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Widgetbox is an online service connecting Widget developers and consumers. Recently they released a new product called Blidget (short for Blog Widget) which enables bloggers to easily create and share a Widget for their blogs.

The widgets can be customized with different colors and you can decide whether you want only the headlines to be included or an excerpt.

Now, unless your blog has a big readership it is likely that not too many people will want to place your widget on their sidebar. You could solve this problem by finding another blog with similar traffic and a complementary topic and exchange widgets.

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9 Responses to “Create a Widget for your blog”

  • Daily Good Tips

    Yes..widgetbox is the good widgets provider but now many webmasters have been created and developed many widgets and plugins. We can choose one then put it in our template directly.

  • Mr.Choice

    I will check out this website and see if I can design a definite widget soon.

  • Daily Good Tips

    Share download and costumize the widget in widgetbox

  • Aaron Lamar

    Thanks for the article i was wondering what the widget was for you explained that for me. I am new to this and all there is so much information out there but sifting through the Bull crap can take some time. Thanks,

  • Bang Kritikus

    How about the blog’s loading time ?? Does it make longer loading.

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  • Daniel

    Adding it to MySpace is a good use if you have a popular profile.

  • egon

    I just did this earlier today actually. For me (being a not-so-huge reader base,) I don’t see it doing much, but I guess every little bit counts. I put it up on my (rearely used) MySpace, somebody might stumble upon it and click through. Otherwise I don’t see it being much value.

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