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The domain DanielScocco.com has a curious story behind it. I bought it back in 2005, as I wanted to reserve the domain that matched my name. I wasn’t planning to use it for anything initially, and for some reason I forgot to renew it a couple of years later.

Around 2009 I decided I should probably build a site on that domain, so I went to register it again, only to find out that someone else had already registered it! Given that mine is a pretty unique name, I figured that someone who knew me from this blog decided to register my name with the hope that I would offer to buy it for a higher price.

I certainly didn’t want to spend money to get the domain name back, so I just kept monitoring it over the years. The buyer renewed it for 4 years in a row, but then he probably figured I wouldn’t be making an offer anytime soon, so he let the domain expire, and last year I bought it again.

This year I decided to launch a personal site/blog there. I want to use it as a showcase for myself and my projects. I am also writing occasional posts there, when I have something interesting to say. For instance, I wrote about the experience of winning a car at Ford’s hackathon earlier this year, and about how you can learn to deal with rejection in a position way.

Make sure to visit and subscribe if you want to receive my future posts there and stay updated with my upcoming projects.

Ah, if you don’t have YourName.com registered yet, make sure to do so before someone gets it!

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7 Responses to “DanielScocco.com is Finally Live”

  • Joseph

    I have been following the blog and reading the content on it since March. I got to know about it through one of the articles about why start-ups fail.
    Its nice that your patience paid off. if you had considered registering a .net or .me variant of your name may be you wouldn’t have been able to monitor the domain very closely to know when it became available.

  • Taswir Haider

    Good to see your new blog Daniel. I see that you have already posted couple of posts there, so believe I will read them soon. Wish you good luck on the new site.

  • Vikas Agrawal

    Nice blog….
    Thanks for sharing

  • Red Rock

    I checked this blog and I like it.

  • Malik Junaid

    That is a nice personal blog. It’s interesting to know that you won Ford’s and master card Hackathon.

  • Steve B

    I just checked out your new blog.. it’s nice. You’ve accomplished quite a bit. Keep it up!

  • Wesley Mathew

    This reminds me of the guy who bought out a ton of famous celebrities’ names on the soon to be launched .porn domain, in the hopes that they’ll fetch a high price from either the celebrities themselves (who are preempting their own photo-shopped exploitation), or from the individuals doing the digital splicing and uploading.

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