Do You Think Big?


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This is a guest post by Alan Johnson, be sure to check out his $1,000 contest over at

What are your plans for the future? Where do you picture yourself a couple of years from now? What are your goals? Many people make the mistake of not thinking big and, in the end, such an attitude will get them nowhere. For example, some might give “I want to be a blogger” as an answer to the first question, or “I don’t know, I guess I see myself as being a fairly good blogger”.

You don’t know? A “fairly good” blogger? Why don’t you want to become “the best blogger” around? Most online entrepreneurs settle for far less than their true potential, and that is simply a shame. In other words, they do a lousy job of answering the question.

Striving to become the best at what you’re doing is the way to go, and thinking otherwise simply proves that you have low confidence in yourself. “But being the best would mean that I make millions,” you might say. So what? Are millionaires and billionaires robots? Of course not, they are human beings, just like everyone else. There are countless success stories of webmasters who have become millionaires and guess what, all of their websites have started out with one visitor, just like yours.

Why would you think that you are not capable of achieving such results? You can’t expect to be successful if you start out with the wrong attitude, it simply wouldn’t make sense. If you just want to become a “fairly good blogger” then that’s exactly what you’ll become, and you won’t like it. Never be afraid to set high goals, even if they may seem out of reach at a certain point.

That doesn’t mean that attitude alone will help you achieve those goals, not by a long shot. But setting high goals is a great starting point, a solid foundation upon which you can build. Of course, you will not be able to reach your goals overnight; expecting immediate results is another mistake you need to steer clear of. Divide everything into smaller and more manageable goals, take it one step at a time.

Is your long-term goal making a million dollars a month as an online entrepreneur? No problem, but it won’t happen right away. In order to earn 1 million dollars each month, you must first cross the $1k, $10k and $100k monthly milestone; it’s only natural that things work out this way. Why would you make the mistake of settling for $10k monthly, for example, if you know that you have the potential of making so much more?

Do you think big? Do you believe in yourself and in your potential as an online entrepreneur? Don’t let yourself get discouraged by the long journey you have ahead of you. Believe in yourself and you will enjoy every minute of it since, in the end, being successful never comes from reaching a destination; it’s all about knowing that you’re on the right track; it’s always about the journey in itself.

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27 Responses to “Do You Think Big?”

  • medyum

    Success is all about have the correct mindset. As you said, most people limit themselves and sell themselves short.Always believe you are the best and you will be…

  • Ken

    You hit the nail on the head, great post.

  • Andrew Pavelski

    I always try to think big and feel that it is definitely important to think big. Just thinking “big” will get you nowhere; you must be willing to take the necessary steps and put forth the correct concentrated effort. When you have a plan of action, take the right steps towards achieving ‘big’ plans, and keep pushing your limitations to learn new things — then you are working to make your dream become a reality.

    Thinking big is good, but you must put a lot of emphasis on taking the proper steps to achieve your “big” goals. Great post Alan Johnson, keep up the good work.

  • Andy MacDonald – SEO & Marketing Blog

    Yeah i personally like to think big. I think the best way of doing this is to have goals. Set a goal and work hard until you achieve it. Once you do, don’t just be happy that you achieved it. You now need to move the goal posts forward, and do the same thing again.

    That is the only way you can be successful in my opinion. Not many entrepreneurs were huge at first, they had to set goals, and work at them. They probably still do set goals and work at them. Thats what makes them entrepreneurs. The ability to set goals, and achieve them

  • nitinpai

    This thought is great and also the preaching what you did.

    But not everyone’s gifted. If it was simple to just think about what you wanted to become and then you would actually become that then life would have been a bed of roses.

    I get ideas day in and day out. I also know what should be the outcome of my ideas. But the process required to realize the ideas is the big question. How do I go about doing it? Then the burn out of the mind takes place and everything falls back to where it was.

    I would like to know from you..suppose I want to be a successful internet marketing expert, but I don’t know where are what to do, then what would be your advice to me?

  • Jeremy

    Great post! It’s a challenge thinking big when just starting out, but I’ve always subscribed to the philosophy of “you have to believe it before you achieve it.” Also, I gave you a plug/recommendation on my site (linked through my name above).

  • ChiQ Montes

    Inspiring indeed! We should be confident enough at doing things we are passionate about to keep us on our toes.. and to remain positive so we can hang on to our goals until we achieve them.

  • Shankar Ganesh

    Good Post.

    I don’t know why, but since childhood, I always think big.

    Whatever it may be, studies, blogging, or future aims.

    I think big, and I don’t forget to visualize what I dream of.

    I personally believe when you think visually, you tend to do things better.

  • Todd Jordan

    Thanks for the inspiring article and the reminder not to limit myself. Why think small. I wouldn’t do that at my job or in other things I dream about.


  • Michael Aulia

    I honestly don’t think big at the moment. I blogged out of passion and then started to have my brain “monetised”

    Sometimes the negative thought come to mind “There’s already so many blogs out there, why would mine be special?” , but hey, get it out of your mind and keep blogging! You reap what you sow!

  • Alan Johnson

    Peter, what makes you believe that thinking big goes hand in hand with playing dirty?

    “Would you rather write about what you love and please the handful of true fans, or fight dirty for the number 1 blog spot for the day?”

    This may come as quite a surprise, but you can achieve more than worthwhile results without fighting dirty. And if your content is really worth it then, rest assured, you will have more than a handful of fans in the long run 🙂

    Alan Johnson

  • Alan Johnson

    Hi there and thank you for your comments, glad you’ve found my guest post useful, writing it was definitely a pleasure on my part 🙂

    Best wishes,

    Alan Johnson

  • Ruchir Chawdhry

    Success is all about have the correct mindset. As you said, most people limit themselves and sell themselves short.

    Always believe you are the best and you will be…

  • Peter

    I thought it was the audience who decided if you were going to be big or not?

    Yep I got up this morning and thought “hey I am going to be really really small today” and an amazing thing happened…

    I finished my day by indeed being small. Phew a success there then!

    Now sadly I don’t think the converse is true. Unless I am mentally delusional (not sure what other type of delusion there is but just thought I’d be precise) just because I think I am, does not make it so.

    Now to think big, I think you would have to appeal to the masses. that means selling out and doing the lowest common denominator. So we might as well all do porn then, yes? Because at least sex sells.

    Or we could all re-write the PLR article or show the YouTube video of Hilary Clinton mutating in to a lizard. (No really!)
    And I guess who ever has the oldest domain name age and can shout the loudest will win the number 1 blog spot for that day.

    But why?

    Would you rather write about what you love and please the handful of true fans, or fight dirty for the number 1 blog spot for the day?

    You see seriously, I did get up this morning and think small! And I have not failed to meet my target.

    I hope you are pleased with the extra frame your thought provoking and controversial blog post has errupted. I’m not sure any ones life has been saved or improved by it, but hey you got some extra hits.

    Wow you must have been thinking big today!

    Yes I am being sarcastic and a miserable idiot, but does it really matter how big you think you are?

    What will matter in the LONG term is quality content. Not drivel. I’ve just had to slag off the new goldrush IM video. I have a feeling the guy who made that, was thinking BIG today. but I wish he hadn’t bothered…

    Do what you love. Love what you do.
    Never listen to any one except your mum, unless your mum is an Internet marketeer, in which case, double check with her JV partners before actually tidying your room like she says…

    Thinking small and bigger because of it.

  • Ty Brown

    I like the article. I know for me I dream big and act big but don’t talk big. I still am fearful that if I fail that others will reference my big talk.

  • Caroline Middlebrook

    Yeah I think big but I no longer think in terms of specific goals and milestones. I imagine myself with the kind of lifestyle that I want and the kind of business / blog that I want but I don’t bother with specific goals anymore – it will happen in its own sweet time.

    But I also think that its all a gradual process. I think people often make the mistake of setting a goal thats too big right away and it feels unfomfortable so the unconscious message they are sending out is “I cant make that much money”. The real trick is just to aim for a little better than what is now – a few more readers, a few more dollars in income. Repeat that every day and the rest takes care of itself.

  • Jacob Cass

    So Alan, do you think big?

  • Tom Beaton

    Another great article Alan. I can see you are working hard and striving to push yourself into the top spots in the genre. Doing a good job to might I add. I have taken a first step by outlining my goals for 2008.

  • Daniel

    It is like with archery. The further away is your target, the higher you need to aim.

  • Rajaie

    I totally agree with you, great article!

  • Bilingual Blogger

    Thanks for the excellent, and for me, timely post. Earlier this week I started drafting some new goals for my blog since it has become clear to me that they were too short-term. As Alan points out in this entry, it’s best to have a mix of manageable short-term goals and much bigger, pie in the sky type of goals.

    I think many people are scared to think big and to dream big because they’re terrified of falling short. But as you say, the focus should be on the journey and not solely the destination.

    Best wishes and good vibrations to all the bloggers who have resolved to think bigger in 2008!

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