Change Your Passwords Regularly


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If you ever worked inside a large company you remember that once every two months or so you would receive an internal email reminding you that your passwords were about to expire.

Honestly, I did not care that much about these password changes (in fact I used to think that whoever was demanding such regular changes was a bit paranoid…). If something was to get broken or messed up all I would need to do was to call the network administrator.

Now that I am working with blogs and websites, however, I am responsible for everything. If something happens with my passwords I won’t have someone that can come and fix the problem. This new perspective made me rethink the issue about changing the passwords once in a while :).

In order to avoid problems you should change your important passwords (e.g., WordPress, web server, FTP and so on) at least a couple of times every year. You can use a password manager to organize and protect all your passwords more efficiently.

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10 Responses to “Change Your Passwords Regularly”

  • Roberto Alamos

    And I must add the following:

    * Do not follow BloggingPrints advice because it’s completely wrong. In no situation you should write down your password: they are mean to be stored only in your head. If you want to have a strong and easy to remember password you must create a simple and personal characters exchange algorithm. How? for example say that your algorithm changes A for 4 and E for 3, then if you want your password to be ‘Alice’ it must be ‘4lic3’ instead.

    * Do not use FTP, it’s insecure. Use SFTP instead, most of the good hostings out there offer it (if your hosting offers you SSH access then you probably will have SFTP access). It’s the same as FTP but travels on a secure channel.

  • BloggingProfits

    Also most important: Remember what your new password(s) is or are! Write them somewhere on a place where nobody will look, like under the hood of your car or whatever!

  • Mark Alves

    While you’re changing that password, check to see how strong your new one is:

  • Daniel

    Dawid, that is for sure. I’ll try to gather some other tips on password management and post about it.

  • Dawid Michalczyk

    Definitely a good tip, but even more important is to use a different password for every account one has.

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