Wyzo: A Browser with Built-in Support for Torrents


With the advance of the Internet, the browser is becoming one of the most used and important pieces of software on any computer. As such, I am always curious to see what the innovations that the new browsers are bringing to the market.

Last week I came across one browser called Wyzo. They call it “the media browser.” It makes sense, because the main differentiator of Wyzo is its native support for torrents. If you ever tried to download torrents, you know that first you need to have a BitTorrent client, right? Well, if you are using Wyzo, all you have to do is to click on the torrent file and the browser will manage the download for you. Pretty cool right?

Other features of the browser include a customizable start page where you can search up to 33 different search engines, and some security modules.

The browser is built on top of Firefox, so you can expect it to be just as reliable. Currently only Windows and Mac versions are available, but they are planning to release a Linux version soon (yeah I will be waiting for that one).

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15 Responses to “Wyzo: A Browser with Built-in Support for Torrents”

  • Brian

    Isn’t anyone moderating here? People are copying and pasting comments here.

    Well, I was here to find this wonderful new browser and thanks a ton for providing this info. Always wanted such a support in mozilla. Let me use it for a few days and use it, so that I can post a lil review here. Thanks again.:-)

  • Web Designing Quotes

    The gift and the curse… some of these browsers are annoying during the design (website) process but they’re good in other ways.
    They should just stop releasing more browsers now.

  • Adam

    Hi Daniel,

    Wondering how you get the related articles and the bookmarking links at the bottom of every post. I’d love to know if you don’t mind sharing.

  • Knoxville Website Design

    It is nice to see something on the Firefox platform. As many have already said, if you are using Opera (9?) then you already have that functionality built in. Would be interesting to compare and see how it stacks up to Opera.

  • Stephan Miller

    Opera has built-in support for Torrents.

  • Tyrone

    Yeah it really sounds cool!!! I think its better to download a browser once and solve your every problem.

  • free it ebooks

    wowwwwwwwwww Great browser !

  • Blogger Tips

    I am using a portable firefox with lots of good add ons, l am very happy with my green browser, and l am 1000s time more satisfied than ie and l am sorry to say that l dont wanna try else, l am not a closed person for new web stuff, but l really love my firefox 🙂

  • Vinay

    Opera supports download of Torrents without need for any plugin, this could be better alternative but I really doubt people download a browser just because it supports torrents. Many torrent applictions do allow you to browse websites in tabs.

  • Luca

    That looks really cool. I’m going to try it. I don’t download as much as I used to but on occasion it worth a look

  • Kudzai

    The gift and the curse… some of these browsers are annoying during the design (website) process but they’re good in other ways.
    They should just stop releasing more browsers now.

  • ignacio

    @Daniel: Yes, Opera also supports torrents natively. Anyways, this is a good alternative, since it is built on firefox.

  • Eric Young

    1st time i heard a browser with built-in support for Torrents..thanks!

  • Daniel Scocco

    @Vygantas, natively? I thought you needed to download an extra plugin for that, as in Firefox.

  • Vygantas

    Opera does also support torrents.

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