5 things that your blog doesn’t need


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The More Minimal blog has a very interesting post listing “5 things that your blog doesn’t need”:

  1. Badges
  2. Social bookmarking buttons
  3. Google AdSense insertions (when your blog has low traffic)
  4. The Really Big Blogroll
  5. Unrequested media (i.e. Background music)

I agree with most of the items. Badges, buttons and other intrusive objects just clutter the blog without adding to the reader experience.

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16 Responses to “5 things that your blog doesn’t need”

  • Michael (MKR)

    Anything I litter pages with that isn’t content ends up making it look busy and trashy.

    Few people click social bookmarking buttons when I add them, and the RSS “call to action” I had up at the top never got used. I took them out, and all of a sudden my bounce rate plummeted.

    It seems like successful sites with them succeed despite their presence, and could do better without them.

  • Nimwey @ online jobs

    I think social bookmarking buttons thus help pretty well these days. I definitely agree with #3, why boher putting adsense if there’s no traffic at all.

  • Smackitta

    coool !! 🙂 i removed the social bookmarking buttons ( digg and facebook ) the calendar, the blogroll ! but adsense !! not now 🙂 .. thx

  • Yuxx

    i have a very simplistic design !! by the way, i like your design, can you give it to me please?!!

  • Sam

    i agree with you on everthing but the social bookmarking button !

  • Daily Good Tips

    I use google pagerank badge and alexa rank badge…depent of the quality of pagerank and alexa

  • Naphthenate

    You are right,a good blog don’t need to do that things.you only need to write acritle every day,write your life,work,if you do that,many people will come to see it.

  • darksaturn7

    I know I have a very long blog roll, but I have it capped at 5, so if the viewer wants to see ALL of them, they can just click and expand. I also like tucking things away. Hopefully the new tabs at the page bottom will lighten the load.

    I also heard that placing Digg buttons, slows down blogs. I know I had the button at the top right of each post, and the page took an age to load before I took em off.


  • e business corporate

    With the social bookmarking buttons I agree.
    But at least I think we need to have a digg button.
    Background music is something that drives me nuts. So no no to music.
    Long blog roll too is a sign of a poor blog.

  • michele

    I agree on the background music…That kills a site.
    I close it as quickly as I opened it.
    And most of the tunes are those horrible midi things,

  • Laura

    The links aren’t working, at least for me. I just get a page with sponsored links and the message “This domain is available”.

  • Thoroughly Good

    One of the most frustrating things about some people’s blogs is their apparent refusal to archive their material. Blogs with a “front page” consisting of a year’s postings take an age to load. Each successive time I visit them I get more and more frustrated. Keep your posts on one page to a maximum of five!

  • Daniel Scocco

    If people want to bookmark your stories or vote for them on Digg, they will do it no matter what.

    Buttons only serve as a reminder, but they are not essential.

  • ak_sha

    Could you please explain why social bookmarking buttons are not needed for our blog?? I thut that was one was to get more traffic..

  • Thilak

    Nice Point, I personally hate to visit those Malaysian blogs with sidebar filled with ads and other unwanted things

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