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Wisdom Panel Review 2021

Our Verdict

The Wisdom Panel Dog DNA test kit is one of the easiest to use tests on the market.


  • Tests for over 350 breeds.
  • Results are in within three weeks.
  • Tests for over 200 genetic mutations.
  • Has 35+ dog breed trait tests.


  • Lineage only traces back three generations.
  • Can’t download results.

You love you mutt no matter what he’s made of. But you find yourself wondering, just what exactly is he a mix of?

Do you search for pictures of similar-looking dogs online? Or maybe try to look deep in his eyes, finding the answers there?

With the advent of consumer-ready DNA tests available on the market, it’s no wonder that we’ve also developed DNA tests for our beloved pups. 

These tests not only reveal the various dog breeds that make up our mutts, but they also can show potential genetic health risks, allowing pet parents to make vital lifestyle changes for their canines.

You may be asking yourself, what are some of the best dog DNA tests available for purchase? One of the most intriguing dog DNA tests available is the Wisdom Panel kits. These DNA tests are simple to use, offer fairly in-depth information about your dog, and help provide insight into your dog’s genetic makeup. 

Here, we offer our Wisdom Panel review, looking into what these tests offer.

About Wisdom Panel

Wisdom Panel Dog DNA Kits

Wisdom Panel has always been devoted to genetic science. Dog DNA testing began back in 2002 at the Genomics Technology Platform.

With this newfound knowledge, Wisdom Panel MX Tests was originally founded in 2007 as part of veterinary services in the United States. 

They utilized DNA testing to aid in treating dogs, something that is still done today. Wisdom Panel DNA tests first became available for consumers in 2009 with Wisdom Panel Insights tests.

Wisdom Panel has had a variety of DNA tests over the years, from Wisdom Panel Purebred and Designer Dog tests. Wisdom Panel developed and released its Health tests in 2017, specifically for consumers.

They released their Essential and Premium tests in 2020, which are more specific and tailored versions of their tests. 

The Wisdom Panel test works by taking a DNA sample from your dog by swabbing their cheek. You’ll mail the sample to their lab, where it undergoes testing for over 100,000 locations in the genome. 

Afterward, a clear breakdown of your dog’s genetic makeup plus the results of ancestry, health, and traits are available online. Our Wisdom Panel comparison will break down the benefits of their newest consumer-grade dog DNA tests.

Product Comparisons

In 2021, Wisdom Panel released its two newest DNA tests: Essential and Premium. Our Wisdom Panel review will look at both products and compare the two.

We will determine what is similar, what is different, and what is best for which pet parents.

Wisdom Panel Essential

Wisdom Panel Essential

Uncovering ancestry, traits, and key health insights, the Wisdom Panel Essential dog DNA test delivers unmatched value for pet parents.

The Wisdom Panel Essential DNA test allows you to test your dog’s DNA and discover their breed breakdown. The test only requires a cheek swab from your pup that is mailed into the lab. 

The Essential test compares your pup’s genetic makeup to over 350 different breeds. With this comparison, the test determines your pup’s breed mix and can identify the percentages down to 1%.

The Wisdom Panel Essential kit also compares your dog’s DNA for over 25 medical complications, including MDR1, which can be vital information before surgery or using other medications. 

The results also offer information about your dog’s ideal weight range, details about their coat and eye color, and offer details about their behavioral traits as compared to over 35 trait tests. The Wisdom Panel Essential retails for $79.99.


  • Can trace ancestry back to your dog’s great-grandparents.
  • Over 35 trait tests.
  • Offers information about weight, coat, and eye color.


  • Extra fee for full health panel.
  • No way to download or share results.
Wisdom Panel Premium

Wisdom Panel Premium

Developed by world-leading geneticists and most-used by veterinarians, Wisdom Panel Premium offers the most comprehensive dog DNA test on the market.

The Wisdom Panel Premium DNA testing kit is similar to the Essential, but it has the added benefit of screening for over 200 health tests, including vision, mobility, weight, and drug sensitivities. 

The Premium package also offers you the opportunity to schedule a free phone call with a licensed veterinarian to discuss your dog’s results. 

This test also requires just a simple cheek swab for your pup. Like the Essential kit, the Wisdom Panel Premium tests for over 350 breeds and can identify the breed mix down to 1%.

It can trace your dog’s ancestry back to its great-grandparents. It also tests for over 35 dog breed trait tests. 

The Wisdom Panel Premium retails for $159.99.


  • Over 200 health tests.
  • Free phone call with a licensed vet.
  • Tests for over 350 breeds.


  • Can only trace lineage back to great-grandparents.
  • Results are not extensive.


Below you will find answers to some of the most frequently asked questions concerning Wisdom Panel's DNA kits.

How Accurate Is Wisdom Panel’s DNA Kits?

Because dog DNA tests are not regulated by the FDA, the results do have a margin of error. Wisdom Panel has tested over 19 million genetic marker analyses and genotyped for 13,000 dogs, making them very experienced.

The Wisdom Panel tests are said to be 90-95% accurate in their reporting.

How Long Will It Take To Test My Dog?

Acquiring the sample is fast, taking only about 30 seconds, depending on how cooperative your dog is. When waiting for your results, it takes about two to three weeks from the tests in the lab to the results to get to you.

How Do The DNA Tests Work?

Wisdom Panel takes the genome from the DNA sample provided and compares it to genetic markers apparent in other breeds of dogs until there is a match.

An algorithm compares the matches for accuracy, and a breakdown is determined by percentage.

Do They Offer Money-Back Guarantees?

If you decide not to use your kit, and it is unopened, you can get a refund on the product from Wisdom Panel. They do not offer a money-back guarantee. 

Why Purchase DNA Kits from Wisdom Panel?

The Wisdom Panel DNA kits were specifically designed for veterinary purposes and continue to be the brand most used by vets. They also continue to rank as one of the best dog DNA test kits on the market today. 

Wisdom Panel has been around for nearly 20 years, with a strong devotion to science. They continually innovate their products to stay on the cutting edge, and their results are focused and detailed.

The information that Wisdom Panel provides is comprehensive and useful for any pet parent.

Final Thoughts

Dog DNA tests allow pet parents to discover interesting and useful information about our dogs. From dog breed breakdowns to important genetic or health risks, DNA tests provide knowledge and peace of mind.

The Wisdom Panel dog DNA test kits are excellent, affordable products with unique qualities. From their expansive dog breed tests to their wide genetic risk testings, Wisdom Panel offers prescient and vital results that are easy to understand for any dog owner. 

These testing kits are reasonably priced, simple to use, and have a fast turnaround for their results. They can provide insight into your mutt’s genetic makeup and help avoid potentially harmful drug interactions and more.

We believe it’s one of the best dog DNA tests on the market, so why not try it out for yourself.

Wisdom Panel Premium

Developed by world-leading geneticists and most-used by veterinarians, Wisdom Panel Premium offers the most comprehensive dog DNA test on the market.

Wisdom Panel Dog DNA
Wisdom Panel Dog DNA Kits

The Wisdom Panel Dog DNA test kit is one of the easiest to use tests on the market.

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