Star Trek Blogging: The Borg Way


This is a guest post by Joshua Clanton.

Here is the final part on the Star Trek Blogging saga. In the past we covered the Klingon and the Vulcan approaches to blogging. Now it is the Borg’s turn.

Like the Klingons and Vulcans, the Borg have their own take on reality in the Star Trek universe. A cybernetic species, rather than basing their society on a warrior ethic or the dictates of logic, they share a collective consciousness which allows them to act as one. This collectivism is particularly embodied in several directives which can also be translated into the practice of blogging.

We are the Borg

In the Borg collective, the most important goal is always the good of the collective. Compared to other species which place a higher value on individuality, this can seem pretty heavy-handed. Yet this focus on the collective allows the Borg to act with remarkable unity and power when they choose. They do not allow an individual to threaten the good of the whole.

You should therefore treat the community around your blog as a key factor to its success.

For example, think about comment moderation. When people start posting inflammatory comments, the Borg approach has a remarkable simplicity to it. Don’t allow anyone to post in such a way that it damages your collective (community). After all, you are the Blog Queen (or King), and it is your responsibility to see to the good of your members.

You will be assimilated. Your technological and biological distinctiveness will be added to our own.

Though the Borg don’t value individuality as such, they do actually value a certain kind of diversity. When they assimilate other species, it is with the goal of discovering that species’ unique strengths so the collective can add them to its own.

In blogging, being able to assimilate the ideas and techniques of others, particularly other bloggers, is one of the surest ways to achieve success. Yes, everyone has their own strengths. But if you can learn to assimilate the strengths of others consistently, there is almost no limit to what you can achieve.

Resistance is futile

This directive may be even more important to the success of the Borg than their collective mind. “Resistance is futile” means that the Borg never stop. They never give up. The may retreat for a while, but this is only so that they can regroup and come back stronger than ever.

If you can bring this sort of determination to your blogging, then you too can declare that, “Resistance is futile.”

Joshua Clanton is a freelance web designer who blogs about design, productivity, and creativity. He’s also quickly approaching his long-term goal of watching every Star Trek episode ever made.

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13 Responses to “Star Trek Blogging: The Borg Way”

  • weebwee

    The borg are exactly like that but they can’t really speak in 1…:(
    We do though so borg blogs aren’t really representing us if u know what I mean..:)

  • gendut

    full inspiration posting….thanks, very useful

  • The Harriman Team

    I would love to see the Starfleet Blogging Method expounded upon. How the Prime Directive relates to blogging would be an interesting exercise in logic!

  • Siberia

    Enjoyable article, thanks – next up could be the “J J Abrahms” star trek way!

  • girlf

    That was a joke, dear.

  • Matej

    Most of people don’t know what D&D is, including me…. so… no thanks

  • girlf

    I dunno. I’m still holding out for “Dungeons and Dragons Blogging: The Half-Orc Barbarian Way.”

  • Matej

    The Ferengi way would be interesting/fun stuff to read … ” 285 Rules of Blogging Acquisition” hehe πŸ™‚

  • Daniel Scocco

    This is the last one we have planned guys. But we might go to other species in the future πŸ™‚ .

  • Kathy

    Great THEME!!! Love it!!!

    Is the next species in the series the Ferengi?

  • Jerry Thomas

    Cool! Now do The Vogon Way!

  • SEO Genius

    Thanks Josh a good end to a good series of articles.

    Although the message was not as clear cut as usual i understood what you were trying to put across to the reader.

    I too am using this kind of strategy currently on my own site, trying to build up a community and allow everyone the freedom of speech it is definitely a good technique to building up returning visitors.


    I would implement some of these tips, to get more subscribers!

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