Link Tips: 27 January 2008


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Welcome to another Sunday “Link Tips.” Below you find cool links for WordPress users, an interesting ebook about making niche websites and a huge list with all the motivational posts you could ask for!

  • Top 100 Motivational Blog Posts: If you need motivation, inspiration, productivity or personal development tips, you should definitely check out this post.
  • Optimizing WordPress: Optimization is never enough, I guess! If you are getting started with WordPress you might want to read this little guide.
  • Social Media Project: Vivien from InspirationBit is carrying out an interesting social media project. Basically there are several blogs involved, and each will profile a different social networking website.
  • Niche Websites with WordPress: If you are trying to build niche websites and make money with them, you should download this ebook. It was released last week by Caroline Middlebrook.
  • Apple WordPress Themes: Are you an apple fan? Or are you considering opening a blog about Macs? Well, this list has 11 Apple based WordPress themes.
  • The Advertising Blogger: My friend Phill started another peculiar blog. Basically he wants to track all the advertising options on the blogosphore. Useful for people who are looking to publicize a product or website.

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  • lindsay

    I am very interested in Niche websites, I am trying to decide what my niche will be

  • Manish

    Great post.thanx for sharing the info

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