Here Is Why I Recommend HostGator

hostgatorHi there.

Daniel Scocco here, founder of Daily Blog Tips.

If you came to this page you are probably looking for a good hosting company, right? Maybe you need a recommendation for your first purchase, maybe you are not happy with your current hosting plan and are looking to change. Either way make sure to not settle with an “average” hosting company, because this can actually hurt your website or blog.

For example, most hosting plans out there will have many downtimes, meaning that your visitors will not be able to access your website. Secondly, your server might be slow, which creates a terrible user experience and can actually make you lose search engine rankings. Third, the customer support tends to be slow, and you won’t be able to solve your problems in a timely manner.

That is why I recommend HostGator. They host over 2.5 million websites around the world, and are considered by many the best hosting company around. I host all my websites with them, and I a very happy customer. So far I haven’t had any downtimes, the speed of my server is very good, and the customer support is top notch.

Signing-up with HostGator takes 5 minutes, and they offer a full money-back guarantee. In other words, you can try their services out without any risk. If you want to save some money use the code “dailyblogtips” (without the quotation marks). It will knock $10 off from your first bill, so your first month will cost $0.01.