Coherence. Do you have it?


Coherence is a logical and consistent connection between the parts of a whole. For instance, if when you write the words, sentences and ideas fit well together, your writing is coherent.

Coherence is walking the talk, practicing what you preach. Right, you say, but what does it have to do with blogging?

Well, coherence is a vital part of any endeavor in life, and blogging is no exception. Being coherent will help you build credibility, which is very important for any successful blog. Secondly, it will also ensure that you get your priorities straight.

Pragmatically speaking, here are some examples of lack of coherence on a blog:

  • You have serious blogging plans, but you decide to go with Blogger instead of buying your own domain name
  • You say you care for your readers, but you rarely answer to comments or e-mails
  • Growing the traffic and popularity of your blog is your main objective, but there are annoying advertisings all over the place
  • You say you are committed to your blog, but you don’t have a fixed posting frequency

What about you, are you coherent with your blog?

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17 Responses to “Coherence. Do you have it?”

  • medyum

    Very good points. I am pretty good about all of them except the last one and that one I fail on with just one of my three blogs. Something I must work on!

  • dirt

    I don’t like to be too nit-picky, but I have to point out that “coherant” is not the word for what you’re saying. Consistency is. If a person is coherant, basically, you’re saying he/she makes sense. For example, drunk people often ramble incoherantly. But what you’re talking about is consistency, though I do agree with you that the quality you’re describing (whatever noun you use for it) is a good one, and one my blog should work on having.

  • Cristina Favreau

    I’m good on all points except the last. A fixed frequency is ideal, but it just doesn’t happen…

    As for Lars-Christian’s comment: “Too often when we don’t see the results in the form of additional visitors and subscribers, we just give in.” In my experience, the secret lies in being unattached to the outcome, and write “as if” (kind of the opposite of “dance as if no one is looking” — “blog as if everyone is reading”).

    I know it’s tough at the beginning, but remember, you’re just starting off. Write from your deep passion of your subject and for your (eventual) audience. If you let your passion and personality shine through, readers will find you fast enough, then you’ll get comments, emails of thanks and subscribers.

  • lomig

    thanks for this intersting post. I agree with all the points you mention…to my mind, the last one is the most important : and hard to follow.
    Coherence is also difficult when you blog on everything (personnal thoughts must include a wide variety of domains), because you cannot focus on one point, or becoming specialized…so the problem is about the same as 60in3 (just ahead)…but on the other side !

  • 60 in 3

    I would add one more point and that is coherence in topics. If you have a theme or a niche then stick with it. Don’t just blog about anything that comes to mind.

    My own blog is about fitness and health. I’ve often been tempted to toss in something extra, a review of a good sci fi book I read or a comment about politics. However, these have nothing to do with my blog’s theme. If I really want to tell people about them, I’ll do so on my personal blog, not my fitness one.


  • francesco mapelli

    phew … i’m a point number four guy.

    It’s hard to keep a fixed posting schedule when you have a full time job, a girlfriend, friends, hobbies and you write in a language that’s not your first language 🙂

  • Guilherme Zühlke O’Connor

    Well, I do agree that coherence is an important aspect of about anything you take seriously and roughly speaking I do agree with your points, but I will debate the last one.

    While I think that a fixed posting schedule may help you succeed as a blogger, I don’t think that not having one is lack of coherence.

    If your blog is about daily or weekly articles, or if you say every Monday you will post a tutorial, then not doing it so is lack of coherence.

    Still, if you commit to have about some 1 to 3 articles a week about a certain subject, lack of coherence would be to post off-topic stuff, flood your blog with posts or skip a week or two.

    You can be committed to your blog and not have a strict posting schedule.

  • Ramkarthik

    Daniel, you are right. I’ll have to move to my own domain. I have got 15 technorati links in 15 days and I dont want to lose them. Ill check out the digital point site. I’ll surely tell you as soon as I move to my own domain. Thanks.

  • Shankar Ganesh

    Good write up. I think I’m good at all points.

  • Genesis

    Very good points. I am pretty good about all of them except the last one and that one I fail on with just one of my three blogs. Something I must work on!

  • Daniel

    Johan, nice article. In fact I knew that “coherence” has a wide variety of meanings, depending on the field you are talking about.

  • Jan

    Isn’t this more about consistency? I know the two words are connected, but to me it seems you start off talking about coherence, while your examples are about consistency.

    As for the last point am I also guilty when commitment really means you have to have a fixed schedule. I don’t think it does though. If anything I am committed to quality posting even if that means posting infrequently. Being consistent in terms of quality is to me more important than consistency in quantity and frequency.

    Being consistently inconsistent is also a kind of consistency or not? 🙂 It is all about expectations as far as I can see and since inconsistency in frequency creates none am I not sure it is a real problem even if it isn’t as ideal as your one post per day schedule.

  • Eternalsoul

    I am in the same boat as Mr.Ramkarthik is. When I monetise my blog, I hope to buy my own domain.

  • Daniel

    Ramkarthik, I would suggest for you to buy a domain as soon as possible, so that you avoid losing backlinks.

    Digital Point has a very active market place where you can sell a wide range of services, like directory submissions or even some review on your blog.

    For $6,99 monthly you should be able to purchase a pretty good hosting solution.

    That is the way to go.

  • Lars-Christian

    I have to admit I have been notoriously sloppy with your last point, and thus I guess you could say that I lack coherence. Too often I plan on posting after a fixed schedule, but break the schedule.

    I am making a last ditch attempt now, and I am putting all my pride and effort into it, so hopefully I’ll last longer than I’ve done before.

    One of the thing that I think put many people off is that we lack patience. Too often when we don’t see the results in the form of additional visitors and subscribers, we just give in. I know that’s often the case for me at least, and I’m not afraid to admit it either 😉 Persistence is a key to success however, and I know that’s my biggest hindrance, but I am at least trying to rectify it.

  • Johan Idstam

    I wrote a little about coherence, cohesion and redundancy, it might interest you.

  • Ramkarthik

    Daniel,this is really a good post. I agree with what you say. Out of these points, first one is true in my case. Im serious about blogging but Im having a blogger account only. I want to earn some money and then invest it in my domain. Thats why. Other things I do correctly.

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