Link Tips: 05 August 2007


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  • Web 2.0 Generators: If you are looking for some web 2.0 design tools you should check this article, it contains 13 generators for badges, logos, buttons and more.

  • Blog Mistakes: David Airey shares his top 7 blog mistakes. It is always good to get a reminder on things to avoid!
  • Blogging Nirvana: Are you getting stressed with your blog lately? Perhaps you should adopt a more laid-back blogging style.
  • Time Saving: Shankar has a post with tips and resources to save time while blogging. It includes desktop utilities, Firefox extensions and email hacks.
  • Link Contest: Binary Moon is holding a contest where you need to link to one of its articles. There are prizes involved, so check it out.

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  • db

    The David Airey article is good.

  • David Airey :: Graphic Designer

    Thanks for the kind mention, Daniel.

  • Carmelo Lisciotto

    Nice post.

    Carmelo Lisciotto

  • Shankar Ganesh

    Thanks for mentioning my article Daniel! Glad you liked it.

  • Ben

    Thanks for the mention. I’m looking forward to seeing what new sites enter so I can increase my feed readership and link to some great sites.

  • XmasB

    Great list. Thanks.

  • Ali

    Thanks for linking to my content. 🙂

    Hope your readers enjoy it.

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