You’ll Never Get Everything Done, and That’s Ok


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Ever since I started blogging, I find that I’m always busy doing something. I’m either writing new posts, researching, emailing, commenting, networking or tweaking my sites. If I could even find the time to put together a list of things to do, I’m sure it would go on forever.

No matter how efficient a worker you are, no matter how much you think you can get done, you’ll never get it all done. You could be speedy Gonzales when it comes to typing and fire out articles like a machine, but you will never have done enough. You can comment on every single blog you know, reply to every new comment you’ve gotten, but you still haven’t done enough. But it’s ok; you’ll never find a way to do everything. As long as your human and there’s only 24 hours in a day, you will never get it all done.

Blogging is one of the most demanding activities once you commit yourself to it. You think it gets easy, but it doesn’t. The more you achieve, the more you lust for bigger and better things, and the more things you find that need to be done. One thing always seems to lead to another.

It’s this never ending list of things to do that really kills most bloggers. But there’s a way around it, you just have to learn how to manage your blog and your workload. Many people blog on the side and don’t do it as a full time job, they often find themselves staying up until the early hours of the morning trying to squeeze in what needs to be done for their blog. As a result they are generally in a sorry state when they have to get up for work early the next day.

You just need to learn and accept that no matter how long you spend on your blog, you will never get it all done. There has been days where I’ve worked on my blogs from the time I got up, until the time I went to bed, and I can never say that I’ve felt like I got everything done. That’s the beauty of blogging, there’s always something to do, and if you can’t find something to do, you’re not blogging the right way.

For instance, I’ve been meaning to write some guest posts for the last two months, but I’ve just been so busy doing other things I never got around to writing any. Then today I put my foot down and said I wasn’t going to do anything else until I got this written. And look it’s worked, I’ve managed to write this post as well as a couple more for my own blogs all in the one day. It’s all a matter of putting what needs to be done in the right order.

Before you start work on your blog, prioritise what needs to be looked after first and make sure you get them done before you do anything else. Don’t try and do two things at once like commenting on blogs and writing a post, it just doesn’t work. Next look at what else needs to be done. You may think you need to tinker with your site design, do some guest posts, comment on other blogs or contact some potential business partners. Pick one of these things to do and just do it. Don’t do anything else and tell yourself that once you’ve done this you’re finished for the day.

By breaking up your workload into more manageable amounts you will find you can get more things done and you won’t be feeling overwhelmed or frustrated because you don’t think you’re doing enough. Try setting a schedule for yourself, one day you could work on your site, the next work on marketing and so on. This way you will always be doing a little bit at a time and no one aspect of your blog will be ignored.

Don’t feel like you have to dive in and work like a maniac to try and get everything done in one day, because you will quickly find out that it’s impossible and you will only be worse off at the end of the day.

Set yourself a certain amount of work to do in one day, a manageable amount. Be realistic, if you’re a slow typer you’re not going to be able to type up 5 new posts, or if you have family or work commitments, factor that in as well, don’t try and do too much, otherwise you will just be overwhelmed by your workload, which isn’t good for you, or your blog.

That’s how I keep on top of everything and I think it’s the only way to go. What about you guys, how do you manage everything on your blog(s)?

About the Author: Robert is a keen blogger and tech enthusiast. He currently runs two of his own blogs: and, and works as an editor for two more. All this manages to keep him fairly busy, and that’s before we get to all the schoolwork!

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33 Responses to “You’ll Never Get Everything Done, and That’s Ok”

  • Karen, author of “My Funny Dad, Harry”

    I keep meaning to set up a schedule to include posting, visiting and commenting, forum participation, EC dropping and blog tweeking BUT so far I haven’t. i just do what I feel like doing in my allotted computer time which is about 2 hours every morning and 1 – 3 hours in the evenings. I have come to the same conclusion that there will always be something to do.

  • harly

    Hi, i found your blog through search have the amazing knowledge it is such a nice information. you have really a great Blog. Thanks for sharing the nice information.

  • Peggy

    I thought it was just me!!! I’m a website “owner” newbie and am so overwhelmed I don’t get anywhere sometimes.

    Thanks for the advice. I feel better now.

  • Steve @ 2010 Taxes

    Good stuff. Cause I have some link building goals for every week that I am never able to meet. I need to get a more realistic goal set.

  • samuel

    yea man! you are right! thanks for sharing.

  • Eric

    Great points you made here Robert.

    I’m a stay-at-home dad but even that can get very demanding and my time is valuable to me and getting my blogging done is important too.

    I think spreading certain activities out throughout the week and sticking to doing those only on days you set to do them on is a good idea. This way you’re not putting too much on your plate and you’re still getting something done.

    There really is a lot to blogging once you get into it and at first it can seem like it never ends when it comes to more and more things that have to be accounted for.

    Take care! 🙂

    • Robert @

      Thanks Eric,

      Yes the best way I’ve found is just setting yourself something to do and just doing it, without letting yourself get distracted


    I am glad to see that it is not just me and others are struggling too. (Well I don’t mean to say that I am glad YOU guys are struggling, but you know what I mean).

    New blogger here and I actually thought I could handle starting two blogs at the same time, (hey- I said I was a newbie)…

    I am guilty of trying to do everything now, today…(it’s my OCD at it’s best)… Not only can’t I get everything on the blog done, I can’t seem to get things in my real life done either.

    Thanks for a great post!

    • Robert @

      Ha don’t worry, you’re definitely not the only one struggling with blogging I can assure you that

      Many people are guilty of starting off thinking blogging’s easier than it is, (hey I was one of them) and can be very ambitious but you soon learn its not all fun and games

  • AstroFix

    I just bought a day planner last week. I’m finally (after 9 months) sitting down and setting clear objectives for my blog. This way I’ll know what I am supposed to be maniacal about on any given day.

    • Robert @

      That’s a good idea, and one I’ve been meaning to do for a while, instead I just do it in my head at the moment, probably not the best example

  • jason

    It’s comforting to know that bloggers are all inundated with work, as I know there are so many things that I should be doing, but somehow they don’t get done, and if not handled properly, that can be a very stressful way to go about your blog.

    • Robert @

      Yes I agree, I think knowing that your not the only one who has a load of work to do makes things a “little” easier

  • Stephanie – Home with the Kids

    I know I try to do too much. Every few months to maybe once a year I start cleaning things out, but shortly thereafter more ideas start coming out for things I could be doing, and the “not getting anything done” feeling starts up all over again.

    I am getting more focused and better at controlling these things, but it’s a process. I also look at how sometimes the days I don’t produce as many articles they tend to be better quality because I focused more on them. That matters too.

  • Alan @ Work From Home

    Very true, Robert. We will never get everything done in a day, let alone a week. It’s a never-ending stream of work that never dies down. Not a bad thing at all, though.

    What I’ve found to help me get more things done is to outsource various tasks to others. This frees up my time and allows me to focus on more important tasks related to my blog and business.

    Thanks for the great read.

  • carolee Sperry

    We were just talking about this on a brainstorming call I had with a business friend the other day.

    I run 4 blogs, and there are some seemingly simple things I’ve been meaning to do……….

    Maybe one day…

    BTW- my blog post yesterday was a call for readers to leave their Facebook and twitter links in the comments section- let’s all support each other!

  • Lye Kuek Hin

    This is a great reminder for us bloggers as sometimes we tend to try to do everything yet we are unable to do anything right. I agree strongly that we need to schedule our blogging task systematically so that we won’t be overwhelmed by the amount of task ahead of us.

    Thanks for sharing this good advice.

    • Robert @

      A lot of bloggers try and do everything at once, but don’t do any of them the right way, so you’re just wasting your time. Why not focus on one task and do it right, than doing 5 or 6 things badly?

  • Corinne Edwards

    Hi Robert –

    Lots of hard work and good work went in to this article. Thanks.

    But you are delusional. Bloggers have to be a little nuts in the first place to do it in the first place.

    We read what you write and agree wholeheartedly.


    But I am going to do everything you say, as soon as I get over my OCD.

    • Robert @

      Cheers Corrinne, much apprecaited

      I suppose you could say I’m slightly delusional, I know that most bloggers will read this, agree and then try and do a hundred things at one, but if I can convince just one of us “nuts bloggers” to calm down and look at things and try and organise themselves, it’ll be worth while

      Before I was one of these people trying to do everything at once, but I know it’s just not possible for me trying to balance out my blog with my life so that’s why I just do bits at a time instead.

  • Ritournelle

    I just started blogging this week, and yet I can already relate to what is said in this post! Your blog quickly becomes your obsession and checking out traffic and advertising can become more consuming than actually creating quality posts when those are more important.

    • Robert @

      Exactly, we become so focused on checking other things and trying to implement new things that we forget why people would come to the blog in the first place. For the content. That’s why I also set writing posts as my number one priority when I set to work

  • BlogTech Online

    I agree with you everytime when I tweak the blog or when I promote the blog I feel there is nothing to stop at one have to do it and work hard for a long way.

    • Robert @

      I know it’s crazy, always one thing seems to another and it just goes on and on, the key is just setting yourself a target and then stopping once you reach it

  • Web Marketing Tips

    This one is very relaxed post I must say … and relaxed my nerve.

    • Robert @

      Thank you, I must say it really helped me clear things up in my head writing it as well

  • Rison simon

    Is that a typo? In the about the author by line, it says Robert is a keen blogger. Is it supposed to be teen blogger?

    Anyway, nice article.

    • Daniel Scocco

      I think that is not a typo. He is really a keen blogger.

    • Robert @

      Nope it’s not, however I am a Teen blogger as well, so you could say i’m a keen teen blogger!

      • Michele

        lol…very funny and very clever Robert! Nice article…I feel like I was reading about myself. Interesting how many of us share the same experiences when it comes to blogging.

        I take it as it comes and try to the best I can. But of course, try to focus on the things that will move my business forward first and everything else is like gravy.

        Thanks for sharing your experiences with us. 🙂

  • Nabeel | Create Your First Website

    Wow. What an excellent piece of article.

    I was really enjoying while I was reading this article, since I think this resonates with all of us.

    “But it’s ok; you’ll never find a way to do everything. As long as your human and there’s only 24 hours in a day, you will never get it all done.”

    I think this is the key. I also do get overwhelmed sometimes, because of the thinking of ‘always staying on top of things’. But sometimes this is just not possible, and that’s OK.


    • Web Marketing Tips

      Yeah we should learn and should accept it without fighting and giving extra stress on our body and mind.

    • Robert @

      Cheers Nabeel,

      Yes this article really does apply to us all, and not just in blogging, but also in real life as well.

      It’s just learning to accept that you’ll never get it all done that’s the hardest part

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