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Whether you blog early in the morning or in the evening after your day job make sure that you write your blog posts before other online activities. Usually I would sit in front of the computer, check my email accounts, read all my RSS feeds, stumble a couple of sites and so on. By the time I started writing my post I would have already cluttered my mind with non relevant information.

Of course if you blog about news or current events you will need to take a look at what is happening before writing, but for all other content I really recommend blogging before other activities. This simple method really increased my productivity and the quality and originality of my posts.

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7 Responses to “First of all, blog!”

  • SEO Genius

    Excellent information i tend to do this too, i shall try in the morning writing my articles first. I cant seem to concentrate at the moment.

  • Andrew


  • Andrew

    “I really recommend blogging before other activities.”-Yes, it’s true

  • Missy

    It is drastic how much time i spend with other online activities before i get to actually do my blog posting. I have several blogs, one i blog at professionally (5 posts daily), my personal blog (veggie-blog) which i blog on two to three times a week, and two new ones i started within the last month, which i blog maybe once a week on. There are a lot of distractions on the web, my biggest one being the blog social network, blog catalog. I spend way too much time over there, but i consider it a tool for promo and for meeting other noob bloggers like myself and also to ask questions. It is almost a must to set-up some sort of schedule for blog posting, if you’re a newbie blogger. Missy.

  • Dawud Miracle

    Yeah. I’ve found early on that if I didn’t make blogging part of my workflow, I wouldn’t make time to do it. So every morning, I go through my blog ritual of commenting, linking, emailing, posting and reading feeds.

  • Daniel

    Psyko, that is true also sometimes you just end up not writing at all, another reason to write first thing.

  • D. Psyko

    yea good idea. many a blog post got delayed or not being written because i did other stuff instead of blogging.

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