SEO for WordPress and Calculating Your Blog Value


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Two interesting things that caught my attention around the blogosphere lately. The first one is a really extensive SEO guide for WordPress by Joost de Valk. Joost is a professional SEO, although you might also know him for the many WP plugins that he coded already. Anyway on this guide he cover several steps to make sure that your WordPress is getting as much search traffic as it should. Here are the sub-topics:

  • Basic Technical Optimization
  • Template Optimization
  • Advanced Technical Optimization
  • Altering your blog’s structure for high rankings
  • Conversion optimization
  • Comment optimization
  • Off site blog SEO

The second one is a site called MyBlogValue, that created an interesting quiz with 19 questions to let you discover the value of your blog. After answering the questions here is what I got: 1,809,030

Hmm. This is the second time that someone tries to tell me that Daily Blog Tips is worth $1.8 million! The other one was inside an article by 24/7 Wall Street. If you happen to have that amount of money laying around, just hit the contact form and let’s talk 🙂 .

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26 Responses to “SEO for WordPress and Calculating Your Blog Value”

  • medyum

    Good article, the whole internet basis of “estimating a websites value” through a couple of questions or tools is over exaggerated or just inaccurate, but its just for fun.

  • Gerard

    My new blog is only hours-old, and I already have it worth 7.2k? Sweet..

  • Chris Marshall | Martial Development

    Here’s a quick way to judge whether these blog value estimates are worth any attention. Offer the estimator a 20% discount in return for cash upfront, and see if they jump to close the deal.

    Otherwise, it’s shameless link-bait flattery.

    P.S. Daniel, I think your blog is worth ONE BILLION DOLLARS. And I need your help to release my savings from the Bank of Nigeria…

  • Toxane

    I got a little over $1M. Bring me the money. Please!


  • Jared Stenzel

    My three week old blog is worth $269,000. Anybody got that lying around feel free to hit me up 😉

  • Samir

    Mine worth: $23,820

    Good amount 🙂

  • Giuseppe

    Tool molto interessante. Lo terrò presente per un prossimo futuro in cui creerò un blog per ricavare qualcosina in più.. e poi magari se ne vale la pena, perchè no, lo vendiamo !! Grazie

  • James

    Interesting..but it’s not really accurate since you are the one who provide the answer of the questions which is likely to be manipulated. .

  • redwall_hp

    I got $152,520.

    I’m a little doubtful as to how accurate the tool is, but If I were to sell, but $100k-$150k sounds about right to me. I spent over a year blogging every day, and working to build the blog up. Let’s try to add things up, shall we?

    The domain (PageRank 6) + Over a year’s worth of posts + The Design + The rep I’ve managed to build for the blog + Traffic and readers + $120/mo approx ad revenue.

    I think that comes out to somewhere in the $100k-$150k range.

  • Trent

    My little sister could get make a blog that is worth a million dollars according to this tool, but hey, who isn’t interested in a blog about which color shoes will go best with her barbie’s new nail color. That has to be a blog worth something, right? 🙂

  • Michael

    $53,000. Not bad, not bad. I’m not sure if I would consider this very accurate but it’s fun anyway.

  • Todd Andrews

    Something is only worth what someone will actually pay for it. This reminds me of the baseball cards I used to collect as a kid. So far, I’ve made $0 off any of those cards.

  • Daniel Scocco

    @Adam, are you sure it was not $100000? I test the tool and over estimates a bit, but not by that large amount usually.

  • David Zemens – 1955 Design


  • David Zemens – 1955 Design

    The first offer of $99.95 takes it!

  • Adam

    MyBlogValue is a joke in my opinion. I started my website 5 days ago, have no monetization yet, only 9 readers, and the traffics ok.

    It estimated my blog value at over $1million. Thats laughable. I wouldn’t pay more than $100 for it at this point. While we offer great content it just isn’t worth anything near what MyBlogValue says.

  • Assad

    Good source for fun. I don’t believe the figures though. Mine estimated at $125k++.

    Not bad for a blog that started this month eh? 😀

  • Eli

    $800 and something thousand over here. I find this tool very inaccurate and very inconvenient .. I’ve found better tools in the toilet bowl.

  • team ray

    very clean site david

  • David Shaw



    Not bad for a domain that I created in February!!!

  • SEO Genius

    Good article, the whole internet basis of “estimating a websites value” through a couple of questions or tools is over exaggerated or just inaccurate, but its just for fun.

    No one should actually take what these sites say seriously. As i said its just for a laugh.


  • Daniel Scocco

    @Rajasekharan, arbitrary no, over estimated perhaps 🙂 .

  • Rajasekharan


    I think the sums are getting exaggerated at

    Check out the blog value at It comes out to be 859,872 for DBT! Doesn’t it seem arbitrary on the way the amount is reached?

  • Daniel Scocco

    @Rajaie, that is pretty good money for one month worth of work 🙂 .

  • Rajaie AlKorani

    My blog is less than one month old and it’s worth about $120,000!

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