If I Had Time Available I Would Make an iTV Website Today


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As you probably heard about, Apple is going to have a product announcement event next week, on September 1st. There is a lot of buzz around it right now, because industry pundits expect the Cupertino company to announce its new TV set top box, called iTV.

Some people are saying that this new device will revolutionize the TV industry. It will probably be connected with Apple iTunes, where people will be able to buy shows on demand and what not.

I am not sure how accurate the predictions are, but if the iPod, the iPhone and the iPad are indicators, iTV is going to rock and make a big dent in the market.

What does this mean for bloggers and webmasters? It means that if you act fast, you might be able to build a quite popular and profitable website around Apple’s new product. Some people are killing it right now with iPhone and iPad related websites, and iTV should follow alike.

If I had some time available I would start building such a website today. I even researched some domains, and there are good ones still available. Examples:

  • AppleiTVReview.com/.net/.org
  • AppleiTVReviews.net/.org
  • AppleiTVNews.net/.org
  • AppleiTVGuide.com/.net/.org
  • iTVreview.net/.org

At this point you might be asking: “Won’t Apple come after me if I use one of these domains?”. In theory it is legal to use a trademark on a domain name as long as the consumer will not get confused and think you are the official trademark owner or related to it. That is why Paypal cannot take down PaypalSucks.com. A domain like AppleiTVReview.com clearly indicates you are not related with Apple in my opinion, but talk to a lawyer first if you want to be sure and don’t take my suggestion as advice (yeah I am covering mine…).

Anyway my plan would be to put the website up today, start putting some content there about the iTV rumors, and start building some backlinks. Then on September 1st I would follow Apple’s announcement closely, and if the iTV turns out to be the product they are announcing, I would keep building/promoting the site to make it an authority inside its niche.

I already have too much on my plate right now though. What about you? If you have time available I would give this a shot. If you end up making thousands of dollars buy me a beer some day!

Update: Our readers are acting fast. It looks like 3 of the domains I mentioned were registered in the past 30 minutes. I am looking forward to seeing the site you’ll guys will build there, and good luck with it!

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14 Responses to “If I Had Time Available I Would Make an iTV Website Today”

  • Alex Dumitru

    I don’t think there’s very much to say about it and it might not be so successful. I don’t have to much faith in this.

  • Damian Smith

    I would love to hit off a project this big, would be great for linkage with my other sites if became successful. Shame I have no time what so ever to work on anything outside of work. Good luck to anyone willing to give it a go though, be interesting to see how quickly those domains you have suggested get bought up!

    As for iTV itself, it does look very interesting. I get the idea that it will be slightly like the way that BT vision works, will be interesting too see costs etc when it is released.

    Internet and TVs will be a massive thing very soon, especially with Google releasing Google TV. Exciting stuff.

  • Matej

    If viewers will access iTV via internet connection then Apple can monetize TV shows and other content via iAds.

    This option if much more profitable for network also… Viewers will watch advertisements, not skip it like on Tivo. And you can watch anything you want on-demand, not what you recorded earlier that day… I know this everything already exists but Apple tends to make products that are simple and convenient to use, something to my grandma will adapt to. We’ll see….

  • Virtual Agent

    Do you think the iTV would sell? I mean there are a lot of free TV on the internet and even some free episodes of TV shows. If they would provide something free maybe it can sell. Good luck with the website you’ll be making!

  • ArticlesThatRock

    Is Apple afraid of trademark infringement? Do you remember Apple Records, the record label that the Beatles owned, and that Apple promised never to enter the music business?

    They’re probably a smarter company today.

  • Web Marketing Tips

    I think you should also mention how to monetize it perfectly …

    Adsense is the people first choice … so yours.

  • Doug

    Sadly I doubt the term ‘itv’ will be what Apple calls the device.

  • Supermarket Soap

    Apparently ITV have said that if Apple launch it as iTV, they will go after them for trademark infringement. ITV has been ITV for as long as I can remember, and I am in my early to mid 30s. And as the channel that shows most of the soccer, as well as X Factor and Britain’s Got Talent, they have the clout to trouble Apple. I wouldn’t be surprised if they call it something like iMedia or even iBox.

  • Matej

    Remember when bunch of people purchased domains for iTablet, and Apple released the product as an iPad 🙂

    Also, there’s already television network in UK named iTV. Wonder will the products name really gonna be called iTV…

  • Shanker Bakshi

    Heck, all those doamin booked by some hard cash throwing bookies.

  • Jens P. Berget

    I’ve heard the rumors as well, and it seems that everything Apple creates turns into gold. No wonder why the domains you posted got registered so fast.

    It would be interesting to read more about how you would monetize the site and how you would drive traffic to it (I guess you would get a lot of traffic from search engines) months from now.

  • Tom | Oral Answers

    I love it when you put unregistered domains in your posts, Daniel!

    I’m willing to bet that all of these get snatched up by the end of the day.

    Good luck to those starting the iTV sites!

    • Web Marketing Tips

      Yes they are gone … let me try few other ones as well.

  • Nima Heydarian

    That is a good domain name to work on.

    I’m thinking revenue of it would be mostly from Adsense and advertising though.

    If I can find a way to start one without a blog (no daily/weekly commitment) I might do it.

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