50% of Our Readers Work Full Time on the Internet


I must confess that I was surprised with the results. When I launched the poll last Monday asking our readers whether or not they worked full time on the Internet, I was expecting at most 20% of them would say “Yes.”

It turns out that almost 50% of our readers do work full time online (47% to be precise). We had a total of 371 people casting a vote, so the results should be somewhat meaningful. Another 40% of the readers who took the poll said that they don’t work full time yet but are definitely planning to. Only 13% answered that they don’t work full time on the Internet and don’t want to.


Interesting huh?

Anyway, I am glad to know that almost 90% of our readers are either working full time online or planning to. I firmly believe in this professional path (more on this on a future post).

Thanks for everyone who answered the poll, and stay tuned for the next one.

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34 Responses to “50% of Our Readers Work Full Time on the Internet”

  • Daniel Scocco

    @Props, I would say that both groups, people who blog for a living and people who want to blog for a living asap, would have the same motivation to leave comments and participate in the communities, don’t you agree?

    Tough to test anyway.

  • Lee Ka Hoong

    Seems that more and more people used to work full time on the internet now, I’m working part time on internet right now, more based on blogging. I’m working as a Quantity Surveyor in my country, I have no idea if I can switch to work full time on the internet since I’ve yet to make a full time living online.

    I have a question, is that people who work part time on the internet, switching to full time once they’re able to earn more money than their day job salary?


  • Oliver

    It’s not really surprising that 50% of the readers work online as the internet is important for a lot of business. I spend a lot of time online at work since I’m a web designer and I have to search for images and do research for web sites.

  • Props Blog Ideas

    @Daniel – Many reputable bloggers have pointed out that leaving comments on webpages in your niche can help generate traffic. That boils down to being part of a community and giving feedback. Answering polls and leaving comments is feedback, so I would think that people blogging for a living (especially in the same niche) would be more inclined to leave feedback.

    That’s my theory at least… I don’t know if it plays out in practice; how would you test that?

  • Samantha Milner

    You can add me to your working full time online – though i do have a lot of time off in between!!!

    kind regards


  • GetBrowser

    It is interesting indeed.
    In fact, I am just a member of the 47%. and my experiences are similar to that of most of people here indeed.

  • Tehseen | Ijaar

    I expected the number to be much lower as well. However, it is very encouraging to know that a lot of people are becoming web workers and getting control.

  • LetUpdate

    wow, what a unpredictable outcome. I also think that full time internet worker not that much. So. it seem that internet become important business to many people this day.

  • Chester

    Internet rules. I wasn’t surprised with the poll results. I kinda expecting it. Internet is a way of living and I’m glad I left my office work and doing good (well atleast) working fulltime online.

  • Jim Hardin

    I have to admit I am a part time blogger, but want to be full time blogger. Just gotta keep the day job for now until I can do it financially if you know what I mean. Man I wish I could be a full time blogger. I really enjoy blogging. Its a goal of mine to be a full time blogger 🙂

  • Pedro

    You should create a poll about the medium earnings of those webmasters. It would be cool xD

  • Paul Wilson

    Those results are pretty cool…way higher than I would have expected.

    Especially given the actual stats of people who make money online vs the people that are TRYING to make money online…

    It really does show the quality of your readers!

    As it is my first time on here, I will definitely be adding your rss 🙂

    Talk soon,


  • Steve

    50% is quite higher than I expected. It tells you something about your readers.

  • Eric C

    I didn’t get a chance to vote, but I am shocked.

  • Dave Doolin

    I’m probably going to have to drop back into meatspace until I get enough traction to pay the rent!

  • Ben Moreno

    That is very surprising. Still it is good news that it is becoming more and more feasible to actually work 100% online. I think there are many jobs that could convert to people working full time at home anyway. As a desktop support pro, I couldn’t do my job 100% online because I am required to physically touch computers on many occasions.

  • Daniel Scocco

    @Blake, some bias yeah, but not enough to make the results useless in my opinion.

    I am not sure if people who make a living online are more inclined to spend time on polls/comments. We would need to test this, as there are arguments going both ways (for example, people who work a 9 to 5 job usually have time to slack, while people who work online usually need to focus more, since the paychecks depend 100% on what they day after day).

  • Jan Middleton

    I find it amazing that so many people are working their online businesses as a full-time “job”. As I often say, there is a whole world out there to learn about and explore online.

    Thanks for the information from your blog.

    All the BEST,


  • Blake @ Props Blog

    Do you think that your poll might have a bias as to which readers responded as well?

    People who make a living online are probably more inclined to leave feedback and spend time on polls/comments than those who make a living working a typical job.

    Also, The demographics for this site show a good amount of people who would be students in college; they would be less likely to have a normal job and by default consider anything they do online as their full time job. It makes sense that the remainder of the people who responded would want to blog full time, but just aren’t able to yet 😉

  • Mr. I


    My experiences are similar to that of most of people here.
    People always ask the same thing, “How Can You Make Money With That?”
    I am a student and my parents still think that I play games online(that’s only thing that is supposed to be on internet except Orkut and pornography!) and I often get scolded for that!

  • V.C

    Nowdays, Internet play an important part in one’s life.
    I’m not surprised with the result because I’m one of the 50%.

  • Chris

    Those are pretty interesting statistics. I didn’t think it would be that high either. I at least thought that the planning on going full time in the future would of had more. Very cool.

    Oh and my wife asks me that all the time “and your going to make money from this how?”. I just explain to her. I think some people just don’t get it if they aren’t directly involved and actually see the process.

  • Roseli A. Bakar

    A lot of people in my country don’t believe me when I told them I make a living on the internet.

    But they will start asking me how once I show them all the checks pics 🙂

    Great to see many people are working online full-time.

  • Daniel Scocco

    @Adam, yeah I don’t even bother with those anymore.

    Usually when people ask what I do I say: “I just work with websites and stuff”.

    They get the impression I do web design for people who need websites… but that is ok.

  • Daniel Scocco

    @Oscar, I believe the people who answered our poll were referring to working full time on the Internet, as opposed to working a 9 to 5 job with full time Internet access.

    At least I hope so cause that is what I intended to ask 🙂 .

  • Stephen

    50%! Thats’ pretty amazing. It would be interesting to know how the income compares to that of a full time job though. I enjoy blogging, but haven’t really looked into monetizing it.

  • Adam Baird

    Working online is sexy, but the response I get most is “you can make money doing that?”

  • Oscar – freestyle mind

    Interesting results. I think most people who read blogs during the day are working on offices where they have internet access. I don’t think their work consist of working only with internet though.

  • Daniel Scocco

    @Clarky, given the sample size, I think we could safely estimate that we have thousands of full time web workers on the audience.

    Also, keep in mind that I asked about working full time on the Internet and not necessarily full time blogging (i.e., we might have full time SEOs or web designers mixed there too).

  • Clarky

    Oh, it seems at least there are about 176 full time bloggers :), I am so happy to be one of them. That is so sexy to work online especially blogging.
    But I am a full time blogger now, but I don’t plan to do this forever, I see blogging as a business, not a job. I am now, because my blog is too new and it needs Papa’s good caring and protecting :).

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