Want To Write a Guest Post For A Blog? Try to Find How To Submit One First


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Every month I receive dozens of emails from bloggers asking if I would be interested in receiving a guest post from them. Below is one example that arrived today:


I’m a professional copywriter, and an amateur blogger and tweeter. Is there a way I can offer you a guest blog for DailyBlogTips?

Thank you

Sure I would be interested in at least checking the guest post from anyone. But when these emails come I just ignore them. Why? Because it signals to me that the person didn’t even care to take a look at my blog, trying to find out whether or not I accept guest posts, and how to submit one.

If you take a look at my homepage, at any given time, you find one or more posts written by the “Guest Author.” If you then open that post, right on top you’ll find this line: This is a guest post from Brad. If you want to guest post on this blog, check out the guidelines here.

There you go. By spending 2 minutes the person would be able to find out whether or not I accept guest posts, and what is the best way to submit one.

I believe many other bloggers take the same approach. That is, they ignore emails that only ask permission to send a guest post, or that ask if there is an interest in receiving a guest post. This is especially true for high profile bloggers, as they won’t have time to answer your email.

If you can’t find any information about the guest blogging policy on a particular blog, just make sure to send your guest post along with your first email. This will ensure that the owner of that blog will at least read your guest post, and if it is a good one, there are good chances he’ll get back to you.

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19 Responses to “Want To Write a Guest Post For A Blog? Try to Find How To Submit One First”

  • Daniel


    I’m just barely getting started with the planning stages of my blog (hows that for noob!) But even as a complete novice, it seems like it would go without saying that when cold calling a prospective blog about guest posting one should include:

    1) The focus of your own blog
    2) A brief break down for the article idea you have in mind.
    3) How your blog’s niche dovetails with the blog you want to guest post on so that the mutual benefit is clear.

    I’m sure it’s all too easy to err too far in the other direction of making your pitch too long. Similar to planning a post, your pitch needs to include detail, but not be so long and involved that the recipient shelves it for ‘later’.

    Of course this is all speculation on my part based on what I consider to be common sense. Anybody have any thoughts?

  • Eric

    As stupid as it may sound you do make a valid point here. I also agree that sending in your guest post along with asking about one will save time on both ends and show a better impression of yourself anyway.

    If you’re going to ask for a guest post why not send one in you’ve done up already anyway?

  • odtaa

    Also if you are doing a pitch you should give a short summary of what your guest post is going to be about.

  • Julius

    I also think it’s good to spend a few days or weeks reading the person’s blog before considering writing a guest post. This will give you a very concrete idea of what the site’s goals are, so you could contribute to it instead of repeating what has been said in previous posts.

  • Gary David | Build Your List Fast

    Thanks for sharing this Daniel. It’s really important to read the guidelines first instead of just asking if they can do some guest posting not just in this blog, but to some other blogs as well.

  • wendyk

    I think guest posting is sort of like interviewing. You need to show that you are knowledgeable about the blog and person you are approaching. Who would interview by just going in and asking can I have a job? You need to know what the company does (what the blog is about), have a genuine interest in working for the company (show that you are a fan of the blog), and show that your skills can bring something to the position (your talents and interests are a match for the blog and its community of readers).

  • Tammi Kibler

    Thanks for explaining. I would have looked in the menu bar, checked out the About and Contact and then sent an email to ask. Now I know there is another place to look.

  • Jennifer Brown Banks

    This is useful information. Thanks for enlightening us.
    But, please also know that not all sites that accept guest posts have their guidelines where they are immediately visible. Truth be told, I have had to do a little “sleuthing” to dig up the details with some blogs.:-)

  • Onibalsi Bamidele

    This is really great Daniel,

    There is one thing I like about you, even though none of my guest post has not been accepted, I have sent more than 7 guest posts and you have taken the time to read and reply my mail, Kudos to you on this!

    Conerning sending the guest post with the first contact (I know you accept this), Somebody like Darren Rowse likes to be pitched first before the guest post is sent. What do you think about this?

    Another thing is, what if you are contacted with the guest post Idea, some intro and points that will be expanded on (so that the fellow will be sure you accept that type of post), will you like this?

    Thanks a lot for this great post,

    • Daniel Scocco

      Where did you read that Darren likes to be pitched first before the guest post is sent?

    • Gary David | Build Your List Fast

      Good for you Oni if none of your guest post was declined. I have tried to submit guest posts to other blogs, I got 3 out 4 accepted, and it gave me good result when it comes to traffic and my list building activity.

  • Grow With Stacy

    Great post! It’s best to think of another blog as the blogger’s home, you want to look around and get a feel for the runnings of the place before you just jump in and start acting in ways that may not be appropriate for that home/blog!

  • Joe

    I think that successful marketing is about relationships. If you start off a relationship asking for something without thinking about the other person first, then you’re off to a bad start. People should first take interest in the other blogger, not themselves.

  • thebloggingrobot

    Actually never thought to look for the information that way. Must have missed it. Now I am enlightened and will be emailing shortly. Thanks.

  • Damar

    if it became a professional blogger and successful, there will be many offers from here, including a bid to put someone into a blog ^_^

  • Douglas J Gregory

    Hello Daniel,

    Very nice blog.
    I stumbled upon your daily blog tips through a testimony you left over on another site. Seems like I spend more time reading and thinking most times instead of taking the time to delegate time the correct way. Unlike your “guest” blogger requests without fully researching the facts is completely the opposite from what I do mpost days and that is getting lost in the information jungle.
    I truly am bookmarking your site and will be back. (People comment all the time on my blog telling me they are going to bookmark my site while I fully know they are spam).
    I will be spending a few more minutes here for today.
    Thank you and stop by and give me some suggestions on how to better my site.

  • Josh Garcia

    Hey Daniel,

    How can I be a guest post writer for your blog? LOL…

    I find it kind of funny that you have clear instruction on how someone can write a guest post and still overlook the link and instructions.

    It’s not like you have a long page with instruction either. Simple rules to follow.

    Chat with you later…

    • Gary David | Build Your List Fast

      You are right. Can I also submit a guest post? Just kiddin’. 🙂

  • Nabeel | Create Your First Website

    Yeah I agree, people should also think about the blog owner’s time. They should first clearly check out the information provided on a blog about guest posts.

    If you send out an email, without reading and bothering to check out the blog for any guest post guidelines, you are unlikely to get accepted.


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