Compare different typography


Having clear fonts with the right spacing between lines and words is essential for making your blog user friendly. There is a great online tool for dealing with typography issues called Typetester. On the website you will be able to play with fonts, sizes, alignments and so on. There are three different columns where you can compare the results and choose the best design.


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9 Responses to “Compare different typography”

  • Bang Kritikus

    Thanks for your good tips

  • Richard

    Thanks for all your tips on your blog. Very useful.

  • Dawud Miracle

    I’ve been using this with clients for a little while. It really helps clarify how text will look on the site.

    Of course, good CSS practices can do the same thing.

  • engtech

    That’s an amazing tool.

    Typography is 90% of web design.

  • Anthony Baggett

    That’s an awesome tool. Fonts have always been one of the harder things, without “borrowing” code from another source.

  • Anthony

    ahhh…thanks Daniel. Guess I didn’t play around with it enough.

  • Allen.H

    Thanks, there have been a lot f times when I wondered which font a certain blog is using but couldn’t really find out.


  • Daniel

    It is included, but its called “Leading”.

  • Anthony

    Very nice. The only thing they appear to be missing is line-spacing.

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