The Blogger’s 101 Guide to Sponsored Reviews


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Are you a blogger? Are you passionate about your blog and the kind of products you write about? Do you have a huge fan following? Are you equally frustrated about not making enough money from your writing? Most bloggers will identify with that one moment in life where they are forced to think to themselves, or lament to their best friends, “Ah, if only I were making money for this!” If you do identify with this crowd, then sponsored reviews are the answer to your every monetization question ever.

The Basics: Where do you Begin?

Many people believe that getting sponsorships are a matter of luck, but that is hardly ever the case. Behind every well sponsored blog, there lies a thorough framework and a great foundation. The building blocks for receiving successful sponsorship are the same as those of a successful website or blog: design, content and promotion. Without the help of a proper follower base, you offer very little incentive to sponsors. On the other hand, without a graphically beautiful, aesthetically pleasing, and responsive blog, you are hardly likely to attract readers. Moreover, high quality content is an important factor in the kind of sponsorship deals you can secure and the followers you attract.

Let’s Get on to the Good Stuff

Now here’s the part where things get interesting: you’ve established a good website, you have readers, and you are consistently putting out good content. Next step is to create an advertisement page or media kit which is a short synopsis of your blog and everything it represents. View it as a kind of sales pitch for a potential customer or a CV for your potential employer. Reach out to advertisers and portray the many options for advertising on your blog, including an offer for a sponsored guest review. May be throw in a summary of how blog outreach programs are helping out companies? Anyhow, this is just one of the ways of getting to it.

Be your own person in writing reviews

Often, companies will approach you to do sponsored reviews even without your having to do a thing. Sometimes, they’ll even ask you to do a “positive” review on something that is potentially terrible. Our one advice for this would be: don’t! In the long term, one upsell is not a victory because it ends up hurting your loyal readers who might possibly try something bad just because you asked them to. Reward their loyalty by writing of your own opinion, let them know the pros and cons, and become a voice they can trust.

Select one of the many services online

We saved the best for the last: to get sponsored reviews, there are several options available online which can connect you to a suitable company. Social Spark, ReviewMe, GetReviewed for instance, offer great services by which advertisers and bloggers can connect on the online platform to work together. Bloggers generally make anywhere between $1 and $2000 on sponsored reviews from these sources, even though factors such as ratings and monthly limits do come into play here sometimes.

Mariia Lvovych is a an experienced guest blogging and blogger outreach expert, entrepreneur, owner at blog advertising network.

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  • TomKorn

    Hello, I am a blogger, and to tell the truth, I need a good and modern sponsored! But I have some questions for you! I started my blog ” Crazy ideas” when I was a young and very creative student! I have a lot of visits and my own audience! But I am worried about such sponsored! I think that advertising it is normal for a lot of bloggers, more interesting to write something about it or to do a crazy video about it, but what about reviews between sponsored and blogger! How to be more convincing in your own ideas and save your own points about different orders?!

  • Alexandermark

    Great Article . Thanks for sharing.?

  • Allen Swan

    i must say that we learn blogging with experience not by reading tips from internet, as you will step into blogging you will experience new things

  • Melissa

    I’ve been working on getting companies to let me write sponsored reviews, and these tips are going to be a HUGE help in making that work!

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    Reviews matters a lot to earn business.

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    Awesome Post . Really looking forward to read more and do accept as true with all the ideas you had introduced for your post. They are very convincing and will certainly work. Nonetheless, the posts are very quick for beginners. Could you please lengthen them a bit from subsequent time? Thanks for the post.

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