WordPress 2.9 Is Available


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If you visit WordPress.org you will notice that the classic blue download button now says “Download WordPress 2.9”. This is a major upgrade, and brings some really cool new features, including:

  • Trash bin (no more problems with accidentally deleting posts or pages)
  • Built-in image editor
  • Batch plugin update
  • Easier video integration
  • rel=”canonical” tag support
  • database optimization

The interesting thing is that when I logged into my WordPress dashboard a couple of minutes ago I didn’t see the message “Your WordPress version is out of date. Please upgrade!”. I am guessing that since 2.9 is not a security release they are not displaying that message to users of older versions.

Either way I am waiting a bit to upgrade. It is possible that within a couple of weeks version 2.9.1 will be released fixing some small bugs.

What about you, are you running 2.9 already? Are you liking it?

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33 Responses to “WordPress 2.9 Is Available”

  • Jamal

    One small question for updating the wordpress whether i want to backup all myposts or just update the core with autoupdate

  • Harsh Agrawal

    I was so excited about wordpress 2.9 but after its release when I updated it, I landed with 2-3 tech issues… I checked into the forum and realize its not only me
    other users are facing similar issues…

  • Keith Davis

    Glad to hear that it will be faster – I understand that Google is starting to use page load time as one of its metrics and Google Webmaster Tools now has a section to show you info on your sites performance.
    I was so disappointed when I saw the figures for my WordPress site.

    Thanks for the info on the plugin… will certainly give it a go.

  • Mike Mueller

    Another issue with 2.9 – Scheduled Posts will time out. Just fixed it and am writing a blog post detailing the fix.

    Keith – yes it is supposed to be faster but perhaps the best thing you could do to increase speed is add the plugin WP Super Cache

  • Keith Davis

    Good point
    does anybody know if 2.9 will be quicker than 2.8?

    The one thing that I’ve found disappointing about WordPress is the page load speed compared to my html sites.

    Looks as though adding PHP and javascript makes a wordpress site run like a…. well lets just say that it’s slow.

  • Save My Relationship

    I am hesitant to upgrade to wordpress 2.9. It asks me to backup my database before upgrading.

    Would it cause my data to vanish or substantially change the layout, etc.

    As of now its working well, though I would have liked it to be a little faster.

  • Nick

    I’m so happy now, the dashboard is really snappy now. Before it was taking for ever to go to the plugins page, it was really slow. Now that I installed this update, it’s really fast, even when I blog from Live Writer, it doesn’t take to long. before it would take like 5-10 minutes to post.

    Though I have talked to others and they never had that problem. I don’t know if it was something in my database or not. But what ever what WordPress 2.9 did, it fixed it.

  • George Serradinho

    I just love the edit image feature, I think it is well overdue. This helps the newbies as well as the advanced users.

  • Kent @ Leawo

    I am still using an old version of WordPress and seeing no problems with it except the boring html editor, always autoformating my codes without my permission…I usually pre-compose my posts in Dreamweaver. Then I copy and paste it directly to the WP editor. It could really save time. How about you guys?

  • Mike Mueller

    TweetMeMe had an updated version of their plugin available 1st thing in the morning. All is fine now!
    : )

  • Esteban

    WordPress is a great CMS for blogs, but since time ago.. they are just adding and adding more features which makes the WP CMS right now, one of the most CPU hoggers between all. Last major update, 2.8 cause many CPU problems on lot of blogs, and this 2.9 will sure do the same… if you have a high traffic blog, be careful.


  • Sridhar Katakam

    Vishal and Matt:

    Check this out ->

  • Chad

    The built-in editor will save me a few steps, this is a great feature to have added.
    I’m always weary of doing these upgrades as previous ones have blown up my admin dashboard or bombed my site layout entirely.
    This one went off without a hitch, but I did see some others had problems via Twitter.
    ALWAYS backup your site before upgrading.

  • Captain Matt

    Great question from Vishal Sanjay above – would also like to know the answer.


    Vishal – I tried to leave a comment on your blog – didn’t seem to work. Is the captcha supposed to have a box?

    Found good info there on google page ranking. Thanks.

  • Hesham @ FamousBloggers

    I have this message on my board asking me to upgrade my WordPress “WordPress 2.9 is available! Please update now”! I think we don’t get this message at the same time for some reason it show on some blogs before the others.

    Also after upgrading I found out that the simple tags module is the only plugin that is not compatible, it says “Simple Tags can’t work with this WordPress version!” on the top of my dashbpard.

  • Keith Davis

    No Daniel
    I’m not running 2.9.
    Like you I’m going to wait for 2.9.1 or 2.9.2… judging by 2.8 this could be a lot of updates.

    Is there any info about new security measures in 2.9?

  • Mike Mueller

    Installed last night and my TweetMeMe button was gone.
    Tried to find the conflict and ended up going back to 2.8.6 for the time being.
    Anyone else?

  • Web Marketing Tips

    Well instead of upgrading instantly I think we should wait for few days when all fixed version released by WordPress.

    As any small flaw in latest version can cost you good time and unwanted tension as well.

  • Cheryl

    I have 2-blog sites that are really out of date. Is it better to have a techy web guy update to the new word press 2.9 or is it simple enough to do yourself?

    Also by being so out of date, would that cause my blogs to be virtually impossible to get into the ADMIN section, or would it have anything to do with the MySQL versions the hosting company uses?

    Thanks. Cheryl

  • IIT Himachal

    I have updated some of my smaller blogs 2.9 and it does not seem to cause any unexpected issues. So far so good…

  • Agent Deepak

    I upgraded 2 hours ago. Did see any noticeable changes. May be need to look harder. I have seen only one change so far – Post Thumbnails

  • ShueQry

    Yeah..i’ve just upgrading myWordpress into WP 2.9. I have a littile problem with auto update, so i use manual update instead.

  • Darni

    I have never upgraded my wordpress since I started my blog.Maybe I’m too lazy.But as you have said,wordpress 2.9 seems to be a breakthrough.So I may upgrade my wordpress when the upgrade news appear in my dashboard.

  • Vishal Sanjay

    Thanks for this update Daniel, i own a blog on blogger and i want to buy a domain and an hosting space on Hostgator and transfer to a WordPress platform, but i wanted to ask if i am going to loose all my backlinks and seo benefits, if no please do tell me how i should convert my traffic and backlinks to a new host.

  • David Murray

    The notice advising upgrade appeared in my admin area this morning. I used the automatic upgrade. Worked smoothly, and all seems well at present, although I can understand that people may wish to delay to see whether there are any last minute bugs to fix.

  • Mike Silver

    I’m still using WordPress.com being a n00b to the writing/blogging arena – but I am starting to see the benefits of using WordPress.org, so I am thinking about switching over.

    Looks like something for me to get my teeth into over the Christmas period – not that I will need to get away from annoying relatives or anything!

  • Aminul Islam Sajib

    I think the WordPress’ URL shortener (wp.me) is also a new addition.

  • Aminul Islam Sajib

    Batch plugin update didn’t work in my 2.9. I had three plugins to upgrade, but I couldn’t do so all at once as mentioned in the wordpress development blog. I had to click each on them separately.

  • Rarst

    Dashboard checks for updates every 12 hours, it will show next time it checks.

    All updates, security or not, are displayed there.

  • Sajib @ Techie Post

    I have blogs on wordpress.com and because of so I have already been using the features. Glad to know that now I can use them on my self hosted blogs, too.

    My favorite feature is built in image editor. This is simply great. The trash feature won’t come to use for me, as accidents by me take place rarely. 😀 But I’m totally unsure what the canonical relation is. Would you please clarify it to me?

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