7 Reasons Why You Might Never Be Productive


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This post was guest blogged by Alan Johnson, author of The Online Business Handbook.

Are you disappointed with the fact that, no matter how hard you try, you can never seem to get things done in a productive manner? If so, then acting now is the way to go because you can rest assured that things will not exactly get better if you just stand there and wait for a miracle. As a blogger, being productive is definitely a must if you are serious about long-term success and living in denial is simply not an option.

Where to start? Identifying the problem is always the first step and here are the 7 most common reasons why you might never be productive:

Reason 1: You Hate What You’re Doing

If you are not passionate about your work then maximizing results can and will prove to be quite a challenge. You won’t be productive, you will treat everything as a chore or, in other words, you will have a lot to lose as a result of such an attitude in the long run.

Reason 2: Your Priorities Are All Wrong

Simply being busy isn’t going to cut it. You can work all day and feel all worn out, only to realize that you haven’t actually accomplished anything worthwhile. Identifying the tasks which are worth your time and dropping those which are not is the way to go if you are serious about being productive.

Reason 3: You’re Not Used To Working

I’m sorry to break it to you but, if you were used to one of those 9-5 jobs where you sit at your desk but aren’t actually doing anything productive most of the time, then you cannot expect your current productivity level to be an impressive one. You won’t be able to see results overnight, no matter how desperately you would want to. Take
it one step at a time and you are on the right track.

Reason 4: You Are Easily Distracted

If you are unable to concentrate on certain tasks, if anything seems to be able to act as a distraction, then I’m afraid that you have a serious problem you need to work on. Try small things that will help you focus, like working on a specific room or time, removing the telephone from your surroundings and so on.

Reason 5: You Take Too Many Breaks

There is absolutely nothing wrong with a well-deserved break every now and then, but on the other hand, you have to determine when enough is enough and act accordingly.

Reason 6: You Have an Unhealthy Lifestyle

All of those sleepless nights will come back to haunt you, there’s absolutely no doubt about it. Having a healthy lifestyle is an investment in yourself and it is, let’s face it, the most important one you can make, ignore this aspect at your own risk.

Reason 7: You Seem to Never Learn

Everyone makes mistakes, that’s perfectly natural and it’s all a part of human nature. Not learning from your mistakes, on the other hand, is unacceptable. You might fall into the trap of a certain time waster once, it happens. But if you don’t learn your lesson then, my friend, you will end up making the same mistakes over and over again and that is simply not an option.

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39 Responses to “7 Reasons Why You Might Never Be Productive”

  • peterparker

    The above 7 reasons are the reality of humans…..but identifying the negatives will be a positive in future course…the reasons are possibly related to one another….just identifying the single reason which is making most of the mess…….so that all other negative reason can be rectified outomatically

  • Curadebt Complaints

    If you are not productive then you are bad luck and you need to increase energy of soul inside you. You need to meditate for that and increase your skills and personality. Get your self realization. When you meditate level of cosmetic energy will increase in you.

  • Ryan

    I’m guilty of #4. I get distracted really easily. My wife calls it seeing something shiny.

  • Carla

    #5 is my biggest problem!

  • Dave

    I agree with the first comment. Its trying to get those kids early enough that I still have some brain cells available to blog.

  • Ned

    There’s something irritating about the fact that you put this list in the negative and used an absolute. I can’t always be productive, so how can I never be productive?

    Do you think a lack of confidence could cause a drop in productivity?

  • Rassendyl

    These are simply great insight. Thanks for sharing with us.

  • jonsonroth

    A tremendous post, and it all had to be said. But I think the blogosphere sorts such things out. Those who are good and persist (and promote and make friends) will succeed.

  • New Bloggers Center

    Ben #8 is my biggest problem!

  • JTPratt’s Blogging Mistakes

    I think the last 4 apply to me all the time. I think you could add #8 “You have too much to do, or you can’t do it all”.

  • Kurt
  • Daniel Scocco

    @Matt, definitely.

    I follow a very strict routine, and I think it helps me to stay productive through out the day.

    For example, I go to sleep around 10pm every day no matter what.

  • Matt Mikulla

    I think Reason 6: You Have an Unhealthy Lifestyle can be thought of as a keystone. I got 5 hours of sleep last night and I’m already feeling the burn this morning.

    Sometimes we think we are being productive by staying up late to work but the truth is we are just running in place.

    If you get a good nights sleep you will make more frequent, reliable, and productive decisions.

    Enough of that…I have coffee to shove down my throat.

  • Wayne Liew

    Michael Dell used to say that he spend most of his time doing things that he doesn’t like for the company at the start to become successful today.

    Well, I guess, you can be not doing things that you like but as long as you have the motivation and drive that pushes you continuously, you should not be procrastinating.

  • OldSailor

    #7. A person has to learn from others mistakes also in addition to learning from his own mistakes to be more productive.

  • Chris Blackwell

    I agree with Stephanie. Your most productive times can be when everyone else is sleeping. I’m not a night owl so I tend to wake up in the wee hours of the morning to get my reading and writing done.

  • Jo

    I do the “9-5” think, but love reading this website, because job habits in either arena are the same. Just looking 7 categories, they can fit any job situation really. Out of them all though – #1 is most important.

  • Daniel Scocco

    @Stephanie, good point :).

    @Ben, well if you have a day job then I hope that you are productive there at least. In that case you can take blogging more lightly (unless you wanna make the switch soon).

  • Ben

    I think you need to add #8, Your Day Job. After a full day at the regular job, you just sometimes don’t have enough energy to do any blogging activity.

    Had to chuckle about reason #3 because I know many people that sit at a desk and try to look busy. Pretty sad that it’s become the norm.

  • Leo F. Swiontek

    Great post.Each reader can understand the theme of the post .Nice points.

  • Vygantas

    I love working at night too, can finish everything much faster.

  • sikantis

    Wow! And all these points you can join under “esteem and self-esteem”. Do you have enough self-esteem to love what you do and to do what you love? Having self-esteem goes together with giving esteem to others!

  • Stephanie

    #4 is why I love working late at night. All my distractions are asleep! Then it’s a matter of balancing the lack of distractions with #6.

    At least things should get better as the kids get older.

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