Announcing Get Readers: Grow Your Blog in Just Six Weeks

Ali Luke

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Would you like more readers for your blog?

I’ve never heard a blogger say “no” to that question!

In fact, in our survey last October, DailyBlogTips readers told us:

“I have several problems. The most important of them are lack of targeted visitors and just few comments.”

“I would like to know ways to attract more people to read my blog.”

“I want to build a community of engaged readers.”

Does that sound familiar?

If you’re struggling to get new visitors, or if you’re getting a bit of traffic but you don’t have many long-term readers, then we’ve got a great solution for you.

It’s called Get Readers and it’s a six-week course that will teach you how to:

  • Understand what your readers want (yes, even if you don’t have any yet!)
  • Use WordPress effectively so you don’t mess things up and lose readers.
  • Write great posts that will draw readers in (and keep them around)
  • Use social media to grow your readership – without spending hours on it
  • Get your blog to rank well in Google, with straightforward and 100% legit SEO techniques
  • Write guest posts to build connections and draw new readers to your site

Each week, you’ll get four new lessons to work through, and four simple assignments. They’re predominantly text, but we include plenty of videos and screenshots whenever we cover something a bit technical, or when we want to help you see something rather than just read about it.

You’ll also have access to forums where you can chat to other course members and get advice straight from me (Ali) and Daniel.

Click here to find out all about the course (and join us).

So that everyone can start at the same time, registration is only open for a week, until the end of Tuesday 28th January. Of course, the sooner you join, the sooner you’ll have access to the first week’s lessons and the forums. 🙂

If you’ve got questions, just leave a comment below – or drop me an email at


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8 Responses to “Announcing Get Readers: Grow Your Blog in Just Six Weeks”

  • Shahzad Saeed

    That’s great!

    Surprise with the cost. I was expecting that it would be at least $47.

  • Ali Luke

    Thanks Darnell and Raspal! Daniel and I did consider charging more, but we both agreed that we wanted this to be as affordable as possible.

    Ryan, thanks for sharing, we really appreciate it. 🙂

  • Ryan Biddulph


    Powerful course here!

    Happy to share on my social networks.

    Thanks for sharing Ali 🙂

  • Bhavesh

    I recommend bloggers who are anxious about all that’s happening out there get training from someone who knows what they’re talking about.

  • Raspal Seni

    Hi Ali,

    I read the course page yesterday and felt how hard you guys worked on that course page too. And, the info on that page seemed so nice.

    I feel the course could easily be more than $300. And, you offering it for less than $30 just tells how much you want everyone to be able to access it. Thank you so much for keeping the price low for every one.

  • Darnell Jackson

    I recommend bloggers who are anxious about all that’s happening out there get training from someone who knows what they’re talking about.

    I can tell you for a fact that six week training programs sell all over the internet for many hundreds of dollars this is a more than fair price.

  • Aleksejs Ivanovs

    Nice one guys, can’t wait to read some reviews! Looks promising.

  • Nick Walker

    Looks really good. I have just started my blog, and getting new readers and building a community seems to me to be the hardest part. I will certainly come back here for more advice. I would join this coaching as it sounds very good but I don’t want to distract myself from the training I am currently working through. I will certainly be back here soon though.

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