10 Most Beautiful Blog Designs


Even if you are not a web designer you will probably find inspiration on this list. Glen Wolsey gathered together the “Top 10 Most Beautiful Blog Designs”, and below you will find 3 of my favorite themes on the list:

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16 Responses to “10 Most Beautiful Blog Designs”

  • Mira

    I looked at all 3 designs above, they are cool
    But frankly, I like your design more… my fave is deep blue theme 🙂

  • Cwd

    Cool designs but they must have cost a lot.
    Are they available for free?

  • manele noi

    very cute design

  • Manele

    I love the firs one!! very cute and clean design!

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  • italia guy

    mmm.. nice design you have on your blog also, I must say

  • Hazel Edmunds

    I, like others, prefer a “clean” look in design allowing a concentration on content – and for many of the blog is an adjunct to our business not essentially a money-making venture. However, I am also environmentally conscious and would like to see less use of white as a background – it uses a lot more power!

  • Daniel

    Chris, your site is looking good. Pretty clean and functional. By the way I think we should get you on a Bloggers Face-Off soon!

  • Chris Garrett

    Damn, now I have some serious template envy ;O) Right now I need to invest in other areas but soon I need to pay for a rockin design on my blog

  • Daniel

    Rod, DevLounge does have advertisement, but its at the bottom and blended with the content.

    Your questions is a very good one. I think that yes, a blog can be beaultiful and still make money. However, it will not maximize its revenue potential, cause in order to do that it would need to slam adsense units all over the place.

  • noogooc

    not sure where i found your rss, but it worth a read

  • Rod Sherwin

    Curious that none of these blogs were slathered with Advertisements. Does that mean they are beautiful but don’t make money? Can a blog be beautiful and make money?

  • Bes Z

    Nice pick Daniel. like Phil Ryu’s design. 🙂 When are we going to see your design on the list? 😀

  • Daniel

    Lars, I also like clean and minimalist themes, they let people focus on the content which is a good thing.

  • Lars-Christian

    Nice pick-up Daniel, Glenn certainly did find some nice designs there. My personal favourite is DevLounge. So clean and yummy 🙂

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