Why My Comments Are Getting Blocked?


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Mark asks:

Why is it that most of the comments I post on other blogs seem to go straight to the spam folder and thus never get published?

You probably experienced this before. Upon reading an interesting post you decide to write a comment sharing your own opinion on the topic. You write the comment carefully, but when you hit the “Submit Comment” button nothing happens. It is very frustrating.

Why does that happen?

The first possible explanation is comment moderation. Many bloggers prefer to moderate all comments manually, while others moderate at least the first comment of every visitor. If your comment didn’t get published immediately, therefore, it might just be awaiting for moderation. In that case after a day or so it should go live.

If the comment does not appear even after a couple of days, or if you are seeing this problem across a wide range of blogs, then your comments are probably getting flagged as spam. How come this happened if you are not a spammer? Probably someone reported one of your comments as spam by mistake.

In order to solve this problem you will need to contact the platform or application that is blocking your comments. Given that WordPress is the most popular blogging platform around, most of the times you will need to contact the guys from Akismet. The good thing is that they are responsive to support tickets. I had a similar problem in the past and it was solved in the same day.

What about you, did you have problems in the past to leave comments on other blogs? How did you solve it?

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24 Responses to “Why My Comments Are Getting Blocked?”

  • Jim Karsten

    It would be nice if after you submit a comment you received some sort of feedback. Explain to the user that the comment is being moderated and give them an estimate of when to expect the comment to be displayed.

    I posted several comments this week and after submitting the page refreshes and then… nothing. Did they receive my comment? Should I try to post again? Is it being moderated? Was it considered spam? A little feedback would have been much appreciated.

  • kenny king

    So if one blog that uses Askimet flags your comment as spam, then every blog that uses Askimet will do the same?

  • Mark McCullagh


    Thanks for posting my question.

    I followed your advice, contacted Akismet, and the problem appears to have been rectified.

    Very cool. Thanks man!!

  • Crazy blogger

    we can block spam comment by akismet a wp plugin

  • Steve Blom

    From my own experience of running a few blogs that start to get search engine traffic and subscribers, I find that there is a certain point where the amount of bogus posts just overwhelms me and I have to use tools like askimet, or just turn off comments entirely, because I just get inundated with junk.

    Its hard enough to try to run a blog efficently but 100 comments in a day, most of them off topic are just hard to deal with. But I always catch up eventually, and the really relevant, good posts always eventually get approved and posted by me, it just takes as much as a week sometimes.

    So my advice is be patient, and definately contact the guys at askimet if this happens a lot.

  • Web Marketing Tips

    Honestly speaking I also faced such kind of problem. But when I used my personal email address my comments approved.

    But however this is not applicable to all blog sphere. Some will approve your comments and few flagged your comments as spam.

    Be honest and write honest comments.

  • Lisa Morosky

    I’ve noticed that in the last couple months, the WordPress comment spammers have gotten a little bit smarter. They’re writing real comments, which can blur the line between what’s spam and what’s not when you’re quickly going through and moderating. And once you approve one spam comment, the rest of the spammers will hone in on your blog and just spam you more. It’s tough.

    My solution has been to just make it a habit to read every comment and check the name of who’s posting it (is it John Smith, or is it Clean Carpets Now, etc). I also regularly check the spam folder to make sure no one gets caught there.

    I still think Akismet does a great job of blocking spam. Nobody’s perfect. 🙂

  • Harson

    The Askimet plugin maybe will just follow what a blogger chooses in Comment Moderation in the admin panel.

    if a blogger chooses comments with 2 hyperlinks to be placed in queue, than comments that have more than two links either will be placed in the line or considered spam.

    so be careful when you make comments that include several links.

  • Tom Harvey

    Some great advice from you all here for a blogging (and commenting) newbie like myself.
    Ill be mindful of the comments process in terms of both those left and received, also think ill steer clear of Akismet.
    Keep up the good work!

  • Samantha Milner


    i notice this seems to happen more and more. Though i have the opposite problem on my blog the spam comments seem to have eloped to the none spam folder so i end up with hundreds of automated email messages that need deleting.

    kind regards


  • edwin joseph

    We need to understand that most often than not, people get spam comments. So normally they don’t check every comment that is in their blog comment list. Some blog owners simply spam them all. But there are times that comments are not published because it has no value. Most people put comments just for link purposes.

    According to a blog post I read before, the best way to comment is by mingling to the commentators or giving suggestions and addition idea. If a person will simply say “Nice post”, does it value much? Obviously it’s for link purposes alone 🙂

  • Hesham

    I block only spam comments!

  • B. Durant

    Between all of my blogs I probably get 30 comments on an average day. I mean legitimate comments. I used to depend solely on akismet to keep out spam but I realized I was losing a lot of potential interaction so now I’m a lot more careful about it. Instead of just “delete all spam” I actually take the time to read what people say. Sure it takes more time but I block less legitimate content and people respond to that by becoming a part of the community.

  • Daily Good Tips

    Yes Daniel… someone can talk to akismet or google to flag a commentator as a spammer. But, I think.. a blogger should just delete the comment and doesn’t talk to akismet or google about the commentator. May be the commentator doesn’t understand about spam because he or she is a new blogger.

  • Liane YoungBlogger

    Same with the others, haven’t experienced this one too. But I guess all wordpress developers are nice guys, good thing that’s the case for AKISMET

  • Chester

    I haven’t experienced it also and glad I read this. Maybe yes, IP address has got something to do with it.

  • Jeremiah Hoyet

    Hasn’t ever happened to me, but thanks for the tip!

    Hopefully no one ever thinks I’m a spammer, haha.

  • Daniel Scocco

    @Nicholas, you can do that on WordPress, under the “Settings > Discussion” page.

  • AnastasiaCarroll

    I just left another comment and it was approved 🙂

  • Nicholas Z. Cardot

    Can I use akismet to block comments from a certain IP address? Because I’ve been getting tons of comments from IP addresses that start with 121 which I think is in India somewhere. But the comments are useless and I want them to stop.

  • Daniel Scocco

    @Chanda, if you flag those comments as spam Akismet should start blocking them. You can also block comments using certain keywords.

  • Chanda | BizDharma.com

    Do you have any link that describes how the comment section works in detail. I approved first and second comment of a user now its getting auto approved and they than use this to spam my site. How to get relieved from them. Also at times with in a minute I get some 50+ spam comments, the problem is they are from different IP addresses and hence I cant block the IP too

  • Rarst

    From personal experience most of the time lost comments are wrongfully blocked by Akismet. Sometimes by other plugins, but as you note Akismet is dominating.

    If I know blogger personally I will likely email or tweet him to restore my comment.

    Otherwise I simply won’t comment on that blog ever again. I have better things to do then spend my time educating other bloggers how to not alienate readers with poor anti-spam setup. 🙂

  • Tom Bradshaw

    I find that if you look at a blog you can tell what will be accepted or not. A blog with loads of comments I will leave a comment with a keyword rich name. On blogs that obviously care and moderate there comments I use my real name to make it more personal, I don’t really like calling myself Mr Clown Hire for example.

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