Video Blog Review 5: The 4 SEO Factors on Single Post Pages


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Monday’s video post is up. On this one I did a quick SEO review of the factors that you need to have in place on single post pages.

Here is a quick summary of what I covered:

  • On most blogs, the single post pages are the most important ones as far as search engine traffic is concerned
  • That is because the bulk of the organic traffic will go there, since you can target very specific keywords and optimize the page elements more efficiently there
  • The first thing to keep in mind is that the full content should appear only on the single post page itself
  • The second factor is the title tag, which should be dynamic and concise.
  • The third factor is the permalink structure, which should be based on words, and should not use weird characters or unnecessary information
  • Finally, you should also make sure that the title of your posts are using an H1 tag

If you can’t see the video player, here is the link to the YouTube page.

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18 Responses to “Video Blog Review 5: The 4 SEO Factors on Single Post Pages”

  • medyum

    Good Video
    Nice Post Thanks..


  • Ridwan Ibrahim

    Cool man the video is very informative keep up the good work!

  • SEO Tips

    Nice… Thanks for the video tip…

    Just SEO It

  • Phreaked

    This was an absolutely great video considering I am still learning about SEO for my own blog.

    Could you tell me how I change my blog post titles from H3 to H1? I have no clue.

    Thanks so much!

  • Anuj Adhiya

    Great post – pls keep the videos coming – and best of all – you’re practicing what you preach!

  • Sell Porn Make Money

    Great points. I like the one about using a summary instead of the full content on everything except the post.


    Also very important:

    – Links to related posts
    – Incoming links from related posts

    Not so important as per my tests:

    – H1 tags (or other heading tags)
    – Words in URL ( is equally good)

    But still every minute factor counts. Small things add up gradually.


  • Medical Transcription Blog

    Thanx Daniel for that tips on title tag and h1 tag. I was adding my blog name to the title and was using h2 for single posts.

    Thanx again for that eye opener.

  • James Mann

    Excellent post and video. I am doing all four as well but it took me a while to get that into my head and I changed a lot of things before I got to that point.

    I appreciate the effort you put into your business. Keep it up.

  • Moise levi

    I have a bookmark section called Blog tips ; you are always first on my list

    Thanks 🙂

  • G

    I took your tip of using the ‘more’ tag on all my posts, been doing good ever since.

  • Igorots Rock

    That was very helpful. Thanks and keep them videos coming.

  • Marketing Masters Guide

    Great tips!

    Maria Reyes-McDavis

  • Rarst

    Thank you, I’ll need to read on robots.txt bit more first and try it later.

    I thought that I am almost done with initial design/plugins/tweaking but small things keep come up. 🙂

  • Daniel Scocco

    @Rarst, blocking them from indexing is a good way to solve the problem on that case.

  • Rarst

    Good video, I am mostly fine (need to change titles from h2 to h1) but have question about categories – if I have plenty of short posts that doesn’t justify using more tag what should I do with categories/tags/months pages?
    Should I just block them from indexing with robots.txt? I have separate sitemap on site and xml sitemap for crawlers so it’s not going to hurt indexing quality (I think 🙂 ).

  • Suzie Cheel

    This is brilliant Daniel
    I need someone to SEO my blog I can see from this video Thanks for your tips they are awesome


    Excellent video Daniel….

    I had written about this in my blog, but a video like this would make it more clear.

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