Best Blogs and Websites to Get Election Coverage in 2016

Mark Zeni

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People all over the world are paying attention to the 2016 US Elections. Who is going to win? Hillary Clinton? Donald Trump? What are the polls saying? What will it mean for the US economy and for its relationships with other countries?

If you want to understand these and other questions, below you’ll find a list of blogs and websites you can follow to get the latest election coverage:


Apart from getting all the latest news, this website structures and presents a lot of data about the elections. For instance, in this page you have an interactive map with the results of the primaries.


Want just the facts, without any bias? This is the website you need to visit. As far as I know they don’t even accept advertisers, to keep as neutral as possible. The website is maintained with donations from its visitors.

3. NY Times Polls

The New York Times provides a page with real time election polls. It’s updated pretty much daily, it will give you the latest trend among voters.

4. The Nation

One of the most acclaimed sites about US politics. It was born as a magazine, but the website grew to a much larger audience. They also cover other topics, but the elections coverage is the main attraction.

5. Real Clear Politics

This site is a politics news aggregator. They publish their own content, too, but on the homepage you’ll find links to all other mainstream websites, real-time election polls and so on.

6. FiveThirtyEight

This news site, focusing on politics and sports, is famous for its “Interactive” section. There they try to predict the results of various events, from NFL to the US Open and the US Elections.

7. Berkeley Election Blog

Berkeley University, through its Institute of Governmental Studies, has a blog covering the latest 2016 Election news and predictions. Given its academic background it might give you a different perspective on the issues at hand.

8. CNN

Like it or not, CNN still has one of the largest election coverage in the industry, so keep it in your radar. Their website should be a good place to go to get election results, for instance.

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  • dhivya a4n

    pls tell Berkeley Election Blog in detail….

  • a4ndinesh

    It get becomes the more famous one in the thing as it could be more fine

  • hangngoainhap

    yes, i want

  • dhivya a4n

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  • Phil Schreyer

    Thank you for this post.
    I live in germany and I am so worried about what is happening in the US with the election. I have been trying to get a “real look” at things by searching the web etc. Thanks to this page I now have a nice set of pages to go to.

    I really hope that more people will inform themselfs before they go to the ellection this year … and not only in the US. But also in Germany. The “Right Partys” are gaining more power again – this is NOT GOOD!

  • richard bergeron

    This election is like voting for vomit. We have the choice between chunks and liquid.

  • aboutsites

    CNN should be a good place to go to get election results, for instance?

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