Buy a Whiteboard For Christmas


Or ask someone to give you one as a gift.

I bought my whiteboard one year ago, and it was one of the most productive acquisitions on that time frame. It is it is just an amazing albeit simple tool. When I am outside or traveling I use a notebook to take down notes of ideas, but when I am in my office I just write them on the whiteboard, since it is placed right above my computer.


As a blogger it is essential that you keep a list of articles to be developed and ideas for future posts, and a whiteboard is perfect for that purpose. Moreover, it can also help you with to-do lists, reminders and idea brainstorming.

Who knows, you might even use your whiteboard to integrate some posts, like the guys from SEOMoz do.

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28 Responses to “Buy a Whiteboard For Christmas”

  • Karlie Haaland

    Hey um, where did you buy that whiteboard? Because I can’t seem to find a big whiteboard.

  • medyum

    It seems to be a smart tip.

    Medyum OÄŸuz Hoca

  • Online Marketing Professionals

    I like how you’ve organized things in the picture. Maybe I need a whiteboard as well?

    Nice Post

  • Web Designing Quotes

    I prefer paper, because you know, once you erase it, it’s gone.

  • Willy

    We love whiteboards so much that we made our own. They’re called SlapStick’s

    They have a unique adhesive that allows them to be placed anywhere.

    Nice Post!

  • Unionoabsoppy

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  • Jermayn Parker

    yeah i used a whiteboard for uni and i was unbeleivably organised – lol

    Will dig it out for my new office

  • Eli

    Where to buy one from though? I can’t seem to find any on eBay AU.

    Will keep looking though, thanks for the good idea! 🙂

  • Amanda

    I know it sounds weird bought I bought one of those momAgenda — the site is the name of the product — and it hasspots for up to 4 kids i have found that using the kids spots as individual things for each of my blogs has allowed me to become more organized and productive. plus since my office is in my bedroom i’ve found that it just looks nicer too

  • Charles

    WhiteBoard are the way to go! It’s a great way to see your ideas and whatnot up close and in your face. With it,you will be less likely to forget something or slack off. I also use a notebook when i am out and about, but for at home/office use, whiteboard are it! Great post!

  • Mark Evans

    Save yourself a lot of money, and buy shower board at a home improvement store such as Home Depot. Tip: bring a whiteboard market and an eraser to test at the store before taking your whiteboard home. 🙂

  • Armen

    That’s a great idea, Daniel. I’m forever losing post-its, or wondering where they are.

    I’ll have to seriously consider getting one.

  • Benjamin

    ‘The Net Aanlyst’ – you can cross stuff off on a board too 🙂 – the same psychological reward is available and it is even bigger and more visible!

    Jenni – I use a digital cam or the camera phone to ‘backup’ and ‘archive’ – it isn’t searchable, but…

  • Daniel

    Jenni, on my computer I only keep copy of the articles that are already being written.

    Just buy a big enough whiteboard and you won’t face this problem.

  • Mike Smith

    Fashion By Jenni, I’ve never had a problem with it. Just keep children and your “funny” friends out of the office and you should be fine.

    I do have a notepad file backup on my computer though that I collect all of my To-Do’s into before I put them on the board each night.

  • Fashion By Jenni

    I always worry that it’ll accidently get erased. Especially if I work really hard on something. Do you keep it on the computer too just in case?

  • The Net Analyst

    I hate to admit this… but I’m a post-it noter. I generally do everything on a 3 x 5 in stickies and scratch out my completed projects.

    Then I copy unfinished projects and article ideas to a new sticky once it gets too messy. I feel as if I am accomplishing something when I get to cross things off the list…

    A white board is still a great idea, but I just figured I would pitch in one more (:

  • Mike Smith

    I love my whiteboard. I don’t use it as much as I should now because my office is being redone so everything is out of order. But definitely one of the best things I’ve ever bought. Got a small one from wal-mart for $7.99 and it’s perfect for my daily to-do lists. Right above the computer is where I have it, so it works out well for me to see it constantly.

  • Fabiana

    I really want one! I always write things in small pieces of paper and then lose it later.

  • Dean Taplin

    I bought a whiteboard a few weeks ago. It’s a great investment. I used to scribble notes on a notepad but they tend to get lost or forgotten about too easily. I find a whiteboard a much better visual reminder of important tasks and to-do lists.

  • Ash Haque

    I prefer paper, cuz you know, once you erase it, it’s gone.

  • Benjamin

    Also had one for a year. No idea what I would do without it. It has turned into the in-house intranet a little though. Extra tip: Get LOTS of different coloured pens, and don’t leave anything written on there too long or it can go permanent (an extra incentive to get those to do’s done)!

  • Muhammad Siyab

    Well I already have a decent one to aid me in my studies, so i can use that one. I sometimes used it previously to brainstorm ideas… its so much better and bigger and easier to use than traditional pen and paper!

  • David Zemens [1955 Design]

    This really is a great idea and inexpensive to implement. As I sit at my desk, I have an assortment of notepads and sticky notes to remind me of the day’s tasks. Not very efficient. I think a whiteboard is in my future.!

  • Malsawm

    It seems to be a smart tip.

  • Elena

    The smell of the ink from the whiteboard markers gives me a severe headache. 🙁

  • Daniel

    Yeah forgot to mention that are not that expensive.

  • David Getchel

    Whiteboards are great! I just put up a 4′ x 8′. It only cost $14!

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