4 Steps for Securing the Evergreen Content for Your Blog


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When trying to create a successful blog, and be a renowned blogger, you should work towards the goal of building a certain online image for yourself. The best approach is to find a topic you can blog about – something interesting, useful, omnipresent etc. in other words, evergreen content. Picking a topic, however, is only scratching the surface, and in order to ensure your achievements, you need to provide readers with sound advice, good content, proper grammar and sentence structure. Think about what you love and what can be useful to others at the same time, for example, keeping up with new software for certain devices, upcoming games of specific genre, fashion etc. Your goal should be to stick to your topic and do in-depth research for the sake of providing the readers with really informative content. Let us go over some of the techniques you can implement for securing the evergreen content for your blog.

Pick a Good Topic

If you are to find a topic that is truly evergreen, it needs to fulfill certain criteria, but once you manage to select the right one, it will become a solid basis of your blog. First of all, if the content is to be evergreen, look for something highly ?Google-able?, meaning it should provide an answer to relevant online searches. Next, it should be a topic which is present for a long time; for example: technology, vehicles, games, fashion etc. This also means that the inflow of the news related to the content will be ongoing, highly unlikely to expire. If there is a vast number of people, in other words, huge audience, interested in the topic, you can rest assure the subject is a good pick.

Find Your Field of Expertise


In the event you are having troubles to find an adequate theme for your blog, you can use some of the following techniques to help you in the process.

  • Use Google Trends to be updated about all the novelties that humanity can expect. Truth be told, a lot of them are likely to be trampled by the passage of time, but some of these trends actually have an evergreen potential. Test yourself, maybe you have a keen sense about these things, and more importantly, if something is to become evergreen, it also needs to have a good support which comes from the people, meaning bloggers play a crucial role when something becomes a ubiquitous topic.
  • Tutorials can always be useful, and people create content with tutorials all the time, because they are always needed. One of the greatest aspects of the World Wide Web lies in the fact that users can find step by step instructions for the things they know nothing about. The fact that the videos which show people how to vape have thousands of views speaks volumes about just how easy it can be to generate an online crowd by posting tutorials.
  • Reviews that are honest and witty at the same time are basically a recipe for an attractive online corner. If people perceive you as an honest and reliable critic, they will be interested in your opinion, about restaurants, movies, books, cocktails, video games etc. Find innovative ways to express how something is bad, or how good it is, make funny comparisons in your reviews, and rest assure that, eventually, you will be noticed.
  • Tips and trick, secrets and ?how to? approaches always pick one?s interest. People are rarely interested in plain facts when going through blogs, considering that when someone needs a specific information or a definition, he or she usually turns to Wikipedia. You need to provide them with something new, and use a more personal approach, something you or someone you know has discovered.
  • Speculations or theories about the future of a certain town or country, a TV show, upcoming movies or books are also interesting topics. If you have enough evidence based on which you build your theories, people will definitely appreciate you. You do not need to guess the outcome, but as long as what you are saying makes sense, you will be able to generate an admirable online audience, just make sure you do a thorough research before making your speculations, otherwise you may appear as an unreliable source.

Being on Top of Things

Time is of the essence, whenever you blog on certain subject that is evergreen in nature, you must be aware that there are numerous other bloggers who are doing the same thing. You need to be really devoted and blog on the selected topic before it becomes old news. Regardless whether it is a review, or a tutorial, or an upcoming trend, the blog post needs to be fresh. Do not strain yourself too much, and do not sacrifice the quality of your texts because you are in a hurry. You are allowed to report on something after a day or two have passed, but you should not exceed this threshold, since the popularity will significantly drop in that case. Furthermore, when the topic is new, share your blog post on social networks more than once each day, there are different time zones, and people are not always online, so make sure that your post is seen.

Charm Your Audience

Find an efficient way to express yourself in order to compel the readers to go through the whole text. If you have done tons of research, thought really hard about what you are going to write, it will all go to waste if the text is just too boring. Make constant endeavours not to repeat the same words; use various synonyms, and learn how to write in a formal tone whenever you are addressing a serious issue. Additionally, to not strive to be too complex, after all, it is a blog post, not a novel. Create a post in a manner that people can scan through it and still have a rough idea what the whole article is about. Highlight important words, headlines, use more spaces between the lines. To say it bluntly, use the full potential of your vocabulary in an easy-to-read text.

Ivan Dimitrijevic is an Online Marketing expert, entrepreneur and family man, with a diverse set of skills. He has given lectures on Social Media Marketing and published many articles related to online business, online and offline marketing strategies, leadership and communication skills, and boosting productivity in the workplace. Ivan is also an experienced blogger, writing being one of his first passions, focused on effective strategies for small business growth, and he likes to share experiences with other entrepreneurs online.

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