Building an app for your WordPress site? Try MobiLoud First

Mark Zeni

As you probably know, mobile is the largest tech revolution we have seen in the previous decade (if not longer!). Since its inception in 2007 with the first iPhone, the smartphone started to dominate the world.

Heck, there was a research a while ago confirming that most people would rather give up sex than their smartphones!

What does this trend mean for a blog or news site? First of all that you absolutely need to have a responsive website that will display a friendly layout on any mobile device.

Second, you should also have a mobile app on the two important app stores: Apple’s App Store and Google Play.

In order to develop an app from scratch you need to have some technical know-how. Paying for a company to develop a custom app for your site is al alternative, but mobile development costs are very high these days, because demand is exploding.

Is there an alternative?

Yes. A company called MobiLoud launched a cool WordPress plugin that will allow any blog or news site to build a mobile app with a few simple steps.


Installing it is pretty easy:
1. Install and activate the plugin
2. Move to the “MobiLoud” section in the menu
3. Start designing your app

On the control panel of the plugin you will be able to specify all the details about your future mobile app. This includes the categories that should be included, the copyright notice, where the comments should come from and so on.

Here are the main features:
-Automatic content updates
-Full customization of your mobile app’s style
-An app that works on all major mobile devices
-Effortless push notifications
-Mobile advertising and monetisation
-One-tap commenting
-Easy social sharing
-Full Support for Google Analytics

There are some advanced features included as well. For instance, you’ll be able to notify your users when new content is published, and you can also integrate with advertising platforms such as Google’s DoubleClick or AdMob.

If you don’t have a mobile app for your site yet, check it out!

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4 Responses to “Building an app for your WordPress site? Try MobiLoud First”

  • Rakesh Gaur

    Of course, this also applies to WordPress sites, and you now have a number of quick solutions to creating your website’s app and promoting it through the App Store or Google Play.

    One of the easiest solutions to this is Mobiloud – a plugin and service that will guide you to creating your own app in just a few minutes.

  • Prosun Guha

    Nice Tutorial. Keep it up.

  • Gaurav Verma

    Mobiloud is great plugin for create a app. But most of the mobiloud feature is premium.

  • Deepak Gera

    This seems excellent. It would be a great tool for those who not having responsive themes. rather than doing it from scratch I think this plugin can be a good option. I’ll try and share my thoughts.

    Thanks for sharing.

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