Awesome Tool to Improve Your Website Speed


Recently I started trying to optimize the loading speed of my websites, after the number of people using mobile devices and 3G or similar connections is exploding, and those connections are not the fastest.

One of the best tools I came across for this purpose is called You just need to input your website URL and it will run a very comprehensive speed test.


Once the test is complete you’ll get a grade and recommendations from both Google’s Page Speed and Yahoo’s YSlow plugins. Going through both list of recommendations will certainly give you many pointers to start working on.

Check it out!

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15 Responses to “Awesome Tool to Improve Your Website Speed”

  • Jay Wilson

    Thanks for sharing this info. I tried and yes it gave a comprehensive list after the speed test. Now I need to work on it. Without this I wouldn’t have known where the problem lies.

  • Alex Residences

    You can install a plugin called WP Smush it to compress your images and to delete all meta data for image optimisation if yours is F!

  • Ray Carter

    Thanks for sharing this tool. It is nice pre-launch site tool to help you see where your site stands in terms of optimization and speed.

  • Julian Watesh

    I have never heard of this tool before. I have to try it out today and I hope it works

  • Jason Miller

    Good advice – and definitely something worth looking in to BEFORE your site gets finalized!

  • Cameo Photography

    This makes a lot of sense. We have some very long scrolling pages on our blog with images that could definitely be optimized further – sometimes up to 100 images loading at a time, at 950px in width!
    Thanks for the advice

  • IPL

    My Page Speed Grade is D…..

  • IPL

    Thanks, My website is very slow, but i dont know what to do. I think I have a wrong code. I am thinking to solve it.

  • rehmankhan

    For improving the speed of site the website designer most use coding than images and banner. If more the things is in coding than it is light weight. and domestically it improves the loading speed.

  • Shawn Gossman

    Great tool, Daniel! Thanks for sharing it 🙂 It looks like most of my F’s come from image problems. I will have to look into that since I pay quite a bit for the dedicated server and all – I would like it to work the best it can possibly work!

  • mohin

    Oh nice post. web site speed tool is more important matters.thank for your creation.

  • Aura M

    Hi Daniel, Thank you for sharing this valuable tool. I knew my page loading speed was an issue, but I did not realize my site was so slow or why, until using this tool!

    Apparently I have some work to do. I will be looking to tackle the problem areas GTMetrix reported on my site.

    I had been looking for a reliable way to measure page loading speed and this definitely fits the bill. Great find thank you again!


  • Balazs Hende

    Hi Daniel,

    I’ve checked my site and it gives: Pagespeed – C; Yslow – B. Is it enough? Unfortunately I cannot combine css and js files because the theme doesn’t work with combined files.

    Thanks for sharing anyway! GTMetrix is new to me.


  • Ryan Biddulph

    Hi Daniel,

    I was blessed to have a good friend totally revamp my theme, plugins and blog. He did a performance check and sped up my site dramatically.

    Beforehand my blog was painfully slow, and it sucked on the mobile side of things. The change was quick.

    This tool looks like it rocks. I might take a look in a few to get my metrics because I still have some improving to do.

    Thanks for sharing Daniel and have a fun day.


  • Jeremy Myers

    I use it too. The YSlow grade is frustrating though, because a few of the things it gives me an “F” on, I actually have implemented on my site. I cannot figure out why it cannot “see” them, namely the Expires headers and the CDN it says I do not use (even though I do).

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