Blogging Idol 2: Accepting Applications (Win Over $4,000)


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Update: The rules for the competition changed, so ignore this post. Instead read this one to see the current announcement.

All right guys, it is time for another Blogging Idol competition. On the first one we had over 100 competitors dueling to see who could gain more RSS subscribers in a period of four weeks. It is was fun, but I thought that perhaps we could focus on another aspect of blogging this time.

What is something that is always on the mind of bloggers and webmasters? Making money! And that is what Blogging Idol 2 is about. Competitors will need to create a brand new website for the competition, and they will have 6 weeks to make as much money as possible using Google AdSense. Every competitor will obviously keep the money he will make during this period, but the person with the highest profit figure will also win prizes worth over $4000 ($1000 of which in pure cash)!

The Competition

As I mentioned before, the competition will be structured around making money with Google AdSense. The reason for going with AdSense and not with any monetization method is twofold.

First of all many people consider AdSense to be one of the best ways to make money online, so it will be nice to discover what are the most efficient strategies around for this purpose.

Secondly it will also be easier to have a fair competition. Google has very strict policies for its AdSense publishers, so they should be able to track any suspicious behavior. Secondly, I don’t think people will want to cheat in the first place given that their AdSense account might get banned as a result. Finally, we will also have a better anti-cheating control this time that will use some Adsense features.

So overall this should be a great opportunity for the competitors to prove their money making skills and strategies, and for the readers to see how they will approach the challenge, what tactics will be used and so on.

I will personally try to follow all the competitors, and I will write detailed weekly reports with the highlights, interesting strategies, curious things and so on. You don’t want to miss it!

The Rules

  1. Competitors can send an application from today until the midnight (Greenwich time) of October 30th
  2. The competition will start on November 1st, and it will run until the midnight (Greenwich time) of December 15th
  3. Every competitor will need to create a brand new website for the competition. They can start putting content on the website only on November 1st and after(Greenwich time)
  4. Competitors can use a registered domain name, but there must not have been any content on that domain for the past year (else they could have an SEO advantage)
  5. Competitors can use available domain names and free hosted services like
  6. Each competitors can apply with only one website
  7. All types of author-generated content websites are allowed (i.e., blogs and mini niche websites are allowed, while forums or social networking sites are not)
  8. All types of promotional methods are allowed, except blackhat ones (i.e. no spamming, cheating, faking stats and so on)
  9. Paid promotional methods are allowed but need to be communicated to me forehand, and these expenses will be detracted from the revenues (i.e., if a blogger spends $1000 in promotion and makes $1,300 in the end, his profit will be $300)
  10. Competitors will need to have an AdSense account, and they will create an URL channel for the domain they intend to use. They will also need to send a weekly screenshot of their earnings (blurring the necessary fields to comply with Google’s ToS)
  11. Competitors will need to have Google Analytics installed to cross check their numbers if needed
  12. The competitors need to play under the Google AdSense program policies
  13. Competitors will keep to themselves all the money earned during the competition
  14. On December 15th, the competitor with the highest profit will be declared the winner

Send Your Application

The competition is open to anyone who is able to follow the rules mentioned above. You must have an AdSense account (or to get one before November 1st).

You can send your application via the contact form. Make sure to include your name and surname, and the domain of the website that you will be competing with.

I am looking forward to seeing you guys making some killer money!

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  • haiqal

    I hope there will be Idol for this year!

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    cool blog dude ~ the information is really informatic and it’s really usefull for daily usage

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    Wait! That was a stupid question.

  • Ben Moreno

    Daniel are we allowed to add the adsense units yet? Or do they qualify as content?

  • Social Media Marketing Blog

    wow, sounds interesting

  • AroJoy

    Dear Daniel,

    Actually, we are planning to start another blog/domain.
    Thank you for providing an opportunity to act with more enthusiasm, because of the present contest.

    With Thanks and Regards,


  • Young

    I am in. My blog will be, which domain is still for sale, please buy it if you like it. 🙂

  • OnlineGodfahter

    For Daniel:

    Can we(I) who are in the competition of course put our blog on page and customize it so it is all prepared for lunch on November 1st. But there will be no content on the blog.

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