Friday Question: How Does Your Day Look Like?


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Once in a while I get a question on my email inbox asking how my day looks like, what kind of blogging tasks I perform routinely and so on. Since I never answered to them before, I will try to post a summary of my day and my activities below.

7 am – 8 am : Wake up and check email

I go to sleep pretty early every day (around 10:00 pm) so I wake up naturally at 7:00. I really hate alarm clocks, and think everyone should try to live without them, but that is for another post.

The first thing I do in the morning is to turn my computer on and check my email. I have several accounts, but all of them are configured under Gmail, so I just need to go there.

On average I have 20 to 30 new emails every morning, but most of them do not require a reply so I manage to clear my inbox in 30 minutes. After that I go down to take breakfast.

8 am – 10 am : Blog maintenance

After breakfast I will sit in my computer again and start working on the blogs. First of all I will go through all of them approving comments in moderation, replying to any comments that are interesting or asking my opinion, and checking any big incoming backlinks.

The next step is to select the article that will be published that day (usually they have been written already), quickly scan through it to make sure it is all right and then hit the publish button.

Once I am done with the blogs I will hit my RSS reader and scan through all the stories. At the moment I am tracking 112 blogs via Bloglines. I have a Google reader account as well with many more, but usually I don’t have time to check that.

10 am – 12 pm : Article writing

Unless I wake up really inspired, I will only start writing articles and posts at around 10 am. Usually I can write two small articles until 12 pm, with a couple of 10-minute breaks in the middle.

Structured and linkbait articles obviously take longer. Some of them will take as long as one week to get completed, but that is because even when I have a killer article coming I will not write on it for longer than 2 hours a day. It helps to let the ideas settle down.

12 pm – 4pm : Lunch and sports

I have lunch at 12 pm, and after that I will just chill on the Internet or watch some movie for one hour. Once I am done with digestion I will head up to the gym or to the swimming pool, depending on the day of the week.

I always loved sports, and I have done competitive swimming for 8 years when I was younger, arriving to compete at national level here in Brazil.

When I moved to Italy in 2002 I needed to stop swimming though, and for 6 years I did not enter in a swimming pool.

Late in 2007 I started training again, and this year I will probably enter in a couple of championships. We’ll see how the return will go.

4 pm – 7pm : Diversified projects and promotion

At around 4pm I get back to the computer, but in the afternoon I will do all sorts of activities, and they rarely are the same from one day to the other.

If I have a good post on any of my blogs, for instance, I will work to promote it (with other bloggers and on social media).

Most of the times I also have parallel projects (new websites, consulting gigs, etc) going on so I make the afternoon hours dedicated to them.

Finally, before going off to dinner I also like to check my email and clear the inbox again.

7pm – 10pm – Closing the day

The nights that I stay at home I will have dinner and then surf around the web for a couple of hours more, before heading to bed.

Some nights I go out with my girlfriend so I shut the computer down at 7pm and will only turn it back on the following morning.

One habit that I have is to listen to podcasts on the bed before falling asleep. So many times I remember waking up in the middle of the night to turn the MP3 player off, else Leo Laporte would not let me sleep…


As you can see my work load is not that heavy. That is one of the reasons why I decided to quit my job a couple of years ago to start working full time on the Internet. The freedom and flexibility that you get are priceless in my opinion, and they by far out wight any negative aspects (e.g. the lack of social interaction).

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