Update About the Touch Typing Experiment


Around six months ago I wrote a post stating that I was going to learn touch typing. When I wrote it I was already using all my fingers to type, but my speed was terrible. I was typing around 30 words per minute….

That is where we left the story. Then a couple of weeks ago one reader emailed me asking how the touch typing experiment was going, so I decided to write an update.

The experiment went out very well and just as planned. I had tried to learn touch typing in the past, but I always went back to typing with two fingers after a couple of days because it was easier. Then one day I decided I would learn all the positions of the finger and make the switch for good (which is when I wrote that post). That is, I would not return to two-finger typing no matter what.

On the first couple of weeks I felt miserable, typing 30 words per minute. Writing emails was a pain, let alone posts for the blog…. But I started to notice fast improvements, and within a couple of months I was already back to 60 words per minute or so. From there I stopped paying attention to how fast I was typing, but I kept getting faster and faster.

How fast? Today I got curious and decided to go back to the speed test. On my first trial I got 100 words per minute. I am guessing that warmed up I could get over 105 words per minute.


Six months ago I was typing at 65 words per minute, so I basically increased my typing productivity by more than 50%!

This is probably one of the best skills I have learned in a while, and I definitely recommend anyone who is not touch typing yet to make the switch as soon as possible.

Finally, if you are going to measure how fast you type, make sure to not get confused with the number of characters and words you can type per minute. The comparison is always made with words per minute. On my last post there was a guy who wrote a comment like this: “I swear to God! 152 characters per minute! 29 right and 0 wrong“….

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18 Responses to “Update About the Touch Typing Experiment”

  • allanbradl

    Relax, I am 41 and just starting, you are 20 years ahead 🙂

  • zida

    I started this year around February and today i can go up to 35wpm with 98% accuracy. Sometimes i get discouraged especially when some guys mentions that they started at a young age. Now i am 21 years and i wonder how long it will take to reach 60wpm then 100wpm.

  • muhyar

    experiment is always needed. very well post to be understand.

  • Janet

    On a completely different note, learning a new skill such as touch typing is very good for the health of your brain! A great prevention for later memory problems. Not to mention that it’s interesting and fun.

  • Elizabeth Bolton, Cambridge Homes

    Hi Daniel ~ My mother still chides us about how she tried to convince us to learn how to type. But we were rebellious kids and besides – we weren’t going to be secretaries! Sorry Mum!

    Then computers came to the workplace and I had to teach myself how to type for my first job after college. I bought a program – Typing Tutor I think (probably for DOS!). I have to say it was much easier than that program you used – which is probably why I don’t type as fast as you do – it was actually fun with exercises, games, etc.


  • scheng1

    Nice story. Fortunately you dont improve gradually, from 2 fingers to 3 fingers! Otherwise it will take ages for you to learn typing. What is the next goal? Toes typing?

  • Dare

    Uh reached 95 after a while…who the hell can type faster than 110 I wonder…seems the professionals only.

  • Dare

    Hm you’re so far the only faster one than me 😛 I got 91 WPM.

  • Web Marketing Tips

    Wow I also tried this test and I am really way behind ( now do not ask me result) but 100 words are really impressive.

  • Chester

    Three words. Practice makes perfect. 🙂 I need to polish my touch typing skills now. It motivates me now after reading this post.

  • Adrienne

    My husband hunts and pecks and it drives me crazy. I think he does it in hopes I’ll push him out of the way and type it for him.

    I gave it a try and I can type 66 words per min.

    Good job on the improvement.

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    As your typing speed increased so we can expect more posts from you and as a result more money to you.

    So in nutshell –

    Increase typing speed = Increment in earning


  • Blake @ Props Blog Reviews

    Touch typing is a must with Kid(s) and dogs around. Being able to watch them and type at the same time keeps them out of all sorts of trouble.

    I can’t imagine hunting and pecking faster than 30 wpm. That’s crazy. I ended up learning to touch type in a similar manner. First, I got good with using the right fingers with the right keys, then using AIM i chatted with people as much as possible to get my speed up.

    It freaks people out when you can write a whole paragraph answer to a question in 10 seconds.. tons of fun 🙂

  • Colby

    Good job Daniel. I just went through the speed test and you’ve past me up. I got 81 words per minute with 1 error.

    My mother forced me to learn how to touch type when I was 10 years old during summer school. I hated it! However, as I got older I realized what a valuable life skill touch typing was.

    In college when I had to type 10-20 page papers I would finish in about a quarter the time it would take my fellow classmates (they actually wanted to pay me to type their papers).

    I’m glad you learned to touch type and I’m sure it increased your productivity.

  • Bob Bessette

    Hi Daniel,
    Thanks for that Speed Test link. I was 40 words/ minute but I think I could get faster with practice.


  • Wendy

    Good for you! I’ve been encouraging my 11 year old to learn this skill, but haven’t pushed it too much.

    I learned to touch type in Middle School and spent years working in data entry, so I’m pretty quick myself. I’ve also been thinking about learning to type using a Dvorak system, it’s supposed to be faster and also reduce cases of Repetitive Stress Syndrome. On that keyboard, the most often used keys are situated on the home row so you don’t have to reach your fingers as often, which totally makes sense.

  • poch

    Touch typing mystifies me because I can play ad lib lead guitar all in tune with my eyes closed which I think is much more complicated than typing. But until now, I still grope with touch typing. Weird.

  • Mr. I

    Well, I can learn a lot from you. My speed is around 50-60 words per minute and I think I can benefit a lot from touch typing.
    Another tip that I read in my tech mag is that switching from QWERTY keyword to DVORAK is beneficial because it is better suited for fast typing and some of the fastest typists use DVORAK. I have not yet tried it but I will definitely give it a try once my exams are over!

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