Blogging Idol 2: Voting Session Is Open


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All right folks, the voting session is open. All the readers and followers of the competition will now be able to vote for their favorite bloggers. The polls will be open from today until Friday 28 (midnight EST).

Just a reminder, you should vote for the competitor that you think are using the most clever and/or effective strategies to promote his blog and to gain new RSS subscribers. You can see the live scoreboard to check the RSS subscriber gains, and you can also read the strategies that the competitors shared with us (batch one and batch two). The three competitors will the highest number of votes will win 1 point each.

Competitors may ask their friends, family or readers to support their cause, that is allowed. You can’t vote more than once for yourself though, or ask people to vote repeatedly too. The poll itself should block this (it uses 2 methods to block repeat voters), and I will also monitor the IP address of the voters to see if anyone is trying to work around this rule.

Finally, PollDaddy only support polls with 99 answers, so I was forced to split it in two polls, but it won’t affect the final result.

Good luck to everyone!

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50 Responses to “Blogging Idol 2: Voting Session Is Open”

  • Brigitte

    As I said before Suzanne Blog is informative and resourceful!

  • liz

    i love this site ^_^

  • Shannon Lilly

    I voted for Suzanne Franco because she is working so hard and has been really creative in ways to get supporters! My hat goes off to her!

  • Jake

    Got a quick question.. is it against the rules to pay for “anything” related to the contest? If things “are” allowed to be paid for, could you please list those things that are allowed?


  • Kathy

    Suzanne Franco got my vote. 🙂

  • Young

    I vote for for prizes.:-)

  • Odile Leclerc

    I voted for Suzanne Franco. She is so determined to, as she says, “earn” this contest, and she is doing all the right things to achieve her goal. Isn’t inspiring to witness that kind of determination?


  • Kristie
  • Val

    Vote Suzanne #7!

  • Teri McKenzie

    Suzanne deserves to win. That’s all she talks about and she is so creative. Go Suzanne!

  • Maylin

    Just wanted to let you know that Suzanne Franco has my vote …she is highly recommended

  • Snow

    Dropped my vote for ‘Blogging From Scratch’. Cheers to all the participants! 🙂

  • Wendy Burt-Thomas

    Go Suzanne Franco! You were #7 after I voted for you!

    “The Writer’s Digest Guide to Query Letters” (coming Dec. 5, 2008)

  • All Top Blogs

    thanks for voting for me. Please contiune to vote.

  • Maureen Rocks

    I voted for Suzanne Franco. # 7

    Good Luck Suzanne



  • Jeremy Rivera

    I voted for Joel Drapper 🙂


    Wuhuuu Heroes cast members just twittered my “begging for votes post”, it’s like Digg effect 😛 at least for my VPS

  • Joey

    Heroes television gets my vote, love it, is there anything better out there? nope…

  • Ajith Edassery

    Good luck all of ya and good luck me! 😆 Need some real good luck sitting at that #13 position

  • SEO Genius

    Sweet well I am aiming to win this event so watch out 😉

    Good luck everyone.

  • Meghna

    I have used a unique concept to increase the RSS count.

    That is, through a Twitter Challenge employing the Uncertainity Principle of Dr. Robert Cialdini. Here, twitter users are requested to subscribe to my blog and invite and convince ONE follower to do the same. When the ball was set to roll, many twitter people joined.

    Just ONE person convincing ONE more, it was a fun to see it grow in multiples, using the massive twitter network. This was done with the help of @drmani.

    And the result is massive!!

  • Angel Cuala

    I just voted for Suzanne Franco! Go girl! I am for you win or loose!

    Good luck to all! And congrats to Daniel with the success of this contest!


  • Kurt Avish

    Thats great. I managed to get to 93 from 8 just before its start. Thanks for the motivation to get more subscribers. Lets see how much vote i get 😛 Vote for me 😛

  • Money Making Ideas ~ Suzanne

    Thanks guys … don’t forget my awesome drawing/contest starts today … HUGE list of prizes!

    Thanks for your support! *SmiLes* Suzanne

  • Jackie Jackson

    Dropped in my vote to ‘BloggingfromScratch’.

    And Daniel, are u going to mention the flexx theme winner today?, as u mentioned in the post earlier.

  • Daniel Scocco

    @Matej, nope, people must vote on this page, else I woudn’t be able to control the IP and make sure cheating wont occur.

  • Brian D. Hawkins


  • Tom – Entrepreneur Interviews

    Barack Obama would vote for me … just want you to know … 😉

    Can we get the poll script xD ?

  • TechZoomIn

    Hey Friends,

    Do vote for me and push me up… 🙂

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