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Having a network of contacts and friends over Instant Messaging software is essential. Sometimes you might need someone to check a feature on your website, other times you might need a tip to solve a technical problem. In those situations it is always a good idea to have someone that you can chat in real time.

The key to building a large online network is to exchange contact details every time you interact with people over the Internet (e.g. online forums, emails, social bookmarking sites, etc.).

Below you will find my IM contacts, feel free to add me. If you wish to exchange your contacts with other DBT readers just post a comment below with your IM details:

AIM: dscocco
Skype: dscocco

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39 Responses to “Develop your IM Network”

  • David Culpepper

    Looks like I am a little late but here are my IM contacts:

    AIM: PureBlogging
    Yahoo: PureBlogging

  • Shankar Ganesh

    To anyone who wishes to add me, I’m on GTalk as techgurushankar

  • Daniel

    Patrix, nope I don’t use GTalk. I do have an account but I rarely open it.

  • Patrix

    No GTalk, Daniel?

  • Dee

    This is great! Since I’m a new blogger I definitely need to network with other bloggers. Here’s my Gtalk (which is my new found love btw!): dshihab85 at G to the M

  • Daniel

    Amanda, that is strange so far I have not received promotional hits hehe!

    Actually when I start chatting with someone I am the one asking the address or their blog or website to check it out.

  • Amanda

    The problem I’m having because of this is people just im you to get a hit to their site, then sign off.

    I’ve received several ims. That is not networking.

  • Cory OBrien

    I’m always looking for more people to contact about blogging related stuff. Add me to your list (I’ve already added you):

    AIM: Cory411

  • Jessie

    Hi Daniel and everybody!

    I get stuck with technical problems on my blog often, so it’d be nice to ask someone for help. Thanks for the tip, Daniel

    Email: bllindgrls at yahoo dot com
    AIM: blindgrls

  • Martin Muehl

    Skype: MartinMuehl

  • Kaj Rietberg

    skype: shrink_kaj
    Gtalk: kajrietberg[at]gmail[dot]com

  • Amanda

    It doesn’t really matter since I have a great spam protector. and most people who don’t care normally do.

  • Nathania Johnson

    Gtalk: wrtrgrl at gmail dot com

  • Maki :: Dosh Dosh

    Looks like I’m a little late.. 🙂

    MSN: doshdoshy [at] hotmail dot com

    AIM: doshdoshy

    Yahoo: maki_doshdosh

    ICQ: 426845459

  • Anony

    lol, posting email addresses on the interweb. nice.

  • Amanda

    aim: tbwradkitten
    email: amanda [at] the

  • Rishi

    Cool, thanks for the add Daniel! 🙂

  • Daniel

    I have added everyone who commented, catch you guys online!

  • Daniel

    Andrew, yeah having some online friends is also a good way to get a couple of initial diggs. I dont think that this is gaming the system for 2 reasons:

    First of all because pretty much everyone has one or two friends that he asks a digg once in a while.

    Secondly you can’t really game Digg. The content is either damn good or it won’t make it to the front page. There are hundreds of thousands of digg users filtering the content every day, you can’t game this collective intelligence.

  • Hannit

    Contact me if you’d like 🙂

  • Wallet Rehab – Ways to save money

    There’s so much trust here! How can I not get involved. 🙂

    Skype: chrisltran

  • Mr.Byte

    Hi all, add me too….

    Yahoo/MSN/Live : mr.byte [at]

  • Rishi

    Thanks Daniel for sharing your IM information. I’ve added you. 🙂

    Anyone feel free to add me:

    Google Talk / Jabber: rishidc [at]
    Yahoo Messenger: rishimac
    Live Messenger: rishiraj [at]
    Skype: rishimac
    AIM: rishimac
    ICQ: 468676803
    Meebo: rishimac


  • Rehuel

    Just add me, people:

    AIM: stretshdotcom
    ICQ: 5978306
    Skype: rehuellobato

    If the others don’t mind, I’m adding them to my lists.

  • Jake

    Daniel: I previously used Gaim, but now I have moved to using Psi and using Jabber transports. I never use the individual clients… the main reason I don’t have Skype is simply because it doesn’t work well with multi-protocol clients.

  • Mikulla

    I don’t IM that much, but ya’ll can add me.

    Matt Mikulla
    AIM: mattmikulla

  • Andrew Flusche

    Hi Daniel,

    This is a handy blog tip. IM is also great for getting some initial Diggs for a blog post. It’s not really “gaming” Digg. It’s just helping out friends, right?

    Feel free to add me:

    AIM: andrewfflusche
    gTalk: aflusche
    Yahoo: andrew_flusche

  • Daniel

    Jake, that is a lot of IM! I really look forward for the day all the different clients will inter-talk. It is just like the old days when email was limited to users within the same service provider.

    Btw just added you.

  • Roberto Alamos

    Contact me if you like

    Skype: ralamosm

  • Jake

    I use IM quite often

    AIM: jubuntu26
    YIM: jake6535
    ICQ: 447-444-960
    Meebo: ui555man
    GaduGadu: 6773644

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