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This is a guest post by Eric Cummings. If you want to guest post on this blog, check out the guidelines here.

I loved Aditya Mahesh’s recent guest post, 4 Ways to Promote Your Blog Offline. We bloggers are used to thinking about blogging as something you only do behind a computer. There is the “real” world and the “digital” world, and never the two shall meet. Aditya’s post debunks this myth though she missed one obvious but often underutilized publicity technique area: reaching out to our existing, real world social networks. Or put simply, tell your friends, family and co-workers about your blog.

This may seem blindingly obvious, and in many ways it is. But whether out of fear, privacy, or embarrassment, many bloggers keep their digital and real lives separate. I know I did, and many times still do. For new bloggers, utilizing existing social networks will dramatically expand the reach of your blog in the rough, early days. It will help create a community, give you valuable feedback, and expand the reach of your blog.

So, how do you utilize your social network?

1. Start small. In the beginning, get feedback from trusted friends. Ask trusted friends to give you honest feedback. When my brother and I started On Violence, for the first three or four weeks, we only told five of our closest friends. They provided feedback that helped us re-format pages to make them easier to read. We also found out what posts grabbed their attention and they pointed out those pesky typos that dog beginning and expert bloggers. And your friends can tell you, as one of ours did, that your language sounds pretentious. (Not all of the criticism feels good, but it helps.)

2. Tell your friends and family. First, I targeted emails and phone calls to my friends who I thought would want to be part of our community. If you are truly passionate about your topic, I bet a bunch of your friends are too. But this is obvious, what about your Great Aunt Mable, or your weird uncle Ted? Surely they don’t care about your new blog on early 90’s hip-hop. Maybe, but maybe not. You never know who your blog will interest, or who your next loyal reader will be.

3. Tell your co-workers and fellow enthusiasts. Chances are, unless you write a blog on making money from blogging, your blog is about a hobby or interest area. You have other friends in that area; take advantage of this. If your blog covers surfing, then talk to the surfers you ride with at the beach. If they aren’t interested in your blog, who will be?

4. Advertise with Groups and Associations to which you belong. Do you belong to a fraternity or sorority? An industry group? A church with a newsletter? Send out an announcement about your blog.

5. Target the real world recipients of your blog. Similar to tip number three, you need to target the people who are probably interested in your blog that you’ve never met before. If your blog reviews local restaurant, then talk to restaurant owners you know. Basically, wherever your blog can connect with real world people, you need to let them know about it.

6. Ask friends to guest post. There are tangible benefits to this. It is one less post you have to worry about writing, provides another voice to your website, and will help expand your reach into your friend’s social network. The biggest benefit I’ve had is in discovering another wonderful writer. My friend Matt contributed a post about his experience as an aid worker on the Thailand/Burma border. It was meaningful, well written, on topic, and a joy to read. If we hadn’t reached out, he never would have shared this story with us, and our blog wouldn’t be the same.

7. Ask your friends to comment. Nothing is sadder than a blog post with no comments. People want to go to blogs with community. Our blog, though small, has one. When new people come to our blog, they feel free to comment without feeling like they are the only one commenting. (Though to be fair, on some days we still struggle with this.)

8. Invite your friends on facebook/myspace/linkedin. I have over 300 friends on facebook, why would I not invite them to our blog? The more interesting thing has been connecting with friends I haven’t talked to in a long time, and restarting conversations and relationships with them. You have a social network already, use it.

9. Tell people you meet, in real life. This seems obvious, but was hard for me in the beginning and it still is. It is hard to put yourself out there and say, “I have a blog.” It seems pretentious. But again, you never know who or when you could meet a new reader. I met one of our most loyal readers at three in the morning outside a hostel in Munich. A tip: order business cards. They are cheap, practical and will help give you an opening.

Eric Cummings writes about for On Violence, a blog on counter-insurgency warfare, military and foreign affairs, art, and violence, written by two brothers–one a soldier and the other a pacifist.

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17 Responses to “9 More Way to Promote Your Blog Offline”

  • Digital Magazines

    Great advice, I’d never really thought about offline promotion before, but this has given me some good ideas!

  • muhyar

    both online and offline, which is you choose the best?

  • Eric C

    @ Rinaldi – Thanks.

    @ Redford- Your idea is nuts, but depending on your site, you could monetize bumper stickers.

    @ Munawar – I totlally agree.

  • munawar am

    For offline blog promote, I use a simple way: send SMS as much to friends and announced that I had a blog. Complete your SMS with blog url address. Is it really simple?

  • Redford

    I was considering printing out bumper stickers with my website’s name and applying them to random cars. Then I realized everyone would know who placed them. However, I could at least make my own personal bumper sticker.

  • Rinaldi Syahran

    speechless. Awesome tips that can make your social network optimization in the use.

  • Michael C

    Yeah I would agree with trying to do the flyer or real world advertisement. We have debated doing this idea for a while but haven’t had the time, I am curious if anyone has had great success with this technique.

  • Eric C

    @ Keisha – especially for local websites.

    @ My best secret – Everyone is different. Some people have blogs that are nessecarialy family appropriate.

    @ Aglolink – I totally agree.

    Thanks Farouk

  • K P Pandey

    To promote your blog these all tips are good but I think if you can post unique information and original and share with all the friends good for the blog promotion, but getting rank into search engine SMO is one of the best way

  • Farouk

    nice, practical and to the point 🙂

  • Aglolink

    Asking a friend to make comments, this is often done. But what they provide does not match precisely what we expect.

  • Mybestsecret

    Thanks for the tips, i would rather tell it to my friends but not on my family as i know they wouldn’t believe what i’m doing

  • Eric C

    @ Free classifieds – I totally agree. That’s one group we should have mentioned on point number 3.

    @ anastaisa – Another great tip. I actually want to try this.

    @ Wana – A bunch more great tips as well. If you have stuff to link to, go for it.

  • Kiesha @ Highly Favored

    And don’t forget to include your URL on your business cards – and wherever feasible – good old flyers can still work depending on your niche and the group of people you want to target.

  • Wana Ozie

    Offline promotion?
    I have another way to do that.
    But this way need some cost:

    1-Sponsor Gift/present and..
    2-Traditional postcard gift for celebration.
    We can put our blog url at both gift.

    If you are student,maybe you can
    follow my way…

    I am student and my university has a website
    that help students to promote their service and
    products online.

    So I just promote my blog at university`s website.
    it is really help because after all students visit
    our university website they will promote my blog from
    mouth to mouth to all people inside and outside
    university area…..

    If your university did not provide a website that can
    help student like that why not you make up one and
    tell your friends about that sharing website.It is so cool!

    This way is 2 in1 marketing strategy because the both a promotion
    of online and offline will work in one time..

  • AnastasiaCarroll

    One can also print out a small add and stick it to boards. And sometimes I think it would be cool to make a street banner but it’s possibly too expensive.

  • Free Classifieds Blog

    Great tips. Here is one I want to offer. If you’re a church goer, post a history of your church and invite church attendees to comment on your post. Some of them will like your other posts and come back often or subscribe to your feed.

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