Always Install WordPress On The Root Directory

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Unless your blog is a secondary part of an existing website you should always install WordPress on the root directory. 

When I created my first blog I used an automatic WordPress installation that my web hosting company offered, but the standard installation was done on “

Installing and Reinstalling WordPress

Delving into the practical aspect of WordPress management, let’s navigate through the process of how to install WordPress in the root directory.

Prepping for Installation

Before installing WordPress, ensure that your hosting environment meets the WordPress requirements, which include a MySQL database and PHP support.

Step 1: Download WordPress

Head over to and download the latest version of WordPress. The downloaded file will be a .zip file.

Step 2: Extract the WordPress .zip File

Once the download is complete, you’ll need to extract the zip file. This should reveal a folder named ‘WordPress’ containing all the WordPress core files.

Step 3: Connect to Your Hosting Account

You’ll need to connect to your hosting account using an FTP client like FileZilla. You’ll need your FTP login credentials, which your hosting provider can provide.

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Daily Blog Tips