8 Critical Questions You Should Ask Yourself as a Blogger


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“I’m at a point in my blogging career where I just don’t know what I’m doing wrong.”

Every blogger reaches a point in time where they find themselves struggling, it’s normal. However, the challenging part of that struggle is finding out what exactly are you doing wrong and how can you correct it. I’ve watched as thousands of bloggers throw away their blogging career, just because they were unable to answer this kind of question. After being in the blogging industry for about 19 months, I’ve studied blogs and bloggers as well as the points where they go wrong. In my 19 months of being in the industry, I’ve gathered 8 critical questions bloggers forgot to ask themselves.

1. Are you blogging about your passion?

The beauty of blogging is that you have the ability to talk about something you love. If you put hard work and effort into it, chances are you will succeed. But, if you’re not blogging about something you’re passionate about, what’s the point of your blog? Are you blogging with hopes to make money? You can do that with any niche that has people who are interested in what you have to say. So why not make it a niche your passionate about? People will be able to tell if you’re actually passionate about what you do. The desire to over deliver, and give your blog your all can only be done by someone who is truly passionate about what they’re doing.

2. Do you know your audience?

A critical part that will determine your blogs success is how well you know your audience. The better you know your audience, the higher the chances are you can cater to their needs and help solve their problem. Another problem with not being aware of your audience is, how do you really know what they want and don’t want? What about all the posts you’ve been writing, do you really know how many of them your readers find useful? Are you wasting your time writing posts that aren’t benefiting your community?

3. Are you building a community?

Having a strong community can either make or break your blog. If you’re serious about blogging and wanting to better yourself as a blogger (which I assume you do since your reading this post), you should be serious about building a community. A strong community is like having a family; through your ups and downs as a blogger, your community will be there for you. They will love you, support you, and spread the word about your blog.

4. Are you solving your reader’s problems?

When people arrive to your blog and read your posts, are they going to leave with knowing something new? Or are they going to leave your site the same way they entered – confused and wondering what to do next. Take Problogger for example, it’s the world’s most popular blog for blogs about helping others to become a better blogger. If Darren posted about what he ate for dinner, or what he had been doing his entire day, would Problogger be where it’s at today? Absolutely not. He was able to get where he is at today by providing help useful material to new bloggers by finding out what problems his readers were facing and wrote about them.

5. Are you instilling the urge for community response?

What kind of vibe do your posts give off? Do they give the “I don’t care about your input” vibe, or do they give the “This post won’t be complete without your input” vibe. Having a comment section does not instill an urge for community response, your posts are what instill the urge. Try ending your posts off with a “Group discussion” or a “What do you think” section at the end. Ask your readers what do they think about the topic or what would they add to it. Give them a reason to comment, and show them that you want to hear their input. You can also write posts that connect with your readers deeply which will bring will allow you to see a more heart-felt comment. When your readers leave a comment, respond to it. Spark a discussion and share your input on top of theirs.

6. Are you a “thinker” and “planner” instead of a “doer”?

You will always hear someone say “I have a million dollar idea”, but you never see it happen because they don’t take action. Maybe you “plan” for the big day where you will become a six-figure problogger, but are you actually taking the steps to make that happen? A quote I like to think of is “It’s not what you know, it’s what you do with what you know.” The quote has so much meaning behind it, because thinking about something isn’t going to make it happen. Find your idea, write it down and actually do it. If you struggle, don’t give up, learn from your mistake and try again.

7. Are you blogging with a backup plan?

Every blogger should blog with a backup plan in mind, point-blank.
Diversifying your income streams
Having multiple traffic sources
Making sure your blog is being backed up daily
These are all backup plans you need to have. What if you wake up one day and find out that your blog has been hacked and you lost all your files? Do you have a backup of your site? What happens when Twitter dies out and that was your main traffic source? You suddenly lost all your blog traffic. You need to be willing to plan for the unexpected, because it can happen and it can happen to you.

8. Are you striving to over deliver on each one of your posts?

I’ll be blunt here. Being a consistent blogger doesn’t mean anything if you’re not striving to deliver the best on every post you write. If you hit the stage where you’re facing bloggers burnout to the point where you are struggling to find a good post to write about, take a break and ask for guest post submissions. The quality of your posts define the quality of your blog, and most importantly defines the quality of you as a blogger. So make sure you over delivering, or don’t deliver at all.
Are you asking yourself these 8 questions?

I’ve watched thousands of bloggers fail, but I’ve watched only a handful succeed. Ask yourself these questions, and be truthful about your answers. They can only benefit you for the better, so make the most out of it. Are there any self reflecting questions you believe us bloggers should be asking ourselves?

About the Author: Rob Rammuny is a 16 year old Internet marketer/blogger who teaches other’s how to make money online at his blog Robswebtips.com. If you’re interested in learning how to make money online, check out his website for a free course.

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20 Responses to “8 Critical Questions You Should Ask Yourself as a Blogger”

  • Lindsey

    While I agree with all that you wrote here, I do want to stress one more thing: the importance of correct spelling and grammar. Readers will respect your blog and take you as the authority on your chosen subject if you write well. I noticed several errors in this post (e.g. “your” for “you’re” and “bloggers” for “bloggers’ [plural possesive],” and “other’s” for “others”). Your content, Rob, is great, but do pay attention to the details! 🙂

  • HP van Duuren

    Thanks for your post,

    Those are interesting questions, What
    your critical question Nr. 3 is concerned…..,

    Recently on my Writing Lifestyle Blog I put up Coffee Makers and Espresso Machines, (I have selected two nicely priced types and a nice Carousel Widget with several other (more expensive) types.) now that in critical question Nr. 3 you did mention ‘Building a Community’ I guess that – besides having ‘Send this Page to a Friend’ and things like that – that with putting up those
    Coffe Makers, ‘Building Community’ is something I am doing 🙂

    ‘I do think that I actually might develope
    a few new ideas in that direction’.

    About critical question Nr. 2…,

    I do think that for what ‘Knowing your Audience’ is concerned, putting up those Coffee Makers and Espresso Machines is an expression of knowing how I can help with solving my audience problems. (Writers Problems) Because recently I did a post about one of my own ‘Writing Problems’. The Problem is that sometimes I hardly can stop and keep on hammering on the keyboard. Than I have to force myself to stop for a moment and Take a BREAK, making it a Coffee Break. That’s where the original idea for putting up those Coffe Makers came from.

    I actually pre-sell those Coffe Makers and Espresso Machines as
    ‘A Vision for Writing INSPIRATION’.

    About critical question Nr. 5…,

    I wonder if this little Story indeed has been something that also connects with Blog – Writers – aswell, and that this comment also has been inspirational enough to look at other comments you can find here on this Blog.

    Only now I end this comment, because I am going for my
    Coffee Break. (Seriously I am not kidding :))

    All the Best,
    To your Happy – Blogging – Inspiration,

  • Whiztechy

    I agree with all your points. I have seen bloggers with passion but they are mostly thinkers have lots of plan but when it comes to implement, don’t know what happens. Proper planning with action is really important.

  • Nick Stamoulis

    You have to have a passion for blogging in order to do it successfully, and have a message to spread, something to say that will be interesting enough to gain/keep a following. Blogging is a talent, and it’s defintely not for everyone.

  • simplyDelicious

    I guess you also have to ask yourself this: “WHY am I blogging?”. Is it out of the desire to make money, or is it a way to express a passion toward your interests? If it’s for the former, then chances are you’re stepping into a VERY LONG LINE where others are way ahead of you.

  • Christian Guico

    That’s some very useful and wonderful questions!. I’ll be sure to re-ask this to my self from time to time as I blog.

    I wonder who are those thousands of bloggers that failed…
    I’m definitely not gonna be with them. 😀

    Thanks for the tips also.

  • RFA | Schoolkid.Ph

    Wonderful article! I completely agree with all of them though I scored only 5 Yes out of the 8 questions. So, I still need to work on a number of things.

    You’re only 16? wow!

  • Web Marketing Tips

    quitw useful’tips and quite agree with them.

    Would love to read it on this weekend.

  • Lorie Shewbridge

    Great post… thanks for the help!
    I’m just starting to take my blog in a direction of making some money, so this should really help.
    I am definitely wrting about what I love and I am promoting myself on forums and Twitter to people that I know would be interested in the things I write about. I have notice more comments – which are like chocolate to me… 🙂

  • Josh Garcia

    Hey Rob,

    Awesome Job, buddy! I’m very impress with what you just put together. Anyone who follows this plan will succeed in this business. That is if they treat it like a business and not a hobby!

    Chat with you later…

    • Web Marketing Tips

      yes would love to read it full while weekend.

      I always bookmark long post and read during weekend.

  • Desan

    “I’ve watched thousands of bloggers fail,…”

    Slight exaggration there I think. 😀 Nice post though.

    Daniel, are you going to publish posts aimed for more experienced bloggers any time soon?

    The reason I’m asking this is that I’ve seen more posts aimed for newbies being published lately. Nothin wrong with that, but as one of those more experienced bloggers I would like to see posts that teach me something new. 😀

    • Daniel Scocco

      Now that you reminded me about yes I’ll put some more advanced posts in the pipeline 🙂 . Thanks for the heads up.

      • Dinesh @ DailyBlogMoney

        That would be great.

        Waiting for that.

        Write something about your experience or speech in “Blog World Expo 2010” ( Yes, I got your newsletter with useful information), anything more?

      • Desan

        Cool. Looking fwd to it. 😀

  • PJ Morales

    So, wouldn’t one question to ask yourself as a blogger be, “Am I Vic Tantry or Rob Rammuny?”

    • Daniel Scocco

      I answered that for everyone already 🙂 .

  • Blog Tyrant

    Well written.

    Building a community is the most important thing. If you can capture email subscribers you are set for life.


    • Web Marketing Tips

      yes that’s why more and more people have started to use awebar.

      Certainly email subscriber is the big assets of any blog.

  • Jack

    I answered “Yes” to two questions out of the eight.

    I have personal blogs for a little bit of self-expression and more for making a little money on the side.

    When I think of a blog post, my only consideration is for it to be useful, sensible or funny.

    Thanks for this insights.

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