How To Find My Ideal Posting Frequency?


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Jack Bennett asks:

Do you think that our niche of interest should determine our posting frequency (i.e. calibrating it to “expectations” in that area) or should we decide that based on intrinsic factors? What’s your view on minimum / maximum posting frequency for a one-person blog?

Let’s talk about the first part of the question. Yes I do think that the niche of your blog will affect your posting frequency. It will not dictate it (i.e., it’s not like if you don’t do what others are doing you will fail) but it will certainly affect it.

For example, a gadget blog needs to have a higher posting frequency than a personal development blog. This happens both because the gadget niche changes a lot faster, and because blogs inside that niche usually pump out several posts per day. In other words, if you have a gadget blog and only publish one post per week your visitors might think that a) your content is outdated once it gets published and b) your blog is not as active as others in the niche.

You still have room to decide what is more suitable for your own blog though. Still talking about the gadget example, it would be perfectly fine if you decided to post only once a day even when the other gadget blogs post 3-5 times a day. You would just need to make your posts longer and with a more in-depth analysis of the gadgets and trends in the industry, thus providing a different kind of value for the gadget lovers. This tactic is almost like the creating of a sub-niche of your own.

Regarding the minimum and maximum posting frequency, it again depends on the niche and style of the blog, but also on the age/authority of the blog, and on the length/type of the posts. That is, if you have a brand new blog you’ll need to sustain a higher posting frequency for at least six months, in order to establish your credibility and create a reader base. Once you have that you can lower the posting frequency. Starting with a low posting frequency is a bad idea because it might prohibit your blog from taking off.

Let’s put both factors together now and illustrate it with some examples. In my opinion the minimum posting frequency for a personal development blog that is brand new, for example, is a couple of posts per week, and those need to be linkbait style posts (e.g., long, structured and packed with valuable information). An established and authoritative personal development blog, on the other hand, probably could post only once a month and still retain still readers if the quality of the content remains the same.

A brand new soccer blog, on the other hand, should post twice a day if the owner is trying to make it popular and eventually make money with it. Once the blog is established lowering the posting frequency to once a day would be fine (although not recommended if the blog is to keep growing at the same pace as before).

As for the length/type of the posts, here is my rule of thumb: the shorter your posts, the higher your posting frequency can be. Conversely, the longer/more structured your posts, the lower your posting frequency should be. Remember that your goal is to make readers consume your content and derive value from it. If you give them more information than they can chew they will probably go somewhere else.

What do you guys think?

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17 Responses to “How To Find My Ideal Posting Frequency?”

  • Toby

    Yes very relevant points you’ve made. Especially depending on how often you post related back to the length of posts. For me in the internet marketing field much depends on my workload and if I’m inspired. For example I had a training call from some mentors I use on Tuesday evening – being inspired on Wednesday I felt the need to cover this in a blogpost whilst the info was fresh in my mind.

    So 1 extra post this week from me

  • HP van Duuren

    As I wrote in a previous reply, part of the reason for writing something new is based on my enjoyment and inspiration for writing.

    For example I enjoy seeing Comments from readers on my Blog that can inspire me to write Comments back myself to communicate with my readers, or it can even inspire me
    to write new posts.

    It’s about Communicating with readers in general, for example in THIS Blogs very ‘Commenting Section’ that you are reading right now, I for example read that Robert Webber is also Conversational and – as a Garden Designer – can be inspired to communicate and inspire garden owners, looks to me like a perfect example how being conversational can be a great and inspiring win/win-situation.
    It’s also interesting to have read about how taking photo’s can help with inspiration, that might actually be an idea for a
    new post for one of my other Blogs. (Digital Camera-ideas)

    ‘See how it Works, just got
    a New Fresh Idea…!’ 🙂


    As you can see being – Conversational – can be great for getting new ideas, so feel free to join the Conversation, is it in a Forum on a Blog or on one of my own Blogs, hope to see from you soon!

    All the Best,
    To your Happy – Blogging – Inspiration,

  • Nick Stamoulis

    I personally like to post once a day, I feel it is the consistency that my followers are used to therefore I keep it that way. The world of Internet Marketing is consistently changing so for my niche, there is always something worthwhile to discuss. I do think it is dependent on your niche, however once a day seems to be a good frequency.

  • Yoichi

    I think that if you create an event or story around what you are posting will create a huge buzz and followers who are eager to know the outcome or progress of where the story is going. Getting them involved is another way to determine how often you should be updating your blog posts.

  • Daniel

    Well for me 2 posts a day are enough! But how my blog is focused on tutorials and how-to’s even 10/day is OK!

    the problem is to maintain the quality of posts!

    Because its very hard to write 10 good articles every day!

    But 1, 2 is very possible!

  • Dean Saliba

    Posting more than once a day isn’t good for my blog, I get more comments and traffic by posting once a day or once every other day. I guess I need a huge mountain of traffic to be able to see anything from positng multple times a day. 🙂

  • Leon

    Thank you for a great Blog and some superb posts. As a new Blogger, I know that I have a lot to learn, and who better to learn than from someone like yourself who has achieved so much? Your Blog is a true inspiration, and I have subscribed to your RSS in order to continue the learning from someone as passionate about Blogging as yourself. My wish for 2011 is to have a mentor of your caliber to guide me to achieve my dreams of being a better Affiliate Marketer. Have a great day.

  • Jimmie

    After buying into all the advice out there about posting frequency, I set a goal for 2010 to post four times a week. I didn’t reach that goal consistently.

    But when I asked my readers about it, they overwhelmingly told me that they are too busy to read much more than three times a week. Several readers also said they would rather I not post at all than post simply for the sake of a posting schedule.

    There were a few dedicated readers who asked me to post daily, but overall my readership is not expecting frequent blog posting. Multiple times in a day?! That would be overload, and I feel sure they would mostly unsubscribe.

    So the generic advice does not fit every situation. Go with your gut or ASK your readers openly.

  • Sandra Lee

    Daniel, This is one of the best articles I’ve read on the topic of posting frequency and blog post length. It’s helpful because it address different niches rather than presenting a “one solution for all” approach.

    In the personal development niche, I prefer blogs that post once or twice a week, contain high quality information, and in-depth posts. Length is not an issue for me in this niche.

    Thanks for the excellent advice.

  • Robert Webber

    Agree with Hp that frequency in last analysis depends on you and your inspiration. Whatever you are trying to do with your blog, if you don’t truly wish to communicate with your readers that day about that subject it will come across. I am a garden designer. Part of my job and the pleasure of it is to communicate and inspire garden owners. I want to win customers, but I also just want to communicate. I believe in my views, have an exercise book stuffed with ideas for future posts. I take photos most days which always inspire me. I can and do post most days. But I do it because I want to!


  • Eldon Sarte

    Hello Daniel. We’ve never “met,” although I’ve published for years — and now just starting to get off the ground. Blog posting frequency ranks up there among questions I get from newbie bloggers.

    I have to say, though, this post of yours is probably the best on the topic I’ve seen yet. The resulting comments from other experienced bloggers will no doubt prove extremely valuable as well. I’ll just send folks to this post whenever the question arises on either of my related sites in the future.

    Kudos, and thanks! -eldon

  • Ari

    I Think 2 – 3 post a day is good for all niches.

  • Treathyl FOX

    Daniel. Please consider using the “Networked Blog” application on Facebook. Visit my blog for a demonstration if you don’t already know about it. That’s what I meant to say in the first comment but I got carried talking about something else! I tell whoever I can to go to your DAILY BLOG TIPS.

  • Treathyl FOX

    I just started my blog last December and have not decided my posting frequency. I would like to post at a minimum on a weekly basis. I would also like to have “Guest Bloggers” submit posts and plug whatever great products they have to offer regarding the real estate business OR any relevant material and any relevant product OR just reliable info with no product. I’m not that fussy. I just want my blog to be deemed worth reading by the reading community that’s out there looking for GOOD STUFF!! And I’d like that reading community to tell others where they can go. (I don’t mean it that way. I … I … I mean … I think you – the reader- get what I mean.:D) ~ That’s all!

  • Vivek Parmar

    Posting frequency depends on the owner and niche of blog.
    For gadget blog (as you mentioned) even a 10-15 posts is not more than enough.
    Shorter the posts higher the posting frequency and if you bog is a how-to guide (like mine) or a design blog then at one post a day is needed.

  • HP van Duuren

    Thanks for asking your question,

    One of the Key Points that I use for my Blogs is for a large
    part based on what I enjoy writing about, and what I feel Inspired for to write about at a certain moment. It might not alway’s translate into the highest posting frequency on all Blogs…,

    ‘It can however that way make
    my Blogs more – Exclusive – ‘

    Seeing lots of Comments on posts can also help Inspire me to write
    New Posts, and sometimes Readers Feedback can give me new ideas for improving things on my Blog(s) and for writing new Posts.
    So Go ahead, be my Guest, feel free to have a visit and be

    Conversational 🙂

    All the Best,
    To your Happy – Blogging – Inspiration,

  • Robert Dempsey

    Always a great question. For me I blog Monday through Friday and always publish posts at the same time of day. A few reasons for this are to establish the site (as you mention) and see what resonates with the audience. If I can put out a good variety of content and measure how well it did (comments, shares, etc.) then I will know what to do more of.

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