonderful resource!

    Happy blogging!

  • songchai

    Thanks you indeed, this is great share. I have apply for the newsletter already

  • Nick Russell

    I’m going to download it right now. Thanks for the tip.

  • Blog Ebooks – Claus D Jensen

    That’s really a ggenerous offer!!!

    Thanks for sharing!!

    Claus D Jensen 😀

  • Tibi P.

    This is awesome, Daniel. Reading now.


    Thanks for this! Always nice to see someone promoting a friend’s work.

    Timely too as we’ve just written an e-book entitled Unleash Your Critic: How to Stop, Look and Listen for Service in 5 Easy Steps!

    Do you have any suggestions on how to make the book ‘image’ like Gyutae? Or affiliate links? Any and all comments are welcome as this is our first one!

  • Sachin

    thanks very nice and download it ASAP

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