July 2008: Thanks for Our Sponsors


Just a quick note to thank our sponsors. I am also glad that all of them provide valuable and relevant services for bloggers and webmasters, so it’s a win win situation for everyone. Check them out.

submit your blog to directories

Submit2Please provides manual directory submissions, starting at $49. Whenever I launch a new blog or website I tend to hire a directory submission service to get some initial link juice in. Some of those offers won’t deliver value at all, but if you pick a reliable company it is worth the money.

Premium WordPress Themes

Created by Nathan Rice and Cory Miller, two of the best WordPress designers around, iThemes is the must go location if you are looking for premium and CMS WordPress themes. There are so many quality options that I am sure you will find a suitable one for your projects.

traffic secrets newsletter

Traffic Secrets is the email newsletter by Search Engine expert Brett Smith. I subscribed to the list myself to see what kind of information he was offering, and his emails tend to contain a lot of useful stuff. Brett also offers one to one coaching and special offers from time to time, and subscribing is the best way to stay updated.

Why I recommend Doreo Hosting

A long time sponsor, Doreo is also the company that provides the web hosting for all my blogs and websites. Facts speak louder than words right? Just browse around the site and see how fast it loads (keep in mind I don’t use cache plugins).

make more money from your blog

Market Leverage has the industry’s highest paying publisher rewards program. You will earn money not only from the high paying CPA deals, but also from the referral program. Additionally, all payments all sent to publishers via FedEx.

professional invoicing for freelancers

Whether you are a blogger, web designer or freelance writer, sooner or later you will need to invoice someone for advertising or for your services. FreshBooks is the easiest way to do this, and by using their service you will also make sure that your invoices are correct and professional looking. The service is free for up to 3 clients, so test it out right now.


WhiteSmoke has the leading English writing software on the market. Among the advanced features that you will find on their software there are a grammar checker with artificial intelligence algorithms, a punctuation checker, text enrichment utilities and more.

directory maximizer

Directory Maximizer is another reliable company for web directory and blog directory submissions. They campaigns cost $14 for every 100 directories, and they make sure that the links will send you juice, and that you get a gradual number of backlinks over time.

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8 Responses to “July 2008: Thanks for Our Sponsors”

  • medyum

    man i do also have a sponsor page every month…

  • Daniel Scocco

    @Stephen, those services know that problem, so they offer ‘gradual link submissions,” so you will only get a certain number of links per day.

  • Stephen

    Daniel, thanks for sharing,

    Are services such as Submit2please really worth it from an SEO stand point?
    I read somewhere that new sites shouldn’t create more than a few links per day starting off because search engines would penalize the site if they saw a torrent of newly created links.

    Is this true?

  • Melvin

    man i do also have a sponsor page every month…

  • Daniel Scocco

    @Satish, from personal experience, nothing beats the speed of a html image file on your own server.



    Which Adserver software do you use ?

    As I know, all the adserver software suck the bandwidth, by interacting with the database whenever there is a visit to our blog.

    I can see that, you are having all private advertisers in your blog, so why don’t you use Google AdManager?
    This will save your bandwidth and the speed of ad serving will also be faster, as all those ads will be served from Google’s server.

  • Daniel Scocco

    @John, I wrote extensively about it here:

  • John Young | We Have Contact


    Just out curiosity, how to you acquire sponsors? Do bloggers typcially go to them soliciting, or is there another method? I’m just starting out and trying to understand the different elements that go into blogging.

    I understand if you can’t discuss figures and amounts publicly, I was just interesting in the basics. 🙂

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