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Some five minutes ago I was talking with Abhijeet over IM and he asked me what my desktop looks like (desktop here being your wallpaper combined with the icons and whatever you might have on your computer screen).

When he asked that I thought that perhaps it would be cool to share that picture with all the readers. Not only that, perhaps it would be cool if you guys sent over an image of your desktop, and then I would write a post with a collection of them.

Sure this won’t give us any vital blogging tip, but we have an engaged community around the blog, and it would be interesting to get to know the “behind the scenes” of some bloggers.

screenshot desktop

So if you want to see your desktop published on a future post, just send to me on The picture above is my desktop. Hey, I never said I had a cool one!

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21 Responses to “Share Your Desktop with the DBT Readers”

  • medyum

    my desktop is clutter

    i am on windows i think mac desktop is easier to unclutter

  • SEO Genius

    Just sent my desktop good idea, and i love the results 😉

  • Melvin

    Mine was w/3dna desktop installed… but will probably send you a different pic… 😉

  • Madhur Kapoor

    I was using the same icon layout but then i shifted to using RocketDock

  • Stephan

    Here is my Desktop 🙂

  • Rajeev Edmonds

    Simple, clean, uncluttered. Secret to consistent content creation without any distraction.

  • redwall_hp

    Nice desktop, @Grant.

    Now here’s mine:

  • shawal

    Simple desk….

  • David Bradley

    I applied a technique to my desktop that involves creating a formated wallpaper within which you can arrange your icons for a productivity boost, worked for me.

  • Grant

    Wow Daniel, my initial thought was that is boring man. How do you look at that every day and be inspired with creativity? It’s like having every wall in your house painted white, without a picture, painting, or photo anywhere to be seen. My opinion on it anyway, I don’t mean any offence of course, I just couldn’t imagine logging onto my pc every morning and seeing that to start that day. 🙂

    I prefer to change mine fairly regularly, and keep the icons pretty clean. I do run dual monitors though so I have plenty of space.

    This is what I have up at the moment. Clean, but still nice to look at.

  • The Guru

    Hey, I am also in line with you, though not exactly like you (I mean, your desktop :)). I have like some 19-20 icons on my desktop and it covers almost 40% of the space. However, you must see my manager’s desktop – boss, you need to use a magnifier to see empty space there..! 😀

  • L-Jay

    You make me feel so guilty. This is what my hubbie wants our desk top to look like but unfortunately he has to share it with me! I’m too lazy to go to MY side of the computer – I’ve been using his for so long that all my good stuff is there. (I know that this is not a REAL excuse – I just like being on his side. 😉 Poor guy.

  • Gerard @ Slashdox

    My desktop is too messed up for this site! Hahaha.. I have mp3s and vids lined up on my desktop ready for my blog.

  • chaplainandrews

    Just sent my screen shot–
    I would love to learn more about how to organize all the stuff that I build up…I learned a thing or two just from looking at your desktop.

  • Muhammad Siyab

    Wow, that’s neat and clean… Daniel, why not sizzle it up by adding a background image?

  • Medical Transcription Blog

    Count me too please. Just mailed you the screenshot.

  • Rajaie AlKorani

    Just sent mine over, hope it gets published. By the way, nice desktop Daniel and Ellie!

  • team ray


  • team ray

    my desktop is clutter

    i am on windows i think mac desktop is easier to unclutter

  • Alex the Freelance Twin

    Mine looks exactly the same. The standard orange Ubuntu wallpaper.

    I can tell you I didn’t install Ubuntu to make it look pretty like Windows, so I just haven’t felt a need to change mine yet.

  • Abhijeet

    Nice and clean desktop Daniel ! 🙂

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