15 Tools To Measure The Popularity of Your Website


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I came across this article a while ago already, but it has some nice tools inside to will share with you guys nonetheless. It is titled 15 Tools for Monitoring a Website’s Popularity, and it basically has a list with tools that you can use to see how third parties see your traffic levels, the number of backlinks, social media bookmarks and so on.

Some of my favorite tools mentioned are:

  • Yahoo! Site Explorer
  • Feed Compare
  • socialmeter
  • dnScoop
  • popuri

You can check the full article to see the other 10 tools. Just remember to don’t get paranoid and start checking your website stats every day!

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17 Responses to “15 Tools To Measure The Popularity of Your Website”

  • medyum

    Thanks! I love statistics.. Since the last months my blog finally gets more visitors, the total number of monthly visitors increases.

  • gendut

    thanks for recommend nice tools online

  • mahesh

    Thanks for post.
    I only knew only 2 of them….

  • Roberto Montanez

    Good links. As a new blogger, the results as very sad. LOL. The good thing is that I can track the growth of it.

  • jler

    thanks for sharing

  • Kurt

    Great list. Thanks for sharing as usual.

  • Angel Cuala

    A great list, Daniel. However, I am quite confused. Why does my Google Analytics and Adsense show that my daily pageviews is only around 250/day, while according to statbrain it is around 2,300 visits a day. Which do you think is more accurate?

    By the way, your blog has only 3,000 visits a day according to statbrain and I don’t believe it.

  • Andy

    Thanks for the list! It is fun to see how your site ranks in different categories compared to other sites.


  • Arjen

    Thanks! I love statistics.. Since the last months my blog finally gets more visitors, the total number of monthly visitors increases.

    It’s so good to see that my efforts weren’t for nothing!

  • Derek

    Checking the popularity of your website is a huge waste of time unless you’re using it to create a media pack.

    When I first started blogging, I would check my stats and popularity almost daily. After doing it for a few months, I realized I wasted around 30 hours. Yes, 30 hours, which could have been used to write a great piece of pillar content.

  • Nick

    Great sites! These are pretty neat.

  • Rajaie AlKorani

    Oh no! It’s like I don’t already spend enough time on my stats!

  • TechZoomIn

    Good one 🙂

  • Julio Greff

    Until now I was using just Feed Compare. It’s cool see how your feed is progressing, especially in the 24 months view. I didn’t knew any of the other, but I’ll check they now! Thanks!

  • Daniel Scocco

    @Mark, thanks for the heads up.

  • Mark

    Hey Dan, there is an error in your link to socialmeter.

    Thanks for the links.

  • Quite Possibly The Best RSS Feed On The Internet

    Aww man! Not ANOTHER way to spend my time checking my statistics.. Statcounter and Feedburner already take up a good chunk of time!

    Thanks for the good read though.

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