30 Beautiful Blog Designs


The folks from Smashing Magazine are always looking for beautiful designs around the Internet, and this time they published a list with 30 blogs that feature an appealing and unique look.

If you need some inspiration to make your own design more appealing, check them out. Below you will find my favorite three:

Adrian Pintilie






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24 Responses to “30 Beautiful Blog Designs”

  • Nits

    Incredible theme for personal blog i dont belive eleven3 is free

  • DJ München Blog

    Very nice designs – is there any chance to use them with Blogger or WordPress?

  • DJ Service München

    I am building a new blog actually, so i am very glad to find your site. I think i will use a template from here.

  • Alleinunterhalter Berlin

    Hi there,

    currently I’m building a blog with the theme – Alleinunterhalter Berlin.

    I hope ya dont mind if I have a peak about what other people thik about design – just to get more of a clue.

    Thanks for this page

  • DJ München

    Great Designs, some of them are bit overdesigned on my point of view. An easy template (like yours) is sometimes better.

  • Sylvester

    This is simply incredible, looks too good to be true. Keep it up!

  • HopeChestJewelry

    I am very glad to find this site. I am trying to build a blog that should be interesting and different in design. I did a little search and found this site. Now I am reading everyone’s comments. Thank you for sharing.

  • himi

    Those sure are attractive designs!

  • TheBloggerTips


    Thanks for your recommendation. I will take note on your recommendation.

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  • Daniel

    TheBloggerTips, if you want to make money with your blog invest in a good design. With $100 you can already buy some nice premium WP themes. I personally love the work of Brian Gardner.

  • Swaggie Coleman

    I am looking for assistance to make my blog site earn money and professionalism. Can you help?

  • TheBloggerTips

    Any suggestion to get a free design or payable design for blog? Do you have any recommendation for professional 3 to 4 column design?

  • Planet Malaysia

    Yeah! I strongly agreed with you. Nice design….

  • Eric

    absolutely great design. cool man!

  • Reverse Funnel System Blog

    Wow, amazing blog templates, thanks for sharing.

  • Wayne Liew

    Smashing Mag always put a great effort in compiling all these designs, tools and themes and this is what makes me visit them. They take the whole thing and put it under their blog.

    A great blog indeed.

  • Eli

    Saw this on Smashing Magazine before, then on Digg. It’s really easy link bait for them – even though all of these designs can be seen on CSS/design galleries such as WebCreme or CSSMania 🙂

  • Daniel

    Yeah I knew it was your design Collis, good stuff.

  • Maki

    Haven’t read Smash mag in ages… looks like they’re still doing the same old baits.

    On the other hand, good to see Collis (PSDTuts) getting some love, his designs are fantastic.

  • Collis

    Hooray, I designed one of those!! Thanks Daniel!

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